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Old 2009-12-16, 06:08   Link #221
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Originally Posted by Starks View Post
(Doesn't mplayer-build, which Uoti also manages, pull from that git tree?)
The timeline update was the last commit in mplayer.git, and the submodule in mplayer-build.git is not yet updated to include the new commit. Still, you can switch branch to master and git pull in the mplayer submodule directory and still use the mplayer-build scripts to actually build everything.
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Old 2009-12-16, 15:19   Link #222
I see what you did there!
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For the past few days, I've been searching my local mplayer-build tree to find the file that dictates the commits that are treated as "up to date".
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Old 2010-09-04, 00:15   Link #223
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Originally Posted by Starks View Post

gstassrender for gstreamer (Totem) is coming along quite nicely. Embedded font support just landed a few seconds ago (thanks slomo) and font scaling shouldn't be too far off.

By early next year, Linux users will have a hassle-free, out-of-the-box alternative to mplayer-build for VSFilter-equivalent subs.

It's a really a shame that things had to come to this, but the mplayer trunk devs really don't want an up-to-date libass that pulls from an upstream library.

Edit: They plan to use Cairo for scaling in case you're interested.
Wow , that's good news.

do you have new news for this gstreamer?

PS: Sory for digging old post.
PS: Sory for my bad english too.
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Old 2010-09-07, 22:21   Link #224
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Hasn't been touched in any meaningful way since February. It's still in the ext directory of the "bad" plugins for some reason; I have no idea how well it works, if at all.
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Old 2010-09-08, 22:11   Link #225
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Just found this thread and thought I'd post a few ppa links for Kubuntu Lucid (works for Ubuntu as well).

Latest Mplayer and unrestricted codecs (libavcodec-extra-52 etc.):
-> if you want to use the unrestricted ...-extra codecs, install them individually *before* installing Mplayer, otherwise the ordinary codecs are installed together with Mplayer.

Latest Smplayer (best Mplayer frontend out there):

Vlc 1.20 beta from git (vlc-git):
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Old 2010-09-09, 06:05   Link #226
I see what you did there!
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That PPA uses the outdated trunk instead of the git branch. It is nowhere the "latest".

This is the only MPlayer PPA worth speaking about.
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