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Old 2009-09-05, 21:19   Link #41
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Right. That's more disturbing than funny.
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Old 2009-10-10, 01:22   Link #42
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Nagi: Hey, Saku, you were still here?
Sakuya: Hnm? I was absorbed watching Down Town's DVD box, so I became hungry.
Nagi: Then I'm about to start cookingm, so I'll let you have a taste of it.
Sakuya: Eh!? (..) Oh yeah, I had other DVDs I had to watch.
Nagi: Where are you going? (...) ~shiny eyes~But since I'm going trough the trouble of cooking, I'd like to make it a unique taste; one you can't find anywhere else!..
Sakuya and Tama: eh..
Narrator: This is the first mistake that people who suck at cooking fall into. (so true! )

Izumi: What are you doing here? Err, err... (...) Hayata-kun?
Hayate: It's Hayate. I'm here to pick up a notebood Lady Nagi forgot.
Miki: I see. By the way, Hayata-kun, we're here for a study group for midterms.
Risa: Just as she said, Hayata-kun!
Hayate: Hayata's fine... (...) But to have a study group so late at night; you must all be hard workers.
Miki: If we truly were hard workers, we wouldn't be studying here, Hayata-kun.
Hayate: But isn't Hakuou a prestigious school?
Izumi: Only some students are wicked smart ones. That's waht the transfer and the grade skipping system we have is for.
Risa: The backbone is an escalator system where you don't drop out unless something major happens. All the way from elementary school to high school.
Miki: People like us that have been here since elementary school are...
... genuine idiots!
Risa: So much so that we could drop out from the something major happening.
Izumi: Do you get it?

Katsura Yukiji: Here.
Hayate: Hun?
Katsura Yukiji: The key to the classroom. Make sure you come return it, Hayata-kun.
Hayate: You do know my name, right? (Lol XDD)

Bunny mascot: I"m this Nagi Nagi Land's fairy of the forest, Keru Naguru-chan! (Kick Punch-chan)
Hayate: I'd hate to be named like that.
Bunny mascot: But really, it's been forever since we last had a visitor here. (holds Hayate's shoulders and enters a "dark mode") - Seriously... Thank you for coming. (then back to "cute mode" XD) Thank you so much!
Hayate: I think I just heard his true voice.

Maria: It seems she caught a fever.
Nagi: Hayate... Are you there, Hayate?
Hayate: Yes, Milady!
Nagi: I'm going to school.
Hayate: You can't!
Nagi: Schools are meant to be skipped when you're in good health. (Lol XD) Skipping school with this level of fever won't cut it for the King of NEETs!
Maria: More of her nonsense again.
Nagi: What are you doing, Hayate?
Hayate: Please, rest well. I'll skip school, also, to nurse you today.
Nagi: Hayate...
Nagi: No!... If you skipped school for me, it would affect your grades.
Hayate: One day won't do anything.
Nagi: Things are different for a genius like me and you. One day is detrimental to a transfer student like you. *Cough! Cought!*
Hayate: Milady!
Nagi: (pushes Hayate away) Don't worry about me! I'm... I'm fine... I won't die from this.
Hayate: (in tears) Oh!!
Nagi: So leave this to me and...
Hayate: (more tears XD) I don't want to, Milady!
Nagi: (in tears) You must go! Now!
Hayate (tears~~~~): Milady!!!..
Narrator: What the heck is wrong with this anime?..

haha.. XDDD This last one is by far my favorite episode..
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Old 2010-05-15, 15:33   Link #43
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Ep 32?
Sakuya: if that was your power why did you need me to distract those demons.
Isumi: i can't tell that to someone who hits others on the head with a paper fan.
Sakuya: so that's what you were getting back at me for.
Isumi : why sakuya you misunderstand me.
Sakuya: That's it you're not my friend any more, i reject you.
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Old 2010-05-22, 05:50   Link #44
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Nagi: Hayate...Hayate.. HAYATE?!?!?
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