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Old 2010-03-10, 17:34   Link #301
Team Spice and Wolf UK
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Despite its flaws, Chrno Trigger was a good series with an emotional ending.
I seem to have a luck at watching sad/tragic/ambiguous ending animes, but that makes me think no less of this one.
That said, in tone and content, the first half of the series was so very different to the ending.
So many themes played out though, will probably end up watching it again in a few years just to watch the bonds developing again.
Total Anime watched= Enough. What can I say? I'm a convert...
PRAY FOR SPICE AND WOLF III and faster Yenpress novel releases!
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Old 2010-04-16, 19:24   Link #302
h e a d s h o t
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Location: Bulgaria
Age: 33
I saw some Chrono Crusade again and tbh i never understood what Aion actually wanted to do.
He kept saying he wanted to bring Heaven on Earth but i never got it why?
What would happen when Heaven goes on Earth? What will he gain from it?
Why did he go around with Rossette healing people.
The ending doesn't really bugged me that much as this - what was result of this plan that was never seen trough the end. What was this "freedom" he spoke of (supposedly he gains it when heaven comes on earth)?
Really that's the only thing i didn't get...

Farewell...and thank you.
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