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Old 2010-04-24, 03:36   Link #41
Komrades of Kitamura Kou
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Age: 33
I find the lower ratings odd since I'd assume NoitaminA shows are usually geared towards people who want and need to use their brains more often than other shows.
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Old 2010-04-24, 04:32   Link #42
Kana Hanazawa ♥
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The unusual artstyle is probably what is turning people off. I'm sure the heavy and fast dialogues play some part in that too, it must not be that easy to keep up with them.

I like the Groundhog day theory. Not sure if we'll get repeated loops (which is always fun) or if the MC will get only one chance to fix life.
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Old 2010-04-24, 10:31   Link #43
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I was looking forward to it but the speed narrating was grating. Maybe it'll appeal to the Japanese viewers but trying to catch up with the subs was not fun.
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Old 2010-04-25, 02:26   Link #44
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I liked it. As expected it was the most interesting show of the season for the visual part. Still I'm not as enthusiast as I was with the first episode of Kaiba. I thought that for a first episode it was too talky in a way that did not allow the characters even to breath and reveal their personalities without using dialogues. I dunno, perhaps it reminded me too much of a Shaft show with Isin's scripts (and I'm one of the the few outliers who didn't enjoy very much Bakemono) and, well, I tend to dislike Shinbo's style.
If anything the show was handled in a more competent way than any other Shaft’s shows of the past years without that cheap feeling I usually get from their shows. But I'm not completely sold for the moment.
It seems that in future episodes several guru animators will make their appearance (Kobayashi said that Matsumoto and Yamashita are in ep 2) and I want to see more episodes directed by Yokoyama Akitoshi. So, yeah, definitely following this.
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Old 2010-04-25, 07:27   Link #45
a regular van veen
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It's official, Yojo-han is THE shit for this season.

Manic and a completely bizarre comedy, this is what Shinbo-directed shows could be if he was actually any good at his craft (sorry, I couldn't resist! lol). Thankfully I'm a fast reader and so the speed of the dialogues didn't really bother me that much, besides the contents of the dialogues themselves were not only entertaining but pretty insightful as well.

I'm very much digging the art direction and visuals, which shouldn't really have surprised me being Yuasa and all.

Oh, and Akaishi is fuck cool. And Ozu too, in his own evil, nefarious ways.
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Old 2010-04-25, 15:11   Link #46
I like pie.
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Finally got a chance to watch this. Looks like it'll be pretty good, but I wish they'd do something about the fine-print-sales-pitch narration style of the main character. It's fatiguing. After 20 minutes, I feel like I've just listened to someone read the fine print of a contract to me.

Other than that, I like the art style, and the story is pretty good, if a little jumpy. (Are we in the past? Wait, are we back in the present now?) Akaishi is awesome. Especially the laser eyes.

Kudos for being smart. That more than anything is probably why the ratings are low. (Well, maybe the John Moschitta tribute speed talking style could play a role.)

But the general anime-watching horde is more interested in the Fetish of the Week, Exploding Things, or Young People Shouting Their Techniques Repeatedly.
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Old 2010-04-25, 16:31   Link #47
my sides are in orbit
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Aaaaaand with this anime, my watching list for this season is finalized! This season is so great: we have Arakawa, RAINBOW, and now this.

I don't mind the motor mouth, it's part of the charm.
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Old 2010-04-25, 17:08   Link #48
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Win of the season, as expected.
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Old 2010-04-25, 17:12   Link #49
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Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
I find the lower ratings odd since I'd assume NoitaminA shows are usually geared towards people who want and need to use their brains more often than other shows.
noitaminA succeeded because they originally focused on highly mainstream concepts. It had noting to do with viewers using their brains. While Fuji did throw in the odd experimental works here and there, it was shows like H&C, Nodame, Hataraki Man, and Moyashimon (which shoot for the lowest common denominator as far as young women are concerned) that kept viewers tuned.

I think the consistent success of that slot fooled Fuji, who began to believe that the viewership was loyal enough to keep watching any quality show they put out, regardless of style/subject matter (the success of Eden of the East didn't help, as it was in fact intended for a male audience but then tailored to be more appealing for noitaminA. With a male-oriented show doing so well in terms of both noitaminA ratings and DVD sales, Fuji looked invincible). Content-wise, they began to shift away from the stuff that drove noitaminA's popularity in the first place.

Anyway, Fuji has a hell of a battle ahead of them to revive the slot. I think the demand is still there, but they'll need a mainstream power shot to draw people back.
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Old 2010-04-25, 17:58   Link #50
Karlson useless!
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Originally Posted by Katapan View Post
Posting this here too, yesterday's ratings from 2ch:

24:45-25:45 CX* noitaminA - Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei - Saraiya Goyou
*2.2% 25:25-25:55 TBS Ookiku Furikabutte ~Natsu no Taikai-hen~ (I'm not sure the fanbases overlap, but let's assume.)

Ouch, noitaminA. Weirder series aren't working out too good for you (Kuuchuu Buranko did badly too).
Ouch indeed. Last week I felt the shift in when House of Five Leaves aired may have caused a freak accident resulting in the rating it got, but I think its evident now this week that both these shows just lack the draw period for exactly as you stated. Too weird to draw in a mainstream crowd

That's really too bad though, I loved this episode so much too. I had to pause alot to catch everything being said but I was surprisingly able to follow what was going on. Not quite sure what exactly happened at the end there when time started shifting backwards suddenly but perhaps that was there just to mess with me plus it reminded me of my favorite scene in Cat Soup so I don't pay it any mind either way.

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Old 2010-04-26, 02:53   Link #51
Kaoru Chujo
Yuuki Aoi
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Visually, this is outstanding. A treat from the beginning of the OP on. But popular drama requires characters one can sympathize with, and I am having trouble finding such an animal here. Maybe Akashi. My problem with Kuchuu Buranko, Kaiba, etc., was not finding human depth (or maybe I mean warmth) beneath the sparkling surface and smartness. Perhaps it was there, but I couldn't reach it.

Of all such shows, however, this may be the one I feel I have the most chance of growing to like. The machine-gun patter is difficult, but has a charm of its own. Resets could build up to an Endless Eight that actually works. And I love Kyoto.

I think TJR said some true things about noitaminA. It didn't get where it is by being a university course, but by animating good popular josei/shoujo stories. And reaching out to a male audience from there.

By the way, so far I am a huge fan of Saraiya Goyou. As I am of much Mochizuki Tomomi.
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Old 2010-04-26, 15:36   Link #52
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At first I was a little jarred by the pace of narration, and I even tried to slow the file down in my software, but then I found it's actually really easy once I get used to it. I love the art style, and the dialogue is quite excellent. I think this may edge out arakawa and uragiri for my favorite show of the season, actually.

When he talks about entering a circle at college, does he just mean choosing a social club to join?
Can you hear it? The true melody.
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Old 2010-04-26, 19:00   Link #53
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Originally Posted by achirist View Post
When he talks about entering a circle at college, does he just mean choosing a social club to join?
Yes. That's what he's talking about. It's not as common to refer to such groups as "circles" in English, but it does happen, most notably "sewing circle".
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Old 2010-04-27, 09:39   Link #54
White Manju Bun
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Finally watching epi 1 of this and omg he talks fast
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Old 2010-04-27, 10:26   Link #55
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My thoughts on Episode One.

Spoiler for space:

Akashi is a very aumsing character. She's pretty much the sole reason I'm sticking to this anime for now...
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Old 2010-04-27, 16:07   Link #56
AS Oji-kun
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Perhaps if Quarkboy weren't the extremely literate translator that he is, it would be easier to read the subs? Anyone know if the original Japanese is as well-written as Quarkboy's subs?
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Old 2010-04-27, 16:39   Link #57
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this show has top potential atm
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Old 2010-04-27, 18:38   Link #58
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I absolutely loved it. Best opening of the shows that I've watched this season so far. Fast talking + subtitles can be a dangerous combination but I don't think it was a huge problem, though there were a few scenes where I couldn't focus enough on the visuals due to having to read ever-changing subtitles.

As for the characters, I do agree with what someone said earlier that the human depth/sincerity is not completely there yet - but I did find an aspect of likability here in the lead characters and had no problem being engrossed through the episode. Very much looking forward to the next ep.....

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Old 2010-04-27, 19:09   Link #59
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Originally Posted by SeijiSensei View Post
Perhaps if Quarkboy weren't the extremely literate translator that he is, it would be easier to read the subs? Anyone know if the original Japanese is as well-written as Quarkboy's subs?
Yes, it's written using complex written grammar and vocabulary, as it's based on a full fledged, somewhat obtusely written novel. (i.e. not a light novel or manga).

There's the question of course of where "well written" simply becomes obfuscation for obfuscation's sake...
But capturing the quirkiness of the dialog is crucial to its humor.
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Old 2010-04-27, 19:25   Link #60
Guardian Enzo
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Fast talking seems to be a fad in anime lately, which I don't consider a positive trend on balance. On the whole though, I really enjoyed the first episode - very interesting, if not emotionally involving. I'd actually been debating whether to visit the Kamo Shrines on my Kyoto visit next month earlier on the day I watched the premier, and it certainly sparked my interest.
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funimation, noitamina

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