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View Poll Results: Vote for your favorite Umineko character(s)
Beatrice 240 41.96%
Bernkastel 154 26.92%
Lambdadelta 116 20.28%
Virgilia 123 21.50%
Ronove 144 25.17%
Gaap 59 10.31%
Lucifer 260 45.45%
Leviathan 180 31.47%
Satan 180 31.47%
Belphegor 240 41.96%
Mammon 261 45.63%
Beelzebub 153 26.75%
Asmodeus 161 28.15%
Siesta 45 123 21.50%
Siesta 410 73 12.76%
Siesta 00 38 6.64%
Sakutarou 79 13.81%
Eva Beatrice 88 15.38%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 572. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2010-01-16, 11:21   Link #41
BeaBato <3
Join Date: Sep 2009
Location: Poland
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Beatrice - Cuz She's SO AWESOME.
Endless_Witch_Nipah is offline  
Old 2010-01-16, 13:06   Link #42
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2007
Beatrice: I loved her in the VN, but Ohara made me love her even more with her perfect voice for this insane character.

Bronove: The elegant troll. Seiyuu and VN made me love this character to death. PUKUKUKUKDf

Virgilia: My favorite of all the witches, tbh. I just like her attitude and her character design is fantastic.

EVA Beatrice: I hate her, but I love her because she's so evil. Does that even make sense? :T
*Sapphire* is offline  
Old 2010-01-16, 13:32   Link #43
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Portugal
If i had to pick my favourite characters... i would go with :

Beatrice : Come on, shes the main " Bad gal" :P of this anime, but you can argue with that since shes only a pawn. Even so she shows imense spirit and at times, in the final games, she even proves that she can do something other than killing:
Kannon : " However at this moment you are a good witch"
Beatrice : You flater me, furniture "

My second choise would be one of the seven stakes of the purgatory, Lucifer:
Since each of the stakes is the embodiment of one sin i would go with Lucifer since my sin is Pride i see a lot of my pride in her. And how far one can go by pride, recall when she protects eva beatrice? even if it meant her death ?
Thats pride my friends... Thats pride
omegasaries is offline  
Old 2010-01-16, 17:15   Link #44
Join Date: Mar 2008
Age: 31
Originally Posted by omegasaries View Post
My second choise would be one of the seven stakes of the purgatory, Lucifer:
Since each of the stakes is the embodiment of one sin i would go with Lucifer since my sin is Pride i see a lot of my pride in her. And how far one can go by pride, recall when she protects eva beatrice? even if it meant her death ?
Thats pride my friends... Thats pride
Except that was Belphegor
StainGlass is offline  
Old 2010-01-17, 10:44   Link #45
Junior Member
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Portugal
Ahm... maybe not
Representing the fallen angel Lucifer and the corresponding sin of pride, she is the eldest among all the Stakes of Purgatory and acts as their leader. She is extremely insecure, knowing herself to be the most inferior to her sisters, and fears what they would do if they found out. As such, she acts arrogant and conceited to keep her weaknesses from being discovered. Despite that, she takes pleasure in surrendering on her own accord. Lucifer's appearance is a girl with long, straight black hair.

Representing the demon Belphegor and the corresponding sin of sloth, she is the middle child of the Stakes of Purgatory. She is hard-working and sensible, but only so that her master can become a lazy pig and fall all the harder. Her serious nature makes her the most trusted of her sisters, but she isn't used to being treated with kindness. Belphegor's appearance is a girl with long dark hair in a ponytail.
omegasaries is offline  
Old 2010-01-17, 11:05   Link #46
Join Date: Jul 2007
Location: forever lost inside a logic error
You are right on that one. However the one that protected Eva Beatrice with her own body was Belphegor

Jan-Poo is offline  
Old 2010-01-17, 15:45   Link #47
Magical Gohda Chef
Join Date: Sep 2009
In the end I went for Ronove, though Belphegor and Siesta410 are really amazing too...I guess it's the 'stache.
Also, what isn't cool about a moustached gentleman who isn't ashamed to bake cookies and serve tea all day long? Must be nice to have the guy around, seriously. If I could have Ronove as my head furniture I'd be a very nourished man.
Gohda is offline  
Old 2010-01-18, 10:32   Link #48
The Chaos
ǾΝΈ ΡЇΈΈ is the Best !!
Join Date: Apr 2007
Location: away from you
Age: 29
voted for :
Beatrice , Bernkastel , Lambdadelta , Virgilia , Ronove and Lucifer .

The Chaos is offline  
Old 2010-01-20, 00:18   Link #49
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Australia
Bernkastel for every moment she appears, and Lambda for her "....prepare yourself wonderfully...."

Then Mammon even at her lack of appearance in the anime
risingstar3110 is offline  
Old 2010-01-20, 05:52   Link #50
Actually an Alligator
Join Date: Nov 2008
Age: 21
Voted for everyone but Bernkastel.
sona-nyl is offline  
Old 2010-01-20, 20:34   Link #51
"The Golden Land"
Join Date: Mar 2009
Location: Earth :3
Send a message via AIM to Peaches Send a message via MSN to Peaches
I like, totally voted and stuff!! =D

Lambdadelta: I find her just to be an adorable character. I'd say more but I feel I'll type spoilers. o__o;

Beelzbub: My favorite stake. I find her personality likable, and she has the best hair out of all the stakes in my opinion. I also loved her voice in the anime.

Sakutarou: He's soooooo cute~!

Yeah, I don't have much to say why I voted for them, but believe me, I have my reasons... >w>;
Peaches is offline  
Old 2010-01-21, 06:42   Link #52
some sort of girl...
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: At a house~
Well I voted for a LOT of characters, cause' almost all of them were Awesome XD

Beatrice I <3 How she can be super cruel and can be super Moe~ A fitting character for a super villain ^-^

Virgilia A calm, good but powerful witch~ I love the way she talks and also likes kind personality

Eva-Beatrice Has a unique style of evilness and voice~ One of the most epic witches ever ;D

and for the the furniture~

Ronove Has some good magical tricks and gags. A great hard-working head furniture X)

Beelzebub One of the cutestkilling machines of the Seven Sisters. She has a some sort of crazy personality ( but a kinda fear the real beelzebub )

Siesta 410 One of the best personality characters ^^ Her catchprase and grins makes me vote for her

Thank you Jze0 for the sig and avvie
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Old 2010-01-21, 07:36   Link #53
阿賀野型3番艦、矢矧 Lv163
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Mar 2006
Location: Belgium, Brussels
Age: 31
Just a reminder:
I clearly asked everyone to NOT post any VN spoilers and use Episode 1-4 only to explain their votes.
Remember this thread is used by VN readers and anime watchers alike, so this thread is not fine for everything (likewise, do not mention any character that haven't been introduced yet).

From now on, failing to do so will just lead to a BAN. Please do not make me repeat myself.
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Old 2010-01-21, 11:56   Link #54
Ange Ushiromiya's Fangirl
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Danville IL
Age: 37
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I picked all seven Stakes of Purgatory and Eva-Beatrice.

Eva-B: If I were a witch I would be just like her. (I also have shoulder length red hair and blue eyes too )

I love all the Stakes of Purgatory but my favorite is my personal sin.. Asmodeus of Lust.
AudriSampson is offline  
Old 2010-01-21, 17:31   Link #55
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Mexico
Age: 27
I voted for: Beato, Lambdadelta, Ronove, Belphegor, Siesta 00 and Sakutaro.

Beato: She starts off as a typical villain but then evolves into something much more complex. You can't tell what she's really thinking. I like that, even if it screws up my attempts to understand her.

Lambdadelta: She seems to me as one who is doing this for the lulz. The things she does don't make me hate her, surprisingly. And I love her song. <3333

Ronove: Ah, Bronove. I want someone like him, that can cook and do that stuff. I'd be helpful. And of course, the way he talks and snarks at Beato makes me laugh. He's quite reliable and helpful in his own way.

Belphegor: She probably doesn't have the best hairstyle out of the sisters, but I like her attitude the best. She's quite creative with her vice and I like that she's hard-working and honorable.

Siesta 00: Calm and a no-nonsense person, who takes her duties seriously. A nice contrast between 45 and 410. Plus she has an eyepatch. That makes her even cooler.

Sakutaro: He's cute and nice, a wonderful friend for Maria. Still, I prefer his stuffed lion appearance over his boyish appearance any day.
Haya_chan is offline  
Old 2010-06-02, 19:12   Link #56
The Awesome One
Join Date: Jun 2009
Location: In a box. An awesome box.
Virgilia, I adore her. She has that sort of motherly atmosphere to her....

And Gaap. That is pretty kickass name.
Sugar_Prayer is offline  
Old 2010-06-05, 10:32   Link #57
Junior Member
Join Date: Sep 2009
Beatrice: She has the most interesting personality among the witches. She perfectly fits he witch's image that I had in mind, cruel & crazy! XD
Her moe mode is also very cute~ >.<
Though it was her craziness that made me attracted in her character at first time ^^

Virgilia: Her costume design is my 1# favorite from all witches
I also like her mysterious personality~

Eva Beatrice: Another witch in my favorite list...I love her costume design!
but like Beatrice, the main reason I attracted to her was because her twisted personality~
I like witches who show their cruel side more often because that's when they looked really cool! O.O
kuro_usagi is offline  
Old 2010-06-17, 13:05   Link #58
The Sock Monster
Join Date: Jun 2008
Location: I live nowhere.
Age: 23
While over on the human side I was stricken by a lot of I wasn't at all. Maybe a little with some of the Stakes, but eh.

Spoiler for <3:

Spoiler for </3:
HigurashiRika_04621 is offline  
Old 2010-06-17, 19:38   Link #59
A New Witch
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: You really want to know?
Age: 25
Beatrice: Her pride is one to admire
Virgilia: Her outfit is beautiful and I'm in the process of making a cosplay outfit of it. Not only that, but she is fun to fandub
Gaap:Lamb-chop XD as well as having the figure to wear such an outfit.
Lucifer: My boyfriend is obsessed with her, so it's more of an obligatory vote ^^''
Eva-Beatrice:Goodness...what is there not to like? She can look so innocent yet be so troll-ish >D
I do not know how, but I'm sure we will meet again.
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Old 2010-06-21, 11:16   Link #60
Join Date: Feb 2008
Location: Ontario / BC
Age: 25
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Everyone seems to like Beatrice for her witch-y side, but I love that she's such a complicated character, I won't go into it because that would be full of spoilers, but suffice to say, she's my favourite on the witch side.
I voted for her along with Lambda and Leviathan, stopping there so I don't add everyone else to it too >3>
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