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View Poll Results: Favourite Kanon - 2006 - Characters Poll II (Multiple Choice!)
Yuuichi 219 42.28%
Ayu 235 45.37%
Nayuki 219 42.28%
Shiori 168 32.43%
Makoto 159 30.69%
Mai 263 50.77%
Akiko 71 13.71%
Akiko's Jam 101 19.50%
Kaori 49 9.46%
Jun 33 6.37%
Mishio 29 5.60%
Sayuri 157 30.31%
Piro 53 10.23%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 518. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2010-02-11, 02:58   Link #141
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I voted Nayuki, Shiori, And Mai. I forgot about Sayuri; can't have Mai without Sayuri. >.<

I mainly voted Nayuki, because I'm pretty much like that in the morning.

Shiori, because she's an inspiring character, keeping up a optimistic outlook even when nobody else will.

And of course, Mai. From the random head chops to the sword fighting, to the occasional nonsensical phrase, Mai is awesome.

Sayuri deserves a mention for standing by Mai for so long even if it may lead to trouble.
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Old 2010-02-11, 04:26   Link #142
Senior Member
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Hell yeah , Mai is leading.

Mai and Shiori.

Mai - cool attitude , amazing fighter , very kind and a good dancer. She's awesome !

Shiori - i liked her because she was very cute and calm , her arc was beautiful.

I also voted Nayuki.
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Old 2010-02-27, 16:25   Link #143
Join Date: Apr 2009
Makoto for me
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Old 2010-02-28, 17:46   Link #144
Join Date: Apr 2009
Huh, I voted a long time ago, but I guess I forgot to explain my choices

Nayuki - As someone who used to have to get up at five in the morning every day, I can relate to her morning habits. Yuuichi x Nayuki is my preferred couple, since I think they have the best chemistry, but I can accept KyoAni's Ayu ending, since that conveys the stronger theme. Nayuki's route from the game also contains my favorite scene: her alarm clock scene at the end.

Shiori - Shiori has personal significance to me because I knew a girl who was like her in real life. She was in a terminal stage of cancer, and was given about six months to live at the time of diagnosis. Despite that, she was probably the bubbliest, happiest person I have ever known. And when she died, it was with a smile. Shiori is also one of the only characters who can counter Yuuchi's smartass comments, which gets her points in my book

Makoto - Not really my favorite character, but she had my favorite arc/route. Yuuchi had to watch her slowly deteriorate, and he couldn't do anything but make her passing as happy and comfortable as he could. For wringing the most emotion out of me of any arc/route in Kanon, she earns her place here.

Mai (Honorable Mention) - It was tough deciding between Makoto and Mai. While Mai was certainly an amusing character, what I really liked about her was her friendship with Sayuri. Their absolute, unwavering loyalty to each other was really touching. Unfortunately, that meant that for me to vote for Mai here, I would have also have had to vote for Sayuri, and since I swore to limit myself to three characters, I had to include her as an honorable mention.
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Old 2010-03-21, 17:01   Link #145
Roloko vi Britannia
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I like all the characters, but I voted Mai since she is my top favorite

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Old 2010-04-01, 15:55   Link #146
Midnight Bliss
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I voted for Sayuri, Ayu, and Akiko.

Sayuri: She was just really my favorite character of the whole series. Her "ahaha" is so cute, and I teared up when it showed her backstory and how tragic her past is, yet she keeps on smiling. She's a wonderful friend and I cried when she got attacked, but I was so relieved when she was alright. She's also a very charming character.

Ayu: I have a thing for leads in KEY works, for some reason, and I like Ayu very much. I always hated Yui Horie's voice due to her Higurashi and Umineko roles, but for some reason I didn't mind "uguu", I actually thought it was adorable. Ayu's story is also so tragic to me, but I loved the nice ending for her. I like how random and funny she is, and she's always so lively. I thought I would hate her because of her "uguu", but instead it ended up as Makoto with her "auu"...

Akiko: She was just hilarious through out the show with her jam. I also would get reminded of my mom from her. She's so hardworking, and she's such a wonderful mother! Words can't describe how much of a great mother she is to Nayuki. I also teared up when she was involved in the accident. I love her<3

Other people who I like but didn't make the list are Mai and Nayuki. :3
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Old 2010-05-06, 07:29   Link #147
Senior Member
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I liked all of them

But if to be picky... I gave my votes to the following:

Yuuichi - a really nice guy who went probably through the biggest depression and sorrow in series since he felt for each victim out there and also helped each one of them. He deserves praises. Though I did want to smack him when he was lying in snow and about to freeze to death... I mean he just moments ago told Nayuki that she is not alone and that he is here and then he is ready to die? That would make him a 100% liar!

Nayuki - You just have to love her sleep walking and talking. I still laugh at the moment where she sits at the table and then sudenly slams her head on it making Yuuichi and Ayu freak out! And I approve her cat adiction, I also adore cats

Shiori - she is a sweet, nice girl who does all her best to live to the fullest, enjoy her life and at the same time not to trouble others. And it must have hurt a LOT when Kaori was ignoring her like that! Of course I can understand the reason behind it, but that was still cruel. Well atleas they made up for it^^

Makoto - I can't say that she is my favorite but her arc was the most touching one and she looked adorable as fox! So I need to give her points for that^^

Mai - Is definetly my favorite character. She got my attention immediately as she had appeared. I like her design and her lack of response and her following behind Sayuri made her look mysteriouse and interesting... like if she was some secret bodyguard or something. Though the fact that she wasn't one like it usually happens, made her even better. I like how carrying she is despite not being able to express herself properly. Her love and loyalty towards Shiyori also deserves praises. The way she responds... everything makes her unique in comparison to others! And I liked how her voice had become all emotional when she started to cry, its like if she was a different person.

Akiko's Jam - the best weapon of the series! Another item joins the deathly weapons aka Death Note and Kotomi's violin.

Sayurii - Without her there would be no Mai. She basicly became Mai's light and had accepted her the way she is. And that's exactly what Mai needed, a good friend. And Sayuri is far more than just a good friend for her. She cares a lot. And her "Ahahaha" also is a nice touch to her character

Piro - My NUMBER 1 Seriously, this cat is SO CUTE! It always smiles, sleeps with you in one bed, loves to be carried, sits on your head, immediately went to sand box, didn't touch Nayuki's food which was left on the floor, has no grudge even though Makoto almost killed it and cares about its new family... It is a dream cat! I fully aprove Nayuki's adoration towards it
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Old 2010-07-14, 15:04   Link #148
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Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
I voted Nayuki, Shiori, And Mai. I forgot about Sayuri; can't have Mai without Sayuri. >.<

I mainly voted Nayuki, because I'm pretty much like that in the morning.

Shiori, because she's an inspiring character, keeping up a optimistic outlook even when nobody else will.

And of course, Mai. From the random head chops to the sword fighting, to the occasional nonsensical phrase, Mai is awesome.

Sayuri deserves a mention for standing by Mai for so long even if it may lead to trouble.
Coincidentally I ended up liking the same four girls as you here , for similar reasons xD.

Though I also choose to vote for Yuuichi since while it wasn't in my opinion as good as some of the other key male leads, he was still a very good and likable one.

Edit: Also like Clannad I can say I liked the whole cast really.
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Old 2010-07-16, 03:49   Link #149
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LOL @ the Jam option

Mai by far!! She was hilarious notable scenes is during the ball/dance where she lightly head shops her friends head and Yuichis it was like a "WTH" moment... and her quiet/reserved character which is double sided.

It was pleasing to see a fighter/warrior girl emerge during the episode where
Spoiler for contents of middle of the series:

Yuichii- he was too cocky don't hate me but he was tooo typical of a lead make character and yes I do know that harems (debatable genre) are like that but if you have a look at Clannad Okazaki isn't like that he has all the female characters in awe of him, but doesnt use it to his advantage sticks with the one choice

Akiko- nice motherly figure, provides a breather for you during the times of suspense and tension with her quick 'yes' and smiling expression.
Spoiler for event:

Makoto/Nayuki- too childish, got on my nerves, grow up and act like highschool girls (oh wait hang on....I think they were first year, come to think of it a lot of first year highschool girls ARE like that at least where I went >< haha, but let me go on). The endless yawning (I know there was an explanation to this in either the game or Kanon 2002, but it wasn't explained in 2006 so it should be criticised very strongly), it just got so boring and annoying falling asleep on the kitchen table, not waking up after 100 alarms ring etc etc.

Makoto however instantly went from my least favourite character to the 3rd best because of what begins happening to her health. As I saw her human side slowly die away she became like a toddler who needed attention and help.

This is the same to Nayuki, she also went from a 0/10 to a 4-5/10 in the last 4 episodes because she matured very fast, I began to see her feelings develop more, and was disappointed she wasn't provided a "closing" to the series as the other characters were given. Whenever she would utter "liar" to Yuichii with that << face of hers, my score would rise up to how I view her and each time I would expect the producers to EXPLORE this more (her sadness)
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Old 2011-02-12, 15:18   Link #150
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makoto, mai, shiori ftw
all there arcs are amazing
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Old 2011-05-09, 23:45   Link #151
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yuuichi - cuz everybody likes key protagonists

nayuki - we share the infamous morning problem

shiori - i dunno why, but i found her cute, like really, and the dying thing? that made me like her more (what? i'm into the frail ones )

i dunno why mai got #1 though, i guess i should've known
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Old 2011-05-25, 04:09   Link #152
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My votes went to~

Yuuichi: I'm not sure what it is I like about him. I find both Yukito and Tomoya to be boring leads, but why is Yuuichi different in this case? Perhaps because he reminded me of another particular character, hm?

Ayu: She's energetic, optimistic and her relationship with Yuuichi reminds me so much of my own with my best friend, in that the way he teases her relentless, and her reactions, as well. She's upbeat and lovable, you know?

Makoto: She and Ayu are without a doubt tied in this case. She's outgoing, aggressive and one of my favorite portrayals of a tsundere. Why's she ranked lower than the other heroines, anyhow?

Mai: Her emotionless, and silent attitude, completely different of that of Ayu and Makoto's aura, but still such a likable character. Her emotion is portrayed exceedingly well in the finale of her arc, and the way she cares of Sayuri is the mark of a true friend.

Akiko's Jam: Love this option. My childhood friend made a joke that it was...on second thought, it'd be inappropriate to post that, so use your imagination.

Mishio: I'm not sure what I like about her... Just her reason behind her cold front makes her an intriguing character.

Sayuri: Optimistic, caring, third person speech pattern, and the truth behind said habit, it all comes together making a character that is just as well designed as the heroines themselves.
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Old 2011-11-17, 14:50   Link #153
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In no particular order,

Yuuichi- Protagonist, overall good character and sometimes pretty funny lol

Nayuki- Mornings eith her would seem pretty interesting and fun, no one day the same as the other

Shiori- Overall her story was the best of all of them and it had some depth. As for her character, the fact that she tries to enjoy life to the fullest and didn't regret anything.

Sayuri- Caring, funny and her overall personality. Willing to do almost anything for her friend and she was the only one to actually explain what the title of the show meant.

Mai- Though she's kind of quiet and not very open to new people, she does have another side. Care alot about her friends as well and isn't afraid to fight back. She adds a supernatural feel to the show which made it felt somewhat "magical".

Akiko- A very carefree, calm and collect motherly figure. Has a great sense of judgement and her personalilty makes her even more awesome. And she has a funny sense of humour.
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Old 2014-07-24, 18:44   Link #154
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It seems who vote for Nayuki doesn't vote for Ayu and who vote for Ayu doesn't vote for Nayuki.

Such conflict.

Btw I voted for Nayuki so it's the same for me.
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