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Old 2009-07-20, 22:56   Link #421
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Join Date: May 2009
I decided out of no where to watch this anime...
Man was I pissed off at that "Child welfare agency" in the beginning few episodes... (ep 1-13)

The ending is really sad... and about Masane and Takayama...
episode 19 - I think they "did it" not because they were drunk (tho they kinda were, but the event when they kissed was like 3-5 hours later after Masane was drunk)... cause in the morning, they accept each other and is not "freaked" out... (drunk people waking up next to some body freaks out...)
Also... Masune's theme in the entire anime was... "my daughter"... every single thing she did was for Riko...

The "shell" at the end, and when Masune called out Riko's name and Riko called out Mom... made me almost shred tears.
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Old 2009-12-10, 15:24   Link #422
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The review is a massive spoiler so don't read if you haven't watched it

Wow, what a series. I must admit with past posts at how it wasn't the greatest anime around in the first few episode's and how only two sided most of the characters were, but when it started getting close to the end I started to beg the gods Masune would survive some how so she would get to live with Riko and Reiji and all the others from the hotel. That poor Maria, all she wanted was a mothers love. Tozawa was a pretty obvious streotype, but as the series went on he grew and started to care for Riko and Masune and even stuck up for Masune while she was fighting the horde of Iweapons. Reiji surprised me a lot, he looked and seemed like a corporate jockey with that assistant of his but like Tozawa he grew as well to care for Masune and even for Riko which warmed my heart to see he was at least human. When I learned that dead humans were used in the making of Iweapons I thought WTF some people will go to some extreme measures to make a buck but they did look really cool. One thing I must say is that this series, it has no filler which in my opinion makes it damn good not to drag anything out. So as the series drew to a close I finally got to the last episode thinking "I really do hope Masune, Reiji and Riko make it out alive". But alas was not to be as Masune killed Maria and bade her farewell, and discover that all the Iweapons present want to be set free as well, she jumps to the top of the tower and prepares to sacrifice herself so no one else will own the witchblade, mainly her daughter. I started to feel genuinely upset when you see Riko run to the river bank and shout "Mummy!" and then listen to her mother tell her why she is doing what she is and to live her life with her father (Basically). Then it got really emotional, the music composer got it right on the button with their chose of song the the moment while watching Masunes daughters shell in a bottle necklace materialize around her neck and riko holding her father hand practically pushed us over the edge and reduced us to tears at the unfairness yet understandable actions of Masune and her saying "Riko..." while only being able to see her outline in an all white picture ones seald the deal in our view of Witchblade having an awesome ending and defiantly worth watching.
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Old 2009-12-11, 16:19   Link #423
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The first 12 or so episodes really dragged the series down with the horrid pacing and such, And the ending could have been handled better, I feel.

Overall a good show, I'd recommend it.
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Old 2011-09-01, 09:21   Link #424
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The Witchblade anime is so awesome, I like it a lot & own the complete collection DVD boxset
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