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Old 2010-05-02, 13:30   Link #1
Roger Rambo
Sensei, aishite imasu
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Space Sim:Infinity Tech demo

All I can say is that people should watch this video.

Think of a space sim where the planets were actual physical planet sized objects...and that you could fly down into the atmosphere of the planet w/no loading and glide over the surface over the mountain ranges.
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Old 2010-05-02, 13:39   Link #2
The Interstellar Medium
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I drooled so hard when I saw this. The re-entering of the atmosphere is glorious when the horizon comes into view.

Insta-bookmark and I'll keep a close watch on this.

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Old 2010-05-03, 01:05   Link #3
Osana-Najimi Shipper
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As a big fan of Elite II and FE, it looks awesome.

Thing is, I HATE 'space with friction' games (like EVE online), and I very much doubt that this game would implement a more realistic space. Reason for this is because of combat.... trying to actually engage an enemy going at several thousand km/s relative to you, and your ship only has few Gs worth of acceleration, would take an awful lot of time, calculation, and precision to even try and engage the enemy. It just wouldn't be much fun for most people.

Of course, if I'm proven wrong and this space sim indeed plays very realistically, then I'd be one of the first to subscribe.

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