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Old 2003-12-03, 06:11   Link #21
Weapon of Mass Discussion
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Even if the option was left in. It still needed to be turned on... and then off. It was the brownies that did it. They activated the option! Then they turned it off. They're trying to drive me insane, but it isn't working!!

Originally Posted by The Small One
Somehow the thread gets more and more offtopic... and a mod is participating...
Actually, it isn't off-topic. We are still discussing the mysterious re-direct message. It is just that our theories concerning that message are getting more complicated. Perhaps you should pay more attention.

There's not that fine a line between willing suspension of disbelief and something just being stupid.

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Old 2003-12-03, 11:20   Link #22
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Well I was going to try an offer an explaination, but it appears that the redirect message has gone...

I was going to put it down to bad/lazy coding (by the vBulletin coders of course, not GHDPro et al), as such redirects (using the REFRESH property of a META tag) are often put in by people who haven't fully grasped how to do proper HTTP header-based redirects (which are transparent to the user), but, it's not there any more, so perhaps either it served another function (can't think what though) which has been turned off, or maybe the code has been repaired.

Sorry to bring things back on topic guys.
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Old 2003-12-03, 11:53   Link #23
Needs more sleep~
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I have seen those slow redirect pages for the past day or two as well. I'll know if it's gone once I post this message. EDIT: Yup the redirects are gone.

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