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Old 2009-12-12, 23:53   Link #41
Victory is taken!
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I really adore Shannon as a character~♥
Her personality isn't all that questionable to other 07th Expansion characters,
-(And I'm not talking about her apperance guys!> o <)-she's really sweet and has a sort of cute 'bad-ass' angriness~

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Old 2009-12-12, 23:54   Link #42
Arbane the Terrible
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Originally Posted by Maho Momo View Post
No it's not just that, it's Shannon's story, personality and design. She just gives off the vibe of being 20 or older... and it's not reasonable for a 10 year old to work as a maid, but it's even less reasonable to say that she started when she was 6. ^^;
Very true. Doesn't Japan have child-labor laws?
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Old 2009-12-13, 02:48   Link #43
Okuyasu the Bird
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Might as well give my thoughts on Shannon.

Compared to Kanon I like her a lot more as a character. Unlike him not considering himself a human being for the majority, Shannon a lot of times fully accepts she's another person and therefore her personality can be a lot more diverse.

Sure for the majority of the time she's that cliche shy servant girl with the incredibly attractive body, but I think the major point where I started looking away from that was in Turn of the Golden Witch when she was willing to do whatever it took to be with George. By showing a bit of a selfish side and making a pact with Beatrice she proved she is indeed a human being, as all humans have some greedy desires.

As for the age thing I do think she's in her mid-teens. Not neccecarilly 16 but somewhere close to there. Not like it really matters though. =p
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Old 2009-12-15, 15:22   Link #44
Dlanor A. Knox
Crazy but OK xP
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idk something about Shannon feels off...
but she has a cool personality
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Old 2009-12-15, 15:48   Link #45
Witch's Golden Breaker
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Shannon is easily one of my favorite characters (alongside Beatrice and Kanon) for mainly one reason - she is to date the only person we've seen seriously piss off Beatrice. And how.

In EP1, when I still didn't feel attached to anyone enough to have a 'favorite' character, I took the most liking the Kanon. Why? When everyone else was standing around shitting their pants over the presence of a killer in their midst, Kanon ran down to the boiler room to confront the murderer. He probably knew he'd die, which is why he cast off his label as furniture to bring down 'the roulette'. He earned my respect by doing that.

In EP2, Shannon was a major focus, compared to EP1 where she seemed to just be there for the maid fetish fanservice and to be one of the first to die. She took several levels in badass and decided to deny Beatrice her entertainment by not letting it affect her. She accepted George's proposal even though she knew it would mean the deal of her being spared was off the table. She bravely took a stand against Zombie!Kanon. She knew that destroying the mirror was her sin, and took responsibility for it by trying to stop the witch, storming into the chapel with the others and ultimately standing up to the witch directly. From an Anti-Fantasy perspective, Shannon's barrier could be a representation of her will or defiance against being furniture, and it is indeed her last stand. She goes out with a bang, and no one else has yet sent Beatrice into nearly as blind a fury as Shannon did by simply and coolly mocking her.

She did the same in EP3, even though she was one of the first victims again. She stood up against the witch and protected Kanon. She may not have PO'd Beato as much as she did in EP2, but from what I recall she still made her preeeeetty angry. Okay, so she's not defying Beato in the same cool, action hero style as Battler. She doesn't have to. She manages to show a lot about her character by doing what she does, especially because she goes completely against the stereotypical maid archetype she's presented with in EP1, and even all the flashbacks and inner monologues of EP2. Shannon is a lot cooler than I think most people make her out to be, and she's not there just for the sake of fanservice. I really don't want to suspect her being guilty, though there is a lot of suspicion (no, not that Suspicion, DEEN...) about her, and I think there's a good chance that - culprit or otherwise - she has a lot more importance in the core of this story. I look forward to seeing her develop further in future arcs.
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Old 2009-12-15, 15:56   Link #46
Dlanor A. Knox
Crazy but OK xP
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She was also awesome in EP4 because she protected Nanjo,Kyrie&Kraus while the Siesta sisters where shooting!
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Old 2009-12-15, 20:35   Link #47
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Originally Posted by Dlanor A. Knox View Post
She was also awesome in EP4 because she protected Nanjo,Kyrie&Kraus while the Siesta sisters where shooting!
But apparently in the anime, her head got K.Oed (I laughed for some reason).

Obviously instantaneous; she died a sad death.

More over, Gohda or whoever the previous chef was must've added some Hormone Pills to foods (joke on the anime's oversized chests).

Shannon is fun to talk about to. Although, Furniture and their history in general still confuses me and may be the friggin' key to this mystery.
Another question is, why is Kumasawa working there? She looks old enough to be retired
Also, I wouldn't be surprised that Kanon and Shannon's "magical" abilities refers to their fighting skills.
(Kanon is good with swords, Shannon is very smart and good with self-defense)
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Old 2009-12-15, 21:06   Link #48
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Kumasawa works there part time, I assume she either needs the money, has grown attached to working there... or uses one of those two excuses to cover up some secret reason. ... Or some other reason. :3

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