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Old 2004-08-24, 01:20   Link #21
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Originally Posted by sparrow
maybe the less scary impression is because as the audience, we're like Yumi who hangs out at the mansion often
That's a good point, and I agree. We as viewers might not have any reservations about chatting with the Roses since we know they're quite amiable, but the rest of the students don't have the slightest clue as to what the Roses are like as people.

I think a good example of that would be the whole mix-up between Yoshino and Rei's personality profiles. I mean, we're not talking about a little misconception here -- they had absolutely no idea what the two were really like in terms of personality!
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Old 2004-08-24, 09:49   Link #22
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Originally Posted by sparrow
Rei ? when she and Sachiko went to meet a new student, I got the impression that they're the school's bully picking up on their underclassmen ^^;
Ok, everybody can have a bad day . So I take back my remark about Rei, she is normal and not "uber" friendly.

Originally Posted by sparrow
she could be scary also, and that event at Yellow Rose Revolution, everyone think she's the most manly second year student.
Are you saying that being manly is implying being scary?

Originally Posted by sparrow
maybe the less scary impression is because as the audience, we're like Yumi who hangs out at the mansion often
Yes, we know more about them then their normal classmates probably.
But I still think their classmates have no realistic reasons to be afraid of the Yumayurikai.
I have met much scarier persons when I went to scool, the roses are harmless. Probably by catholic girl scool standards they are scary ?

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Old 2004-08-24, 10:16   Link #23
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no, they don't pick her as Mr. Lillian because her manliness is scary I guess. maybe a full stop is better than a comma in the sentence -_-

the fear for them even for non-classmate is like unrealistic already.
besides -maybe because of the story's point of view- it didn't seem like they talk that much with their classmates, if they're all serious during class and everyone seems to go to their club activity right after class (the scene when Tsutako asked Yumi to the mansion at episode 1).
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Old 2004-09-07, 00:55   Link #24
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
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I agree with Sweets Yumi that Yumi was chosen by accident, in the first instance. But I also agree with others who say that she was not chosen by accident when she finally accepted the rosary: Sachiko had realized what a special girl she was.

She is ordinary, yes, but she proved she had real pride by refusing such an honor, knowing it was not real. She is also special in being able to preserve her ordinariness when she reached a higher standing. And she is special in being able to bring life and naturalness to the Yamayurikai. She is a good person, and one who will grow through the years.

At first she didn't see herself as on the same level as the other members of the Yamayurikai, but she got used to being there. That happens.
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Old 2008-03-01, 13:04   Link #25
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Talking it wasn't fate at all

Originally Posted by pyu View Post
In my personal opinion, Sachiko (at that time) didn't really bother herself with the task of having a petite soeur.

Yeah, Yumi just happens to be at the right place at the ... right time. Of course, dear Yumi grows on everyone. I suppose this is fate. *
yeah maybe she did not atually bother herself to find a petite seour but u still can't say dat it was fate.

in d novel

yumi asks sachiko if she occasionally fixed people's crooked ties. to which sachiko replied dat it was d exact opp. she had never really cared to do something like dat.

yumi ofcourse asked d reason. sachiko replied she must hav done it unconciously. she was in deep thought abt something and did not realise wat she was doing. this is d reason she couldn't remember a thing wen she saw d photograph.

let me better put in yumi's frnd tsuako's words,"Sachiko unconciously warmed upto u"

and u must have seen d look at sachiko's face wen she fell on yumi. notice it carefully. u shall notice it wasn't fate dat brougt them together. it was luv and attraction.

as for shimako. sachiko knew thr was little posibilty of yes as an answer so she was prepared 4 d outcum.
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