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Old 2004-08-27, 15:36   Link #1
Lord Raiden
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Text only whole thread download option?

Just wondering if this was technically or physically possible to maybe at some point have an option to "download this thread as text" with each thread so that say a thread has 300 some odd pages with it, can be viewed offline at will instead of having to browse through 300 pages just to read all the replies. The text file could be generated on the fly per request and contain only the username of the poster, thread title, post titles, and post contents. Here's an example of what I'm thinking about the output looking like:

Thread Title: Super GoGo brothers season 2
Posted by: someuser
Message 1
Posted by: someuser

Hey guys, episode 1 is out!

Message 2
Posted by: animegeek

Awesome! Downloading now!


etc, etc. All of this of course would be in a single text file. No avatars, sigs, button links, etc. Just the text of the message. If there were emoticons or links in the post, they could convert the forum code to something simple. Example.

Forum code version: blah, blah, blah [ url= some link ] text [/url ] blah blah blah
Text version: blah, blah, blah [x]text[x] (http://some link) blah blah blah

Using the [x] text [x] would denote what was linked, then the url itself could be in brackets or parenthesis. This is just a few ideas to use for doing this idea. Would it be technically possible? Or would this be asking a bit much? Just curious.
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Old 2004-08-27, 15:58   Link #2
Just call me Ojisan
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: U.K. Hampshire
As we have stated many a time before, we are not going to hack into vB to provide any such new features.

If you want to pursue this, I suggest you post in the vB forums and ask them to implement the feature.

Closing thread.
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Old 2004-08-28, 19:09   Link #3
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Well, one thing that comes close, but is not exactly what you want, is the Archive feature:


Main link (also found at the bottom of each page):
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