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Vanguard Saga of Heroes: Review

Well since most game sites to re-review too many MMO's I decided that Vanguard Saga of Heroes was on of those games that really deserved a second look.

First I want to mention that when this game first came out it was a dismal failure, due to bugs and various other issues with the game due to it being rushed out and the requirements were way too high.

I'm just going to mentions some of my likes and concerns in the game.

First I'm going to mention some of my concerns. The truth is the game is much more polished now than it was at its release so there was not too much to dislike for me, but there were still issues with the game. Some quests for example will "bug" on you, which in my case meant I had to abandon it and redo it. This only happened once, but it was still there. What I'm trying to say is that although Sony is working very diligently on getting rid of the bugs, they still have a ways to go. Another thing is the requirements are still pretty hefty. I think the game just on that merit alone alienated players, which brings me to the next thing. It can be at times hard to find a group, due to the player base being so small.

Now I'm going to talk about things I liked. The visuals of the game I think are nice, but truthfully they're only nice on the higher setting. This is one of the best games I have seen, especially for a game that has been out for three years now. The next aspect I like is the game play. You can actually level up four areas: adventuring, crafting, and harvesting and diplomacy. First there is adventuring. This is pretty much the same as all MMOs. You do "x" quest to get "y" prize. Than you have crafting. This deals with stuff like tailoring and or blacksmithing. What's interesting though is that you actually equipt gear and clothing as they relate to the profession. For example the adventurer wears his or her armor and weapons, while the blacksmith for example may wear a smithing apron. Then there is harvesting. This is your mining, skinning, and herb collecting skills. Of course none of those are really new. The feature I like is the diplomacy. It has improved alot since release, but it is still a work in progress. The fighting and grouping is very much like the original Everquest. When you die you have two choices. Find your corpse or have it summoned to you. It is normally best for you to look for your corpse as the penalty is far more forgiving.

Grouping is a little double edge. When you have a group it's a fun experience. When you don't have a group the experience can at times be frustrating. Luckily the game has actually been steadily increasing, but I don't expect it to get to World of Warcraft proportion. In fact I think it's unfair to expect it to. The truth is this game caters to those who enjoyed the first Everquest, whereas World of Warcraft does a very good job catering to the middle base, which is fine. Most games now attempt to cater to less hard core gamers, but rather attempt to cater to those who just want to be able to play an hour or two with a sense of accomplishment. Vanguard caters to those more hard core players.

Over all I think Vanguard definately reach 100-150k player base. Most players though I think will still be alienated. For one this game isn't really suited for the casual player. Another thing limiting the player base is the requirements are still relatively high. Altough I have managed to play it at lower resolutions on a weaker computer I found that lowering the resolution made the game look horrible. I think the game at this point probably deserves a C+. It still has plenty to improve upon and with the player base continually to increase I think this game will last quite a while.
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