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Old 2004-09-09, 13:50   Link #21
Hinata *drool*
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I don't think so.

Even in later fights you have some knowledge of the capabilities of the fighters so no real jaw dropping WOW's that the lee vs gaara fight had.

For that fight both Lee and Gaara were fairly new. You expected some cool stuff from gaara because he was clearly a creepy new bad guy at the time. Lee you had intrests peaked to earlier parts of the exam and knew he had more power than you orginally thought. But in that fight he just blew you away. I would say you expected his power to be at its peak right efore he took off the weights. Then snap snap drop BOOOOOOM .

Everypart of that fight was awsome. It might be possible for something in naruto to be that good again but it will be very hard the bar was set quite high.
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