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Old 2009-12-25, 16:02   Link #1
Join Date: Mar 2006
Dr. Rurru

A planet-threatening space disease, the "demon flu", has infected an inhabitant of Earth, and a space doctor is needed! The Space Medical Bureau has chosen Dr. Rurru for the job, but -- unfortunately for Minao Hitoharu, the infected patient -- she has a tendency to mishear and misspeak (with a mind towards ecchi) to comical effect.

So far, 3 chapters have been released, and its off to a strong start. Ecchi is not out of control and ties in well with the comedy.
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Old 2009-12-25, 16:05   Link #2
Lets be reality
Join Date: May 2007
Didn't really like the one shot, is it improved from that if you've read it?
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Old 2009-12-25, 18:16   Link #3
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It's definitely got my interest, I'll say that.
Love the facial expressions and the references are well done. I think this manga's going to be my temporary replacement for To-Love-Ru.
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Old 2009-12-25, 18:49   Link #4
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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
Didn't really like the one shot, is it improved from that if you've read it?
I think it did. The alien aspect hasn't been that nuts yet (no crazy monster so far). Main character is also a lot less violent, and seems better I think. Art style improved a bit too (but almost entirely the same).

Very nice fanservice though , only thing I would complain is the a few of the comedy are pretty word-play heavy so ... I don't even know how I would translate them in English.

Spoiler for Chapter 1:
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Old 2009-12-25, 18:56   Link #5
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Hahah, i think it's brilliant with the devil flu... it's good replacement for to-love-ru and the comedy is funny. I'll add this one to the list.
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Old 2009-12-25, 19:27   Link #6
Tiberium Wolf
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I think the comedy is kinda in the losing part due to the translation. Because you can't translate the japanese puns. Having translated in english you lose the joke factor of how it originated the joke.

I have read the oneshot... It's horrible. I am glad they changed the story.

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Old 2009-12-29, 16:29   Link #7
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Spoiler for Chapter 4:
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