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Old 2008-09-01, 02:13   Link #1
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Join Date: Apr 2008
Gundam Musou 2

Confirmed on gunota , Bandai website and Google. Totally awesome in my opinion I loved the original.

After searching the internet I found out the following:

all the original gundam series are inwhich is mobile fighter G gundam , Gundam wing,Turn A Gundam , Zeta Gundam , Double ZZ Gundam , Mobile Suit Gundam.

based on screenies and info collected new series so far:

Gundam SEED

Char's Counterattack

(Possibly) Gundam X

(Possibly) Gundam Stardust Memory

this time around it will feature the Mobile armors so what do u guys think?
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Old 2008-09-01, 08:45   Link #2
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Quite frankly, I'll pick the Chinese version of Dynasty Warriors over this. Once the voice acting issue is resolved, I really loved the game.

(Disclaimer: I do not include Zhou Tai. Seriously, Ishikawa Hideo was trying too hard as him.)
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Old 2008-09-01, 11:11   Link #3
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as long i get to play the other gundams from gundam wing ill be happy
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Old 2008-09-02, 15:26   Link #4
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G and master for me.
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Old 2010-06-16, 08:36   Link #5
Roloko vi Britannia
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I love this game although its only downside its very boring after you play it for a set period of time. I finally unlocked all the characters, but I'm having trouble in unlocking Sleggar's last two or three missions (I think the Scary Woman one and I forgot the other one) I don't know who to improve my relationship with so I can play them. I beat some of my extra missions using the Destiny Gundam and Shinn since thats the strongest combination I have since he is max level and the Destiny has max stats with rank 4 parts.

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