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View Poll Results: Angel Beats! - Episode 6 Rating
Perfect 10 41 21.69%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 55 29.10%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 45 23.81%
7 out of 10 : Good 24 12.70%
6 out of 10 : Average 10 5.29%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 9 4.76%
4 out of 10 : Poor 2 1.06%
3 out of 10 : Bad 2 1.06%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 0 0%
1 out of 10 : Painful 1 0.53%
Voters: 189. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 2010-05-07, 07:03   Link #1
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Angel Beats! - Episode 6 Discussion / Poll

Welcome to the discussion thread for Angel Beats!, Episode 6.

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Old 2010-05-07, 12:55   Link #2
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episode just ended.

I'll have to wait subs, but the main point is:

Spoiler for spoil:

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Old 2010-05-07, 13:00   Link #3
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Originally Posted by konart View Post

episode just ended.

I'll have to wait subs, but the main point is:

Spoiler for spoil:

Though the question now is:
Mercury Lampe
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Old 2010-05-07, 13:13   Link #4
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This ep was awesome

Spoiler for ab6 spoiler:
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Old 2010-05-07, 13:20   Link #5
Ice Block
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Wordy ep. Need subs to understand.

Spoiler for Ep06:
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Old 2010-05-07, 13:20   Link #6
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Tenshi moee~ and lol hand sonic version 4!

awesome second part!
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Old 2010-05-07, 13:26   Link #7
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Originally Posted by Ice Block View Post
Wordy ep. Need subs to understand.

Spoiler for Ep06:
MY Life Aiur

Kanade does a great protess impression

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Old 2010-05-07, 15:25   Link #8
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Aah... Seems like this episode went back to the past episode quality... Shame, episode 5 was so good.
Can't watch it right now though... Looking forward to that guy's oh-poor-me sob story though.

Anyways, a present:

.............(O_O) What's the monster on the left?

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Old 2010-05-07, 16:53   Link #9
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that was unexpected 0_0
Spoiler for ep 6:
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Old 2010-05-07, 17:19   Link #10
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Kanade's new handsonic is
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Old 2010-05-07, 18:04   Link #11
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I'm so satisfied with this episode.
I like the relationship between Tenshi and Otonashi. Some kinds of reliance is growing.
Naoi's past is also interesting.
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Old 2010-05-07, 18:06   Link #12
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Kanade is my current favorite along with Yusa, Sekine, and Irie... her Hand Sonic Ver. 4 is just so pretty. >w>

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Old 2010-05-07, 18:49   Link #13
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Well that was good and cried over the whole pacific T_T + over 9000 at Naoi. Tachibana's hand sonic version 2/3 is good but 4 is just 3 is also a little you know having to do with a fork/trident thing.

The brutality to me = to genocide of Africa. At least Yuri got what she deserved from last episode's being mean to Tenshi. TK.....I'll be back = to pun from Terminator. Did anyone know?

I also went at Tenshi x Otonashi parts in the
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Old 2010-05-07, 19:14   Link #14
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Originally Posted by Francismeunier View Post
I also went at Tenshi x Otonashi parts in the
Yes. Escaping from prison hand in hand.
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Old 2010-05-07, 19:23   Link #15
Tenshi's Defense Squadron
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I swear, Otonashi is making everyone part of his harem at this point. Pixiv already has pics of NaoiXOtonashi...xD

hai, hai. Onii-chan has his work cut out for him.
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Old 2010-05-07, 19:29   Link #16
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Originally Posted by Francismeunier View Post
The brutality to me = to genocide of Africa. At least Yuri got what she deserved from last episode's being mean to Tenshi.
I wonder if the number of discussions in Episode 5 was enough but... *sigh*.
Spoiler for more rant:

As for this episode, it was quite good... until the momentum got totally wrecked by Naoi's past. It is sort of interesting, but the timing and the time allowed for it weren't balanced at all.
It is a shame, considering they could keep some consistency regarding the "serious stuff" of this series.

Character wise, more amusing side for Kanade, but Otonashi was obviously the man of the show (well a bit too much with Naoi, but heh... bro borderline BL? ). I guess he will be a very good mediator between Yuri and Kanade, especially how Yuri wasn't reluctant to see Kanade back.

Meanwhile, quality was all over the place, generally subpar...And I don't think having that quality for the Hand Sonic V1-4 would save the episode anyway.
And I swear, the SFX used for HS sounds like Protoss' teleport

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Old 2010-05-07, 19:36   Link #17
Key Board
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This episode is yet another example of Key trying waaaaay too hard to make you feel sad

On the other hand, i liked the Kanade parts
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Old 2010-05-07, 20:10   Link #18
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Commie's subs crapped out on me halfway but I'll give this a 9/10. I could tell roughly what was going on. Very interesting stuff. o_o <3 Love this show.

Edit: Oh, version 2 came out. Still a 9/10. Love it. <3
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Old 2010-05-07, 20:14   Link #19
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it needs some more transition from being totally evil and sad
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Old 2010-05-07, 20:56   Link #20
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Spoiler for ep06:
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