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Old 2009-10-06, 23:09   Link #1
~Blazing Red Eye~
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Lightbulb Aza-oniichan Drawing, CG and 3D Tutorials!

Hello everyone, welcome to my tutorial thread

I been doing some tutorial lately and i wanted to share it with you guys . This tutorial thread is consisted of drawing and coloring tutorial, also, in the future i will add 3d modeling tutorial. Each tutorial have its own version, means that i may update it along with the development of my skill or to add some improvement. Mostly, coloring tutorial will be using photoshop CS3, and 3D tutorial in the future will be using Maya. This thread is new, so dont expect too much, don't worry, it'll eventually grows in time ^^. I have listed the tutorial below which only consist of the link to the designated tutorials so you dont have to search every page in this thread to look for it, Enjoy and I hope u like it. Critism and Comments are VERY appreciated ^^.


1. [1.0]Getting Started
2. [1.0]PDL
3. [1.0]How to draw a head and in different perspectives
a. [1.0]Detailed how to draw Eyes
b. [1.0]Detailed how to draw Hair
c. [1.0]Detailed how to draw Mouth, Nose, Ears
4. [1.0]Figure Helper aka. StickMan
5. [1.0]How to draw a body
a. [1.0]Detailed how to draw Male body
b. [1.0]Detailed how to draw Female body
6. [1.0]Clothes and Folds
7. [1.0]Human Anatomy and Muscles


1. [1.0]Knowing digital formats
2. [1.0]Scanning your work
3. [1.0]Ink your drawing digitally
4. [1.0]Cel-shading
a. [1.0]Coloring Skin
b. [1.0]Coloring Hair
c. [1.0]Coloring Eyes
d. [1.0]Coloring Clothes

1. [1.0]Fundamentals of Fanart-ing NEW!
2. [1.0]How to draw Kairin - AnimeSuki Official Mascot

~~What is the most respected factor for an artist? it is not the SKILL, it is not about how good you draw. it is STYLE, your own drawing style, which makes you different and unique from the other artist~~
Legends : RED indicates NEW, Orange indicates IN PROGRESS, GREEN indicates PLANNED, GREY indicates CANCELLED

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Old 2009-10-06, 23:11   Link #2
~Blazing Red Eye~
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Age: 28
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Exclamation [1.0]Getting Started

Okay, here's something what you should have and what you should do in order to be a fledged artist, i expressed it with my own words, so, before i begin, i'm very sorry for bad languages, I'm not native in English. Please take you time reading ^^

Things you should have :

1. Interest, i mean, don't force yourself to like drawing! if you found no interest about drawing, focus on what you'd interested with. If you WANT to have a liking for drawing, test it by asking your friend to have a drawing challenge with you, result : if you lose and you get fired up (fired up to improve your drawing quality, not fired up to kick your friend's ass), then congrats! you have grown an interest for drawing and you SHOULD continue.. if you win and and you TEACH your friend to draw to be equivalent with you, congrats!. Won and feel nothing? or won and humiliate your losing friend? that's a no no. You can try to read MANGA or COMIC, i believe that will make you interested in drawing because i myself, experienced to like drawing that way : to deliver your thought by drawing and share it with others... o yeah, one more thing, if you feel bored drawing, it means your interest for drawing is started to fade... beware!, all you have to do is refresh yourself (time to grab those ecchi books! lol just joking )

2. Style, you should have your own drawing style. It's okay if haven't found it yet. Okay i will tell you WHAT is a drawing style, drawing style is the way you draw and its express "you". Check your friend with equivalent drawing skills, tell your other friend to judge : "is it same?". REMEMBER, SKILL AND STYLE IS BLACK & WHITE, totally different. People can learn skill, but one people always and should have 1 style, which makes him/her different with other people. If you're an OTAKU, you should know Naru Nanao, and her drawing style, Ikegami akane, Noizi Itou? are those has a same style? no! they have different style and people can tell it easily, for quality, all of them may look good. So, if you haven't found you drawing style, keep drawing, by drawing more and more, your own style should be revealed itself.

Q = I'm tired looking for this style of mine, can't i just drawing like Naru Nanao does?
A = Well it's up to you, BUT remember one thing : state some renowned artist you know, tell me, are they have a same drawing style? okay, now, WHY they're renowned? skills? if you're talking about skills, how about doraemon and crayon shinchan? are they renowned by their skills? NO. ITS STYLE, STYLE MAKES YOU FAMOUS AND RESPECTED.

3. Will, you know what i meant, You interested in drawing, got fired up, have many ideas about what to draw BUT too lazy to grab a pencil. No offense but, lazy people died quickly. Muscle don't work, Brain cell didn't connect, fat doestn't burn, and bacterias won't go because you take no shower for decade. just joking!. Okay, you MUST consistent on drawing, don't plan to stop in the middle. Don't stop improving yourself and DON'T EVER THINK your drawing will be like professional just in 7 minutes, Life is not an escalator, but a stair, you must give effort so you can reach the next stage. Believe me, your efforts to improve will never go for nothing. Patience, Consistence and Interest(spirit), that's all.

4. Equipment

Things you should do :

1. SHARE your drawings with others, tell them about their opinion, take a note. Develop your drawing quality, correct your mistakes. Here's a stupid habit that inherit many of people : They're too SHY to show his/her drawing to other ("oow, don't look, it's looks bad, i'll show you if i've gotten better")... so how the hell you could make impovement if you're like that? Feedbacks are gold, feedbacks will tell you mistakes you do that you didn't realize!, remember, though they can't draw like you do, Audience/Customer can tell which drawing are good and which are bad.

2. KEEP your drawing, file them. This way, you can track your drawing improvement from time to time.

3. GATHER many resources from others, friends, web, book, etc which helps you improve your skill.

4. TELL the world who you are! share your drawing for example in this forum, deviantart and others, make some Manga or other project, share it with others!

5. TEACH others how to draw, you WON'T lose your skill, you WILL be respected by others, you DO good and noble thing. (and you MAKE money, haha just joking but that may be true ^^). and you'll be baking green cookies (for forum only) LOL

Last word, Decide what you made your drawing for, Hobby or Living, action to take are different. for hobby, take your time. for living, remember this : You Have a Responsibility to Draw for Customer / Audience. Thank you for your attention, "Getting Started" part is complete.

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Next : [1.0]PDL

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Evil Rick
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Not much to say yet, only that I wish you luck and that I'll visit this thread with every new tut to see if I can lear something new, I'm eager to learn and learn at any chance.

Welcome to the fan creations club btw.
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Originally Posted by Aza-oniichan View Post
2. KEEP your drawing, file them. This way, you can track your drawing improvement from time to time.
Another reason is that at some point, you may be uninspired or lacking an idea and sometimes just by going over your older drawings can ignite that spark again.

ex: Need a character design, but can't come up with one. After looking at some older stuff you may like the elements of a costume design from different drawings and it springboards you into a totally new design for your character... with slightly smaller breasts.

At least, that's been true in my years as a amateur artist.
"The Enrichment Center is required to remind you that you will be baked, and then there will be cake." - GLaDOS
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~Blazing Red Eye~
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@Evil - Thx, i try to expand this tutorial as soon as i can

@Zhaxra - Yep, looking at the old archives makes you feel nostalgic and gives you "spirit" to draw again, it could be also a very good reference . i have tons of paper on my bookshelf i don't know how i supposed to do with them, maybe i'll scan them all and store it in my HDD.
Visit my Tutorial thread here, Enjoy!
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~Blazing Red Eye~
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Exclamation [1.0]pdl

So, anyone wondering what the hell is PDL? PDL is my homemade certification for pencil drawing (Pencil Drawing License), which in order to acquire a PDL, you should following these rules :

1. Always ready vast type of drawing instrument, every instrument has its own functionality, for shading, wide varieties of pencils are needed.
2. Keep your drawing instrument in good condition : Keep your pencil sharp, remove black stain on your eraser, Keep your drawing table dry and clean and keep your environment fresh. If your pencil height is only one quarter of the original height, replace it. Do not store your drawing materials in humid environment, for those who want to know more about pencils, visit :
Don't bite the other tip of your pencil!

Now, you have materials and you know how to maintain it, now you need to know HOW to use it :

1. While drawing, rotate your pencil occasionally, this will keep the pencil tip is balanced sharp, not partly flattened. Following figures will explained it :
Spoiler for Image:
1. The pencil rotated so the tip is always sharp and balanced, you don't want your lines suddenly became wider right
2. This is a common mistake, most of us ignore it, flat side of the pencil tip makes your line wider and blurry
2. Look at the DESTINATION of your pencil, not at the current location of the pencil. Hand eye Coordination, that's something you have to learn and master.
Spoiler for Image:
1. You focus on the destination of your pencil, this will "guide" your hand so the lines is straight.
2. You always look at you pencil tip, you did not see the destination, this makes your line will crooked or jaggy
Prove it, draw a quite long straight line, first line, you look at the current location of the pencil, second line, look at the end of the line should be.
I Guarantee when you're looking at the destination, the line should be STRAIGHT without jaggy edges compared when you look at the current position of the pencil.

3. Practice yourself with lines training below , Rules : DO NOT ROTATE THE PAPER, YOUR BODY POSITION ... AND THE TABLE

print and copy the training paper here (A4)

1. Drawing horizontal lines from left
2. Drawing horizontal lines from right
3. Drawing vertical lines from top
4. Drawing vertical lines from bottom
5. Drawing horizontal curly lines from left
6. Drawing horizontal curly lines from right
7. Drawing vertical curly lines from top
8. Drawing vertical curly lines from bottom
9. Drawing diagonal lines from top-right
10. Drawing diagonal lines from bottom-left
11. Drawing diagonal lines from top-left
12. Drawing diagonal lines from bottom-right
13. Drawing circle clockwise
14. Drawing circle counter-clockwise

note : if you have no problem drawing those lines, now add the difficulty : adding pressure, examples below :
Spoiler for Image:
1. Here's the example of the training process, bottom half is using pen pressure.
2. This is the implementation of pen pressure when you drawing something, bold for dark areas and light for brighter areas.
Adding pressure will help you in the future for pressure effect. (see! i myself have difficulties drawing a simple horizontal line, follow the rules okay)

This training will help you draw lines clean and correctly. Believe me, this training will be VERY useful in the future (because i missed it in the beginning, i started to realize that this training is very fundamental)
Benefit : no more jaggy edges, no more distorted lines, no more repetitive lines, no more takes long to draw a line.
Do this once a day or before you drawing.

4. Put some rag or tissue under the right side of the palm, this will prevent pencil lines blurred and paper got dirty upon unintentional contact with your palm.

That's the end of the PDL part, thank you for your attention,

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Next : [1.0]How to draw a head and in different perspectives
Visit my Tutorial thread here, Enjoy!

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~Blazing Red Eye~
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Exclamation [1.0]Fundamentals of Fanart-ing

Here's my homemade fundamental you should know before drawing fanart. This fundamental will help you make a "good" fanart. So if someone still wondering what is fanart, here you go :

My own words :

1. Fanart is an expression of love for the original character drawn by the original author.
2. Fanart is not supposed to be created by imitating the original author drawing style, it is created WITH your own drawing style BASED on original character proportion.
3. Fanart is not supposed to be used commercially without having permission from the respective author.
4. Fanart creation is not bounded by anything.

So, you know about fanart and now i will tell you HOW to fanart (examples included)

1. Learn the character which will be your fanart subject, note for its height, special characteristic, hair style & color, eye style & color, etc which is uniquely indicates the character.
2. Think about the pose, draw the figure helpers, draw the rough skethes.
3. Finish it

Example Explained :

I want to fanarting Shana - Shakugan no Shana to be my ecchi personal maid! so the first thing i do is gathering the resources like these :
Spoiler for Shana Original Images:

Okay, then i have to learn the proportion of shana, the height, eyes, hair, others. here's the result :

Shana (henshin mode) is 6 head in Height, slim, and Pettan (flat-chested). Her eyes is tsundere shaped, red blazing, and big. Her hair is straight loose and very long (feet), Crimson colored and sometimes you can see fire burst out from her hair, she has a cute long ahoge ( Nietono no Shana and Alastor is (in this drawing) not needed, Kugimiya Rie is her sei... ups this is not needed too ^^. I want to put her into hadaka apron ( while baking me my favorite delicious which everyone in the forum like : Green Cookies. Now i'm going to twist it a little, this version of shana is older, (18).

So here is the final picture, only a sketch though, i'll color it if i have some time. To learn how to draw Shana itself, please look for my tutorial on the index list menu.
Spoiler for Shana Fanart:


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Next : [1.0]How to draw Kairin - AnimeSuki Official Mascot
Visit my Tutorial thread here, Enjoy!
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Hm I hafta disagree with your bit on rotating the pencil ^^; I find that with a .3 or .5 mechanical pencil (ah fine go rotate your normal pencils) it's convenient to flatten one side so that you have two very sharp edges/one VERY sharp tip for when you need detail. As long as you hold the pencil upright and not too horizontal blurry lines aren't too much of a problem either.

cmon, update >:D
thanks to Patchy ♥
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Very detailed so far, even the intro o_o, Beautiful tut, expecting much of this lol =]
Keep it up, will check this out every now and then.
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This thread has already been on my bookmarks list (I'm a beginner at drawing btw)
The tuts are very detailed. Gotta check this thread every day from now on
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drawing, anime, tutorial, manga, fanart

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