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Closed Thread
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Old 2010-02-09, 17:50   Link #2781
Join Date: Apr 2009
Send a message via ICQ to Waylonzzz Send a message via AIM to Waylonzzz Send a message via MSN to Waylonzzz Send a message via Yahoo to Waylonzzz
Group: Mochi Fansubs

Positions: Cappers; I would like to have the lossless as soon as possible (preferably within the day the episode airs). Experienced Editors (I will be testing your English proficiency).

Projects: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu

E-mail Contact:

IRC Channel: ::

IRC Contact: Dango or Steak
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Old 2010-02-10, 14:24   Link #2782
Shea Machost
Maverick Hunter
Join Date: Aug 2009
Location: Grand Junction, CO
Age: 29
Group: Rock On Subs

Positions: Translators (Japanese to English), Typesetters, Encoders, Translation Checkers, Editors, Timers, Distro

Project: Rockman Exe. Stream

Website: In progress

Contact Info:

Rock On Subs is a new fansub group that is forming in order to try to finish the long left abandoned Rockman Exe. anime series' subbed. Perhaps move on to other projects afterwards but for now we would really like to tackle this one.
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Old 2010-02-16, 22:45   Link #2783
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
Group: Kesenai Subtitles
Projects: Letter Bee(Tegami Bachi), Souten Kouro, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Dance in the Vampire Bund, Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan.
  • Quality Checkers - They need medium knowledge of "AEGISUB", and advanced English skills +Good pair of eyes.
  • Translators or Translation Checkers that will translate/check from Japanese to English. [For REBORN or Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan(We'll provide the japanese scripts.)]
  • DISTRO(Bot provider/Torrent Seeder -upload speed over 20mbps-)
  • Also we are looking for someone who is really good with GB-Chinese(Simplified Chinese) that could translate to English(*He needs to handle Chinese and English well).
  • Experienced Aegi Typestter for any of the projects we do!
  • Experienced Editors for any of the projects we do!
  • Timers, Editors, Karaoke Effects Maker.
IRC: #kesenai-recruits@irc.​rizon.​net
Kesenai Subtitles Recruitment
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Old 2010-02-17, 19:24   Link #2784
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: belgium
Reason: Well if we can't find new translators we will probably die.
Project: Whatever you like is fine with us or we'll decide for you. Except Yaoi stuff, Yuri is fine.
Other info:
+ e-mail:
+ website:
+ IRC:
+ contact person on IRC: jama or Spinal (leave a message and they'll get back to you asap)
+ You can also just send me a message on this forum. Thanks!
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Old 2010-02-18, 00:48   Link #2785
Leading the rebellion
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: Britannia

- Japanese -> English Translators
- Translator checkers
- Editors
- QC

Group: Ryuumaru
Projects: Angel Beats!, Kiss x Sis, Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor, B Gata H Kei
IRC Channel:
IRC Contact: PM to commander`A

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Old 2010-02-20, 01:00   Link #2786
formerly JKaizer
Join Date: Dec 2005
Age: 29
Send a message via AIM to Koroku Send a message via MSN to Koroku Send a message via Yahoo to Koroku
Group: Shamisen Subs
Contact: or stop in #shamisen on Rizon


Position: Translator
Project: Toradora SOS

This is a last ditch effort to find a translator that's willing to do these sooner rather than later. TBH, I just want it done and gone with, and take the stress off of Phantom Caller to do them, as they are difficult.

Position: Translator
Project: Yutori-chan & Charady's Daily Joke

Just two cute little projects we'd like to work on in these coming months. If we find someone to translate either, we'll do it. If not, oh well.

Yutori-chan is to be an anime distributed via e-mail, with episodes 1-4 available now.

Charady's Daily Joke is... well, a daily joke that's wrapping up it's year-long airing. It's an interesting concept, and I'd like to see it finished.
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Old 2010-02-20, 16:14   Link #2787
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2008
Location: Bulgaria
Age: 26
Send a message via MSN to las7h0p3
Hey all,

Group: HQ-team FanSubs
Positions Open: J>E translators, Capper (must be experienced and to provide the group with a hight quality raw the same day it originaly airs.)
Project: Zettai Karen Children, Akikan, World Destruction: Sekai Bokumetsu no Rokunin
Group informations: We are Bulgarian FanSubbers looking for a japanese translator so we can become a multi-language fansub group and if everything goes well we'll continue adding more languages.
IRC Channel:
Web Site: Building
E-Mail: ; (msn)
Or you can contact me here with PM.


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Old 2010-02-22, 00:57   Link #2788
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2008
Group: Tortoise Fansubs
Position: PVer
Project: Sketchbook ~full color's~ Drama CD - Sketch Book Stories ~Zenyasai~
Irc channel:
contact: cowteats or TBA-chan on IRC or cowteats here

We subtitle Drama CDs, which are soundtrack dialogues without pictures. We're looking for a person with the skills (and interest) in making PVs to make the video for these subtitled dialogues. They can be in the form of slideshows or video cut from the main anime series.
Currently our shows are slice-of-life and HNNNNG and melodrama-related.

Translators are also welcome.

There is no competition at all unlike anime fansubbing, so things are done at a more relaxing pace.

Last edited by cowteats; 2010-02-22 at 01:56.
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Old 2010-02-22, 03:47   Link #2789
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2004

Position(s): Editor and/or QC
Group: Someone good. Currently work for Static-Subs as Lead QC and fill-in editor.
Project(s): Ikkitousen XX
IRC Contact: Sumiregawa-kun and/or Hitsugi @ Rizon [best contact]
Notes: If you're not a serious group, please don't waste my time. I love this series (have since season one) and will be happy to work with a group that needs a little help, but I won't be doing everything. I will not associate with certain group tags, though likely you already know who you are. Look forward to hearing from you.
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Old 2010-02-23, 23:07   Link #2790
Junior Member
Join Date: Feb 2009
Group: Commie

IRC: (/msg Tatsukun/RHExcelion/cryptw)

Current Projects:

Katanagatari (One episode per month. Closed captions and official transcripts provided)

Various other shows might be added.


Translator(s) - Urgently need a JP -> EN translator for Katanagatari (potentially other shows in the future). We can provide official transcripts and closed captions for Katanagatari.

Translation Checker(s) - People to check over translations for all shows.

Timers - Self-explanatory. Need someone to time dialogue and signs. Have some experience and know what you are doing.

Editors - Have experience. We don't do weeaboo/honorifics/it can't be helped/etc.

Typesetters - ASS typesetting. Have experience.

For other positions, feel free to contact one of the three above.

Last edited by Tatsukun; 2010-02-24 at 02:38.
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Old 2010-02-26, 09:45   Link #2791
Seeker of Power
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: ΔHidden Forbidden Holy Ground
Age: 33
Send a message via AIM to the.Merines Send a message via MSN to the.Merines
Group: Formula
Project: Senkou no Night Raid or Arakawa under the Bridge
Position needed: J->E Translator
Contact: Merines on Rizon, or PM me here

All we ask is that you know what you're doing.
I am bound to pay the debt I owe.

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Old 2010-02-27, 01:42   Link #2792
Join Date: Sep 2007
Send a message via Yahoo to SHiN-gx
Group: SHiN-gx Fansubs
Projects: Kiddy Girl-and or any of the three: “Working!,” “Mayoi Neko Overrun,” & “B Gata H Kei
Positions: Chinese to English OR Japanese to English Translator and Translation Checker
IRC Channel:
IRC contact: SHiN_aKuMa or

We're looking for a translation checker (TLC) to finish our two stalled projects. Scripts for the two series are already finished and we need someone to double check their translation.

We're also looking for a dedicated translator for Kiddy Girl-and and really need to pick up the pace (Slowpoke at episode 3 here). Our translator for KG-a has little or no time to translate it because he has to prioritize his schooling. We need a replacement so we can continue KG-a at a regular pace.

And we're looking for a translator, C>E or J>E for the new shows this spring.
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Old 2010-03-01, 10:18   Link #2793
For fans, by fans!
Join Date: Jan 2009
Send a message via MSN to [Kyuubi]Fansubs

Positions: Japanese -> English Translator
Group: [Kyuubi]Fansubs
Project(s): Fairy Tail

IRC Channel:
Website: Website | AniDB

Need a japanese->english translator to help us finish the Fairy Tail anime.
We are stuck at episode 3 at the moment, without any translator anymore.

If anyone is interested, contact me on email or come join the irc channel, and talk to kyuubisubs (which is me) :P

Hope to hear from YOU soon.
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Old 2010-03-01, 14:17   Link #2794
retired fansubbers
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: Maryland
Age: 28
Send a message via MSN to yuurisan
Group: Yuurisan-Subs
Positions: Japanese->English Translators, Experienced Quality Checkers, Editors, and Encoders
Contact Info:, email yuurisans (at) hotmail (dot) com,
or pm me here.

We're looking for a translation checker and Encoder that are interested in working on House of Five Leaves or Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor (a joint will be fine too, if you provide what we need).
So far, we are picking up: Working!!, Betrayal Knows My Name, Yutori-chan, and Black★Rock Shooter -
any experienced quality checkers and editors that would like to help us out can join.
People like hurting each other... but loving is not a waste.

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Old 2010-03-01, 22:06   Link #2795
Real-life Lolicon
Join Date: Jun 2008

Position(s): Encoder and possibly Kara TL/FX
Project(s): Shin Koihime Musou
IRC Contact: Soichiro @ Rizon (If you can't find me, I'll be in #shinsen-subs)
E-Mail: shssoichiro (at) gmail (dot) com

P.S. Don't waste my time if you're a crappy group. I expect the translation, timing, editing, etc. to be fully competent. I'm not putting my name on something that causes eye cancer. Long-standing groups with good reputations are preferred, but if you're a new group and can show me that you're good, I'll accept that. I've been encoding for about 3 years and may or may not have a reputation as an elitist, but I know my way around Avisynth and x264. By the way, I can provide my own transport streams, so don't worry about that.
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Old 2010-03-02, 19:51   Link #2796
Junior Member
Join Date: Nov 2009
Recruiting Raw Capper/Editor(s)/Timer(s)

Group: Hiyono Fansubs

Project(s): Ikkitousen XX, One Piece Film: Strong World and Trigun: Badlands Rumble, the last 2 are possible side-projects that only time will tell to be picked up by us.


IRC: #hiyonolist
PM, either Mouryou or hiyonomay and we'll take it from there.




Raw Capper: With access to transport streams, if you have a suitable connection to procure .ts then please contact us.

Editor: For future projects which are named in the project(s) section of this ad.

Timer: Who have the ability to time properly with time efficiency.

Last edited by Mouryou; 2010-03-03 at 12:44.
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Old 2010-03-03, 13:21   Link #2797
Ureshii ^_^
Join Date: Jan 2006
Send a message via AIM to ArabianSwan
Group: Frostii
Positions: Editor(s), QCer(s), Timer(s), AFXer(s)
Contact: pm in here or rizon... same nickname

So, we are open to recruit more reliable staff members for all positions almost. Our current staff can handle the load but it is always good to have a backup team. Some of us would like to take a break next season for example so YOU could be on the front line instead of being a backup

You MUST have experience with a QUALITY group!
You MUST abide by the house rules!
You MUST love drama because I love creating them on a weekly base, out of boredom
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Old 2010-03-05, 13:17   Link #2798
Junior Member
Join Date: Jul 2009
Hey guys! If anyone needs distro help hit me up. []
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Old 2010-03-06, 10:45   Link #2799
Lord of Fire
The Voice of Reason
Join Date: Feb 2010
Location: The Netherlands
Age: 41
Group: Hatsuyuki Fansubs
Positions: Blu-Ray encoders
Projects: Kämpfer, Umineko no Naku Koro ni and any current and future projects
Contact: Naruto-kun1984

We want to polish up our older projects, preferably by using Blu-Ray for maximum result. However, our encoders don't have Blu-Ray experience, so we need someone who does.

People with experience in any other field is appreciated as well. Cappers, timers, translators and translation checkers are especially welcome.
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Old 2010-03-07, 06:02   Link #2800
Join Date: Dec 2009
Group: KAWorkz

Position(s): The bolded ones are more needed than the others.

- Karaoke Maker(s). (dunno if that's what they're called)
- Japanese->English translator(s).
- Typesetters.
- Timers.
- Capper(s)/Raw provider(s).
- Encoder(s).
- Quality checker(s).


-Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo
-And maybe one of these two: Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei and/or Senkou no Night Raid

Irc channel(s): / / Here

Irc contact(s): KoutetsuAnes, Kamikazeeee, tantei or Strike2020


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help thread, recruitment, translator

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