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Old 2010-07-07, 00:46   Link #41
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Originally Posted by GuidoHunter_Toki View Post

That's rich, oh the irony is so thick I think I just choked.

Also how could common sense be dead, because the maxim "has the highest ratings therefore it must be the best" is alive and well, common sense is just dead for those things that Mr. Beck finds irrelevant to his world view.
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Originally Posted by Solace View Post
You get a cookie for this.

Common sense is a social construct of accepted truths. These truths may not actually be factual, but we believe them because society perpetuates them through the generations. It's actually a GOOD thing when common sense is challenged, despite those who discourage it because they benefit in some fashion from the status quo.

Common sense brings you things like "men can't ask for directions" and "Black people are better at sports than white people...except hockey." Despite years of research that shows that even though there are dispositions, society ultimately shapes the choices and opportunities you have available, there are many who simply refuse to look at the evidence and stubbornly cling to their own beliefs even if they are wrong.

Does this mean that all common sense is bad? Holding hot coffee in your lap while driving is pretty dumb, for instance. But the lawsuit wasn't won because she spilled coffee and the legal system is rigged to give dumb people money. She won because the coffee was so hot it burned six percent of her body and required skin grafts because of the damage. Had the coffee been at a lower temperature like other restaurants prepare it she would not have been burned so severely.

The entire reason the lawsuit made it to court and ultimately won was purely because McDonalds prepared their coffee at extremely high temps and while unfortunately it was a dumb person who was injured, the coffee was dangerous enough to cause severe burns when it shouldn't have. < read up.

Common sense can stay dead and buried. Be worried that his brother Critical Thinking is on life support and soon to join him.
Seems you and I have a different understanding of common sense
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Old 2010-07-07, 15:48   Link #43
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Originally Posted by NightbatŪ View Post
Seems you and I have a different understanding of common sense
It helps when you explain your understanding, unless you posted just to point out that you weren't interested in discussing anything.
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Old 2010-07-07, 16:43   Link #44
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He's saying "common sense" just means "don't act like an idiot."

Which is partially true but he's forgetting how much "common sense" has been poisoned by "conventional wisdom." Which is, by and large, wrong.
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Old 2010-07-07, 20:05   Link #45
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What synaesthetic said
As I posted in my earlier post. bloody obvious things that people forget and earn them a Darwin Award

like not pushing a marble up your nose,
not putting your tongue against a frozen lamppost, or staring in the sun too long

Those things you have to tell children, but somehow adults forget making it absurd
Poking around in wallsockets with the power still on
Looking down the barrel of a loaded gun to see if there's something in it
Jewelry dangling from your neck or wrists while working with machines
Looking for a gas leak with your lighter

Practical personal examples of me not using common sense:
-Tiling the garden, one tile didn't want to 'sink' after repeated hitting, so I grabbed the rubber hammer with BOTH hands and gave it a whallop
ofcourse,... being rubber it bounced back with the same force I put in it, right on my nose

-Stubbornly riding my bike home with a cm of snow, first time I hit the brakes it was €3000 damage

Common sense in my upbringing is the thing that prevents the daily things in life from turning into a benny hill sketch

Nothing to do with unconfirmed statements, 'would be/could be' truths or vague facts and knowledge
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