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Old 2009-11-16, 20:53   Link #21
Ash Falls Town
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OMG plot
Spoiler for Episode 7:

From what I've seen around the show isn't that popular though. It's too ridiculous for a lot of people and a lot of other people think the show is sexist.

Anyway it does seem like half the show was devoted to introductions now though.

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Old 2009-12-03, 13:21   Link #22
~*Eternal Bakaness*~
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Episode 9 was hilarious.

Spoiler for Episode 9:

I was surprised ANN gave a fairly good review of this. Even if it was classified as flushable, at least the reviewer did say it's a good guity pleasure. I find this quite a good guilty pleasure.
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Old 2009-12-14, 19:56   Link #23
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yeah it really is a guilty pleasure. The show really is terrible, but something about it...I went into this show hoping for something akin to the wallflower or ouran but left disappointed along with secret nights where I double check my apartment for my roomie as well as lock my door securly in case he catches me watching it....





*runs off and watches miracle train some more*
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Old 2009-12-29, 06:13   Link #24
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Okay, so this became another Final Fantasy: Unlimited, with the plot coming into play far too late into the series for most to wait for. And Akari was so underused in episodes not centred around her and Roppongi (about all except 3 or 4 eps) that it's hard to feel anything about her decision.

Though that the conductor can walk through walls and freely play with everyone on the Miracle Train's minds could also have been explored (such as a passenger having their mind erased after sneaking into the conductor's room and messing with the diagrams or something).

I still say that they could have condensed the intro episodes into two episodes and done more with Akari.

It's a guilty pleasure series, but it would have been nice if it had been developed more (The conductor, diagrams, Akari and Tokugawa).
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bishonen, shoujo

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