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Old 2004-08-09, 10:07   Link #101
~Trying to Enjoy Life~
Join Date: May 2004
Location: Malaysia
Age: 31
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To: Relentlessflame.
Thats the way to say it ^^ Hehehe...somehow i start to think that relentlessflame sounds like my Oneechan...hahaha....

To: Yogo Pogo.
O_o huh?? You're 20?? I thought you're already 2*.... oopss...sorry no offense. Well, i'm still very young, as you can see below my avatar ^^ but as a human, i love to know other people opinian about certain things and that i love to share.
To share is to gain knowledge. I believe in that saying and that Age does not matters when it comes to Humanity.

Last time, i also have this kind of hatered against females. Yup... that brings back memories when da female rules the playground. But you know what?? Eventually i get my revenge...ghahahaha... bring it on females... challenge me!!! I can dress a barbie doll better than any females around my area. I can play Lola hoop better then any of them. I'm the 1st in my class, i beat every of them in sports and games.

But in the end.... i got no girl friends at all....ghahahaha..... when i come to around age 16+ i start to take on easy on girls as i've come to realised their importance and benefit ^^ well... I can't finish the school project if i can't coorperated well with the girls in my group. LOLZ!!!!

But you know?? Is not easy to capture their hearts and make them coorperate... you have to be soften yourself to a rate where the girls climb on top of your head. Yea~ Come to think about it:
10 years ago - Girls is the Empress, males (Me!!) the slaves
4 years ago - Girls are under my feet ^_^ (Lonely)
Now - Girls is the empress back again....sigh~

If you really want to say that how horrible males are... i think you should considered looking at other "Certain" females 1st.... even now i'm under dilemma... I was force to lend my Basketball to them and when i ask them for return, "Err...tomorrow can arr??" is their answer everyday.

Guess i need to get a new basketball.... i doubt my basketball would ever 10 years ago...

Anyway, I don't really take this too seriously cause i know one basic thing!! A major thing!!! Simple yet complicated!!! Sounds funny but is the truth!!!

"I can't live without them..." ^_^ LOLZ ^o^
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Old 2004-08-20, 01:39   Link #102
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
Join Date: Jul 2004
I've only just begun to watch anime, and I haven't seen any series that takes the fanservice too far for me yet. Sometimes it's fairly stupid, but we're not dealing with Dostoevsky here, anyway. In fact, one of my favorites is Puni Puni Poemi, which carries fanservice to a hilarious extreme. Onegai Twins, DearS -- just fun. Even such a beautiful dramatic series as Kimi ga Nozomu Eien has its full share.

As for whether fanservice/ecchi is soft porn: sure it is. So? Of course, we all have different standards for what is acceptable. I personally find MTV and many, many North American advertisements less acceptable (and less entertaining) than fanservice. They seem ugly and gross. Fanservice is just fun. Seems to me that Japan simply accepts different forms of soft porn than North America does.

Does soft porn affect behavior? I guess it must, but maybe the Japanese forms are less dangerous. Some crime stats I found for 1998 are interesting. Japan is far at the bottom of the crime-rate list, and the US is near the top:

Murders per 100,000.
1. Russian Federation 18.07
2. United States 6.32
3. Malaysia 2.73
Taiwan 1.17
Spain 1.08
Japan 0.58

Rape per 100,000.
1. United States 34.20
2. England and Wales 14.69
3. France 13.38
Taiwan 8.82
South Korea 4.38
Spain 3.23
Japan 1.48

Robbery/Violent Theft per 100,000.
1. Spain 169.85
2. United States 169.02
3. France 144.10
Taiwan 14.35
South Korea 11.74
Japan 2.71

I'm not saying fanservice prevents crime. I think the strong family system and constant mutual surveillance in Japan probably play a big role.

The only way in which I can see the portrayals of women in anime as having a negative effect is in the way they reinforce the subordinate status of women in Japan. I agree with Yogo that women are second-class citizens everywhere (least so in Northern Europe and North America, in my opinion), but particularly in Japan. Not that women there aren't strong people, just that their public expression of it is severely constrained. Or maybe it's just a matter of style.
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Old 2004-08-20, 02:01   Link #103
Senior Member
Join Date: Nov 2003
Location: Finland
Its curious that Japan, which is known for its violent porn, has one of the lowest crime-rates in the industrial world, but how reliable are those statistic (and they from -98). How much crimes, especially rapes, go unnoticed since the victims don't go to police, but on the other hand that happens in western countries too...
I believe its more about culture than what manga or anime have possibly effected to crime-rates.

But, I agree, fanservice is for fun, but there is a limit not to cross, like showing too much detail. Whether or not Girls Bravo go beyond "just fanservice", we will see once unedited episodes come (hopefully) out.
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Old 2004-08-21, 11:07   Link #104
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: In my daydreams
Age: 31
Originally Posted by Secca
I grew so tolerant about fanservice after seeing too many anime, it's just unavoidable, anime shows these days always has fanservice or a hot spring episode.

One thing that really bothers me is one those out of place panty shots. I think it's tasteless and a waste of good frames.
- I feel the exact same way, hmm - feels like almost every anime has a hot springs episode (or even two sometimes).. lol ! =p
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Old 2004-08-21, 14:14   Link #105
Senior Member
Join Date: Dec 2003
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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As long the nude or semi nude or even sex scene serves a purpose to foward the story, it is acceptable to me. I just saw a Monica Bertolucci movie where there is a scene of her being buttraped which is already in the realm of porn but it is acceptable to me because it actually advancing the story by showing the male's utter disdain for decency to invoke hatred from the audience towards him to get into the story. And it works.

The caveat of my post is simple: As long it serves the purpose to advance the story, then it is acceptable.
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Old 2006-03-08, 10:57   Link #106
Join Date: Jan 2006
Tactical Roar - Fanservice Angst

Wow, when u read the description of this anime on it sounds like its going to be something amazing, but after watchin the first episode, HOLY BALLS. I mean u can have fan service every now and than, and make it funny, but when you throw a MASSIVE AMOUNT in an episode it gets crazy and annoying. Anyone else see this show and believe it should just convert to a hentai series?
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