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Old 2010-01-27, 12:11   Link #1
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Red face Audio drop and lag issues.

This problem seems to only be happening with Spice and Wolf II both the Frostii and Mazui mkv releases other shows so far play just fine. When I start an episode it plays fine for a bit but soon enough the sound drops and comes back randomly and then the video and audio lag out of sync. I just reinstalled cccp and that didn't help. Actually before I reinstalled it, the videos were only gong out of sync, the audio drop is a new symptom. I'm using the Media Player Classic that came with cccp.
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Old 2010-01-27, 12:22   Link #2
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What are your specs? Maybe your PC is too slow to handle it flawlessly. (Disregarding room for tuning)
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Old 2010-01-27, 12:39   Link #3
Vault Dweller
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Join Date: May 2009
Location: Vault 27
It's a laptop with:
Windows Vista
AMD Athlon(tm) X2 Dual-Core QL-62
CPU Speed 2.00 GHz Performance Rated at: 3.2 GHz
3.0 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT
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Old 2010-01-27, 13:31   Link #4
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Ok, that should be more than enough power to handle those releases. I'd probably reinstall the newest CCCP and reset the settings. If the problem still persists you can try the following:
1.) use a different renderer (MPC -> options -> Output)
2.) use a newer version of MPC-HC ( get the newest one here)
3.) use CoreAVC (uses your graphic card for decoding, be sure to upgrade the graphic driver to at least 195.x)
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Old 2010-01-27, 17:17   Link #5
*IT Support
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Mazui put something up about it a while back that the scrolling text was messing up playback if I remember correctly. This was only during the opening so if you skip that you should be fine.
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Old 2010-01-27, 18:07   Link #6
Vault Dweller
Let's fighting love!
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Location: Vault 27
Thanks for the help guys, I turned on multi-threading which seems to have fixed the problem.
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Old 2010-01-27, 18:19   Link #7
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The scrolling text messed up Railgun if I remember correctly. (Causing 60fps on that scene bringing slow computers to their knees.)
I don't use CCCP but it's hard to believe that it doesn't use multi-threading by default. Glad you got it working though...
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Old 2010-02-27, 14:31   Link #8
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I'm having the same issues, audio and video are out of sync. How do I turn on multi-threading? Is that an option in CCCP settings or MPC?
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Old 2010-03-04, 23:57   Link #9
blinded by blood
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Open the CCCP settings and on the left-hand side where different formats are listed, to the right of the "H264" box should be another box labeled "MT" (for multithreading). Check that box.

Quick question: will enabling multithreading on ffdshow actually use all available threads? For instance, if I enable multithreading on a quad-core, will it use all four cores? Or just two?

Also, does enabling multithreading on an Atom or a Core i3/5/7 get any benefit from hyperthreading?
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Old 2010-03-05, 19:05   Link #10
libass developer
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My benchmarks show 20-30% faster decoding on Atom with ffmpeg-mt and two threads.
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Old 2010-03-07, 18:49   Link #11
Team Spice and Wolf UK
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Perhaps try removing CCCP and replacing it with Shark's codec pack.

I always prefered CCCP for XP, but for Vista and 7, Shark's seems the better one to go for.
Not to mention a lot of it can be controlled directly through the Shark Codec Pack UI so its a little simpler to navigate sometimes, and you might find it a little easier to alter settings without having to dig around due to the shortcuts etc.

PS. generally the Mazui sub of S&WII is better, common perception is that Frostii dont seem to like Lawrence that much, so he comes across as less likeable due to the way they translated it and coloured his lines during the process [apparently also alter the wording in several critical points which gives the scenes less impact than they deserve]. Aside from slight annoyances with the last episode, the Mazui sub is actually pretty decent anyway
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Old 2010-03-13, 04:50   Link #12
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I'm having a problem related to audio drop and lag issues. I'm watch BSSubs release of Durarara and it would play fine at first but at random times it would start to drop audio and lag. any help here?
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