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Old 2010-06-05, 22:23   Link #1
singing heartbreak
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suggestions for depressing anime

I'm not sure how to quite word this, so excuse me if I contradict myself. I'm looking for tv series(no movies), something like Saikano, which I finally watched fully today for the first time(watched only the 1st 4 eps, like 6 or 7 yrs ago) and I'm looking for more anime like it. I DON'T want any titles with comedic elements in it(like Clannad), preferably a romance/drama type of show. I'd prefer many of the chars(or at least the mains) to have a solid serious tone for 90% of the show. Type of show is irrelevant, but I don't prefer anything that uses the romance theme as a side element unless it's really filled with drama. Something like Saikano or Casshern SINS would be nice
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Old 2010-06-05, 22:37   Link #2
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Texhnolyze is very depressing.
Gunslinger Girl is fairly depressing.
It's been years since I saw it, but I'm pretty sure Gungrave was a downer throughout.
Hoshi no Koe is a small slice of depressing.
Hotaru no Haka is a study in depressing.
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien is an active, malicious sort of depressing.
Devilman is always pretty depressing. I won't direct you to it, because I can't really call it entertainment, but the final OVA of the parent series has the girlfriend cut up and decapitated, the protagonist eating young girl allies, and the the world ending (don't rag me about spoilers, it's just a single episode that no ones going to watch anyways).
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Old 2010-06-05, 22:38   Link #3
Poetic Justice
100Shots100Hits LuluLaLu
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You'll probably like Texhnolyze for the way it portrays humanity. At the end especially.
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Old 2010-06-05, 23:11   Link #4
singing heartbreak
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\
Age: 33
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Thanks for the suggestions, but I already saw those =0p. Sorry >,<! Let me put what I've already seen:

Casshern SINS
Phantom ~ RftP
Kino's Journey(has no romance, but some of the stories were depressing)

those are the ones i can name off the top of my head(or are on my dvd shelf =0p)
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Old 2010-06-06, 06:36   Link #5
AS Oji-kun
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Old 2010-06-06, 07:08   Link #6
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Kanashimi no Belladonna
Shoujo Tsubaki
Choujin Locke
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Old 2010-06-06, 08:19   Link #7
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As suggested by another user in the other thread, Koi Kaze. There are moments where there is supposed to be some sort of fun and comic relief, however, the fail miserably due to the underlying context.
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