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Old 2004-08-14, 02:14   Link #1
Sakuya - Rosa Tsukkomi
Join Date: Nov 2003
[Character Overanalysis] Eriko

Name: Torii Eriko
Rank: Rosa Foetida

My overanalysis:
Rosa Foetida/Eriko is both a sensible and a strange person. She could see something in the most logical manner but, often her choice is a very unusual one.
Recruited to yamayurikai due to her enermous talent, she can virtually handle any problems in Lillian scheool. Her effectiveness. however, could be her own weakness. She is bored with her life. She is looking forward to discovering any excitements which she can uncover.

She was perhaps the only daughter in Torii family. Being the youngest daughter, her father and her three elder brothers are very protective. She may be pampered by them, but she does not look like a spoiled girl, in fact she is occasionally annoyed with their treatments.

Her relationship with her petite soeur, Rei is much stronger than her relationship with Rei's petite soeur, Yoshino. Perhaps, one of the reason is Yoshino's jealousy on her relationship with Rei. Even though, she does not admit it, she is also care of Yoshino. Rosa Foetida sisterhood may not be as warm as Rosa Chinesis sisterhood, but they are more open, thanks to Eriko's openess. She only intervenes when she sees something is wrong.

Rosa rating: 8 out of 10 roses

Last edited by SleeplessHeart; 2004-08-29 at 10:22. Reason: Added her family background
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Old 2004-08-25, 20:31   Link #2
The Yellow Dwarf
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2004
A commendable effort despite the lack of information presented in the anime. I can't speak for the novels and other Marimite merchandise, but the anime seems to have quite a few flat characters. Eriko seems to be one of them. We rarely ever get to see who she really is and how she thinks and acts (other than for comic relief). Even though there is an episode dedicated to her in ~Spring~, the picture painted is still little more than a caricature. We are told that Eriko is Smart (in the first season), and probably a little Weird, and in ~Spring~ we know she Likes Weird Things. I really want to like Eriko, because I like weird things too, but there's really too little said about her so far in the series.

Still, good job consolidating all that information.
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Old 2004-08-27, 08:41   Link #3
Macross fan
Join Date: Feb 2004
Location: France
My opinion :
She is a side character. Rather flat as yellow dwarf said.
She is sleepy. She doesn't move much. She never makes big movements, never shouts, never does anything wrong (or right?) she does nothing. She doesn't even talk much. She's day dreaming and walks like a ghost in the gardens of the school. We barely know nothing of her life or habits because she never speaks and nobody speaks about her.

The episode dedicated to her (ep 2 season 2 I believe) was strange. Unpredictable ending (in the office). Some suspected some teen affairs, well, I suspect she's stoned

Boring character imho but some people may like her calm and soft attitude. Or her look. But all the characters of the serie are cut.
BUT I believe she is a perfect character for the serie. So I will give her 9 roses out of 10 for beeing just a little original.
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