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Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer was very innovative for its time, introducing minor car sim elements intertwined with the gameplay. The player could choose from the options of Course Select, Transmission, Car Select, Sound Select, Start, and Options. Course Select allowed the player to choose a course, each of varying difficulty, and choose between the two modes of a Race (against 11 other cars) and Time Trial (against one other car). The Course Select screen also displays data about the course's shape and difficulty.

The Transmission menu allowed the player to select the between Automatic or Manual transmission. Automatic transmission (AT) permits less experienced players easier turns and drifts, while manual transmission (MT) restricts the AI from assisting but allows more experienced players to gain faster track times.

Normally only 4 cars are selectable, but all 12 (excluding the Black No.13 'Devil' Car) are selectable if a player is able to defeat 100% of the enemies on the Galaxian loading game before the title screen.

Car Select introduces the selectable vehicles for racing. The mode also served as a gallery, serving the player with multiple views by rotating the camera with the L1 and R1 triggers on the PlayStation controller. Sound Select allowed the player to change between 1 of six background music tracks, while the Options menu allowed button configuration and the lap records to be viewed.

The game consists of 4 race course modes. They are the "Beginner", "Mid-Level", "High-Level" and "Time Trial" (on the screen will show "T.T" instead). The "Beginner" and the "Mid-Level" would be racing on the same circuit. However, the Beginner mode only had 2 laps and there were no night racing. On the Mid-Level mode, the cars would be faster. The race would run 3 laps instead of 2 and there would be night racing in the middle. Once the player advanced to "High-Level" and "Time Trial", the circuit would be longer as a technical section was added with more sharp and difficult curves. The "Beginner", "Mid-Level" and the "High-Level" would be a 12 cars battle but the "Time Trial" would be the battle of 2 cars only.

After the players won all the race modes, extra game (extra courses) would be given. The player would be racing on the same tracks but in reverse directions. The extra tracks lack one checkpoint and therefore the player is at a much higher risk of running out of time, making the game more difficult.

Also, at this point, the "Time Trial" (either regular or extra) race mode would turn into a 3 car battle. The player would have to face one more extra car- "Devil 13th Racing" car. This car was very fast and extremely difficult to beat due to a lack of rear view mirror. To win, the player must learn the perfect racing line of the track. By sticking to racing line around the track, the Devil car would be blocked from passing and would crash into the back to the player. If the player managed to block the car for all 3 laps and won the race, they would obtain the Devil car. This was especially important for Time Trial mode. After the player obtained the Devil car, the player could use that car to race in all the courses including extra courses in order to complete the entire game.

A special 'mirror mode' version of the track could be played by turning the car around on the starting line and driving into the wall behind at top speed. The car would pass through the wall and the track would revert to the mirror of the normal track. Another bonus for the original PlayStation version released in 1995 allowed the player to listen to music through the PlayStation by removing the game disc and inserting a music CD. This was because the entire game code ran within the RAM of the PlayStation and the CD was used only for playing music tracks from the disc once the game was loaded. However, players could not switch tracks, and the music was started on a random track.
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