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Old 2004-08-09, 21:51   Link #1
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Naruto And DBZ Comparisons

Hope you won't flame me for saying this but...
You know the creator of Naruto did say that he was a huge fan of Akira Toriyama.. and Kishimoto also said that he saw db/dbz (till frieza saga).. so i'm saying maybe he took some ideas from dbz ? ..

allot of people told me that Naruto is "Improved DBZ"
what do you think about it ?
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Old 2004-08-09, 22:01   Link #2
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No, he hasn't taken any ideas.
He has just put in one fan art in the manga,
Some guy's head from DBZ as an ANBU Mask.
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Old 2004-08-09, 22:06   Link #3
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Create a plot line, make it into 30 episodes you got DBZ.
Create a plot line, make it into 1 episodes you got Naruto.

Actually there are numerous differences betweent the series, as well as numerous similarities. It's a stretch to say that Naruto is just a rip off of DBZ but it is evident that the creator did enjoy or take inspiration the style of DBZ.
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Old 2004-08-09, 22:26   Link #4
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I think this thread will be closed very soon but because I'm gentle I will quote myself from an old thread.

Originally Posted by Hunter
Kishimoto is greatly influenced by Akira Toriyama it's a fact admitted several times by Kishimoto (and it's quite obvious anyway) but the storyline of Naruto and DB(Z) are almost nothing alike exept the usual stuff shared by 99% of any shonen.

That's the annoying point about the comparison Naruto/DBZ, people who shout Oh My God There're Sooo Many Common Point! have generally only see these both animes lol.

If you want two shonen really alike with a story line very close to each other look at Yu Yu Hakucho and Flame of Recca for example, btw Naruto has much more commun point with Flame of Recca and HxH than with DB.
Originally Posted by Hunter
Could you enumerate the common points between the storyline of Naruto and DB if you except the common points shared by all the shonen?

The two universes are nothing alike.
Naruto is extremely structured and logical with a defined past, a clear social and political order, it's known that in such country there is such hidden village ninja representing an independent power that haven't the same interest as their host countries in some case, that at the head of the 5 more powerful villages, there is a Kage and then a military command chain clearly explained, as well as a patchwork of great clanic Familly, that the system of tournament has a strategic utility explained, that the various enemies are like that for different reasons which are policy reason from desir of revenge, a mixture of both or some other reasons still unknown.

Dragon ball is more like One Piece, a rich, eccentric and surprising universe but absolutely not structured, the heros travel from place to place with a little story for each island with some new characters and that's all.
I don't say that it's bad (i like DB actually) but it's completely different.

The system of power/chakra is closer to the system of Nen of HxH with a great part for the explanations of the attack/capacity when once again DB is closer of One Piece (just do it).

Without speaking of the shonen stereotyped characters (the strong and dumb hero, the cold rival, the old pervert, etc) you can notice some huge common point between some character's history like Kurapika, the last survivor of his clan, who want to avenge them at all cost, using for that his special capacity (his eyes become red ^^) that enables him to use any type of Nen.
That recalls you something?

Or Flame of Recca, where the hero has 8 Great Dragons inside himself and can use their power, oh by the way he's a Hokage ninja with an only wish : protect his beloved one (and so become the stronger for that) and I forgot, how is named the jutsu of the bad Guy that allows him to create clones of himself?
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Old 2004-08-09, 23:34   Link #5
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Originally Posted by Some Random Fan
Hey kids! Let's compare DBZ and Naruto!
My Answer: No
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