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Old 2010-06-12, 13:07   Link #1
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Join Date: Jun 2010
Post Anime like...?

Can anybody recommend an anime like Kampfer,Omamori himari,,Kanokon,Seto no Hanayome,Sora no Otoshimono,Tayutama -Kiss on my Deity-,To-LOVE-Ru...Well actually romance between Human and Inhuman or something extraordinary like that OR something like Princess Lover or Ladies vs Butlers(something unusual).I hope you get the idea.I would really apreciate it if u can recommend a few anime.
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Old 2010-06-12, 21:56   Link #2
Cross Game - I need more
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Ah My Goddess is the first anime to leap to mind.

Cross Game - A Story of Love, Life, Death - and Baseball. What more could you want?
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Old 2010-06-12, 23:53   Link #3
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Kannagi would fit in pretty well with that list you supplied.
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Old 2010-06-12, 23:59   Link #4
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Maybe Bakemonogatari, I mean it sorta of fits what you want for various reasons.

Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora fits pretty well for what you I'd say. Kobato might fit too what you're looking, though the romance is rather slow, even for a shoujo series .
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Old 2010-06-13, 17:08   Link #5
Guardian Enzo
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It occurs to me that Macademi Wasshoi would meet your needs pretty well. Give it a try.
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Old 2010-06-13, 23:10   Link #6
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Thanks.Ill check out a few.Kepp them coming.
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Old 2010-06-14, 09:32   Link #7
Manga Addict
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I'm surprised that no one has suggested Chobits yet, as that is by far the most reknowned for this genre.

There's also DearS which is similar to Sora no Otoshimono.

You also listed Princess Lover, so another which is similar to that is Asu no Yoichi.
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Old 2010-06-14, 11:50   Link #8
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I have seen Asu no Yoichi but droped DearS and Chobits they dont really go in my alley.DearS was fine till a certain point but i droped it and i dont remeber why.
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Old 2010-06-14, 12:17   Link #9
AS Oji-kun
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Here are a few older titles:
Video Girl Ai
World of Narue
Fruits Basket
FLCL perhaps?

Oh! Edo Rocket might fit, too.
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