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Originally Posted by Jeffry2009 View Post
Does anyone know that they had a Japanese Dubbed of this series as well?
Yes it does.
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Tetra Vaal
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Halo Legends.

I finally got around to watching this the other night and I have to admit, I thought it was actually pretty good. The only episode I didn't really care for was "Odd One Out", but even that was watchable due to the crisp action. I think the best episode was "The Dual", telling the origins of Arbiter and I really liked the unique art style used for that volume. For the most part, I came away impressed with episodes like "Homecoming" and "Prototype", but along with Arbiter's story, I also really enjoyed both "Origins" stories as well as "The Package", which featured some VERY nice 3D/CG animation. The audio and visual quality is top notch and I was pleasantly surprised by the nice bluray transfer it received... there's definitely some replay value here.

Lot's of the animations story wise were very weak, and really didn't give anywhere near as much depth as the novels did. Surprisingly enough Fall of Reach, the first novel of Halo was actually a pretty good scifi read, but these just felt so uninspired, hell even the cg trailer for halo wars was better animated and more coherent than say the arbirter mess.

And a note, I still can't see anything that pixar has put out that is utter crap.

How was the package the best military thing you ever watched... I just don't understand, ham handed lines delivered in a sloppy chilched dialogue infused with typical misogynistic undertones doesn't really strike me as the best of anything. The animation of the initial brute fight and the second brute fight weren't all that breath taking in any stretch of the imagination, it was mediocre at best, and what makes cgi animation really stand out is by enveloping the viewer into the story, and with such a crappy narrative and cliched over dramatized characters thats really impossible. The comradery that's experienced by the odst and the spartan is just stitched together because the spartan is a girl and she saved him, not that the male odst realizes that the spartan like him is a soldier.
1.) How much "depth" can a 10 minute episode give, honestly? I thought that each episode did an adequate job of storytelling in such a short span.

2.) You can't compare the Halo Wars cut scenes to "The Dual", based on the fact that Wars' cut scenes use outsourced digital effects and are meant to be film quality.

3.) As for Pixar... they pretty much make the same movie over and over, while never changing up their visual aesthetic. That DOES become stale and IMO, they haven't put out anything memorable in years.

4.) I can't speak on behalf of the other user, as I thought his praise was a bit superfluous, but I disagree with you that there was anything wrong CG-wise with "The Package." If you take into consideration that these studios didn't get nearly the budgets that say a Pixar or Dreamworks does, it makes the CG quality all the more impressive. I didn't have a single problem with either Brute fight and even if it wasn't "mind blowing", the dual sequence with Chief and the automatic pistols was very impressive and tightly choreographed.

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