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Old 2004-09-09, 09:39   Link #61
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Originally Posted by Animizzle
ditto that, and this has been discussed over and over already...
there is little to say except that it's


how one deals with fillers.

and a tip for all the impatient filler-haters,

Try to watch some other anime, there are tons of anime out there ripped and subbed just waiting for you to download. Naruto is only one of so many. You will see if you focus less on Naruto and more on other anime's, releases will go faster and you'll be less upset of something does not go according to your image.

lay back and relax little tyke, good times will come again!
Yeup u totally agree with Animizzle.The fact of the matter is that the filler arc is going to happen,if you like it/not.
P.S-Don't worry,the majority of the hardcore Naruto Anime population won't label you a jackass just because you decided to skip a few episodes.
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Old 2004-09-09, 09:41   Link #62
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Some new Naruto pics have been posted for this week. Enjoy!

Warning, Highly Spoiler
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Old 2004-09-09, 10:20   Link #63
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I can understand that the people working on the anime need to create a filler arc so that they don't catch up to the manga and it will be good to not know what is gonna happen for once. But I wonder how they are gonna work the transition between the filler arc and the manga storyline when they get back on track? In reality the anime's only main character is Naruto with Sasuke as a rival but we have not seen team 7 do any missions since before the examinations. I just hope that they weave this filler arc well so that the transition back to the main story will be as seamless as possible. I can also imagine that people in Japan would like to see Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura along with Kakashi do something together. Oh well I guess we will just have to wait and see I really hope they can pull it off.
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Old 2004-09-09, 10:26   Link #64
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Originally Posted by Rasegan
So im sitting here watching the 100th episode of the Naruto series wich haven't been very good compared to the manga at this point, alot of new episode additions wich is just totaly stupid and they are drawn very badly for some reason.

But now to the point : WHY THE !"#/%&#"¤/%&&/ did you see Sasuke standing in the end next to Kakashi with a big smile on his face, cheering for Tsunade beeing the 5th hokage. As I know in the manga Naruto and Sasuke was supposed to have a minor battle wich Kakashi broke up. But instead they made all this BS about Lee wich should come AFTER Naruto and Sasuke having a fight, more towards the time when Sasuke takes of with the 4 Sand's. And the next episode wont contain anything near the Naruto vs. Sasuke battle, no, no, now they are going on a mission? I mean, what the hell, I've read quite many mangas wich then have become anime's, such as Love Hina, GTO, etc etc, and they have NEVER, not EVER strayed this much from the main dish. What the hell are they thinking the ones who make the anime, will the anime become more popular when they remove great battles wich people have been looking forward to after reading the manga chapters. Don't know if its got anything to do with the Naruto movie beeing in theaters, but honestly, this is fkd up
It's not THAT bad, with Yu-Gi-Oh! (kill me if you wish but the begining of the manga is cool as shit!) they COMPLETELY cut out all the stuff where Yugi mentally tourchers people and later on they accually add in some stuff that never happened in the Manga straying away from one MINOR thing is nothing, at least they didn't cut what could have been MANY episodes of EXTREMELY cool shit...
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Old 2004-09-09, 10:49   Link #65
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Originally Posted by Dez
Uh. Didn't Card Captor Sakura have a few sideplots that were entirely glossed over(Rika-Terada)? Dozens more clow cards than the manga? Added main characters? Different rules governing the cards? And a completely different ending?

Yes, let's make Naruto like CCS!
Hmmm... well I admit it wasn't exactly the same, the ending movie obviously didn't end the way the manga did and there were many things in there that weren't the same, but I think most people liked the anime, the filler was good.

I'm just saying they made many shorter seasons in order to wait for the manga so they wouldn't have to make up a totally different plot line.
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Old 2004-09-09, 12:12   Link #66
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What the hell is up with all the fucken drama in this episode. I know rock lee is having a hard time and he is very freaken cool character. But for god sakes, this is a ninja anime. Why does it have so much fucken drama for.
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Old 2004-09-09, 12:24   Link #67
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Originally Posted by HopelessLover
What the hell is up with all the fucken drama in this episode. I know rock lee is having a hard time and he is very freaken cool character. But for god sakes, this is a ninja anime. Why does it have so much fucken drama for.
For the girls. (Some) Girls squee over fucking drama. It's the hormones or something.

I should know.
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Old 2004-09-09, 12:31   Link #68
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I'm not liking the filler to much.

They have to make some filler ok, but does it have to suck? The past 2-3 episodes have been boring.

How how are they going to get Sasuke back into the hospital and everything?

Maybe they're going to cut out this whole dark arc and wait til its more for kids again.
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