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Old 2010-04-14, 00:47   Link #1
Urzu 7
Join Date: Apr 2006
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Call me crazy...

...but I kind of want to start a vinyl collection. Kind of.

I've had this slight, growing desire to get a vinyl record player and start getting some albums I like on vinyl. I don't really think it'll be worth it, though. Two of my very favorite albums are on vinyl, but I'd have to pay a lot of money for them on ebay. They aren't available at Amazon. One of my favorite albums is at Amazon for $100. So, I wouldn't want to add any of them to a vinyl collection if I started this. This basically kills this interest in this collection. But I can find some good albums on Vinyl for the price of a CD ($12-$16).

And then I'd have to buy a vinyl record player. I don't think this would be worth it, but I just can't help but feel this might be nice.

Something tells me I should just refine my music CD collection, which is what I'll probably just end up doing. I have my very favorite albums on CD and have their CD cases and books. I have bought some albums on iTunes I like a lot and I think I want to get some of them on CD; for the ones I like a lot. My very favorite albums I'll touch up with a CD repair kit, too.

But damn, it'd be neat to have a vinyl collection with some of your favorite albums.

Anybody here have a vinyl collection that they pride in? Or a CD collection even? Or has everybody here just said forget that as digital albums have become increasingly more popular?
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