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Old 2010-04-09, 18:04   Link #1221
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hey, guys...what if they did end up making a sequel?

well...maybe not a sequel SEQUEL, but something that has to do with the anime's opening theme (school kids and all)...kinda like them being in another life (AU) being the right word, and they could go from there.

I klnda like the idea (Neeba baseball attire = *_* oh em gee!)

but what do you guys think?
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Old 2010-04-09, 23:52   Link #1222
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While I can't relate to your tastes (cause Neeba was one F'd up SOB) I can appreciate the idea of an alternative story getting done.. kinda like what they did with that "Railgun" series ...
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Old 2010-04-17, 15:26   Link #1223
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Well...come on, a baseball-oriented anime can be nice for a change, right?

'Join our new generation of AU heroes, while they deal with the everyday hassles of BASEBALL, CHEERLEADERS, and ANNOYING LITTLE BROTHERS.'

Okay, no, not like that...But, I suppose it would still center around Jil as the main character, who starts out as a bench-warmer for his brother's baseball team. And, because he's so careless and inexperienced...he gets kicked out from the team. His one and only dream - to be a baseball star! - is shattered....until he meets some...girl?, that's terribly renditioned from my part. But, hey, I tried. >_>;;
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Old 2010-06-18, 12:06   Link #1224
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kai and gilg are dead spirits.

sucubus-witch is a partially dead spirit (since she was sealed), and rescues neeba at the end. The two living in that tree house in the forest at the end was nice...

Neeba's entire reasoning for climbing the tower, defeating druaga, then starting a war with the gods was because he hated his lil brother?

That makes no sense to me because he saved his lil bro like 20 times in the anime, and was the one who helped his bro defeat the dragon and make a name for himself...
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Old 2012-09-29, 08:40   Link #1225
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the ending made no sense and i end up hating jil even more by the end.
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Old 2012-10-02, 00:17   Link #1226
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I certainly didn't like he chose Kaaya over Fatina, even after EVERYTHING!
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action, adventure, fantasy, gonzo, rpg

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