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Just to clarify, the one serialized in Dengeki G is the prequel, and the 4koma is just ... a revamped storytelling?
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Heaven's Door will probably be the prequel + the main story. The 4koma's just for fun probably. It's not written by Maeda.
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crap translator
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Got bored. Translated partly up to the 12th page. May do more if bored.

First comic:
So, how do we plan ferreting out God?
Yuri: About that
Yuri: We'll just massacre all the students
Yuri: This way, God will surely come out in a rush

Second comic:
Students waging warfare is also good - When you're resting, Key Coffee can always pay you company

Third comic:
Yuri: So then! You start from the 3rd year classes killing people. I'll start from the 1st year classes.
Hinata: WAIT!
Hinata: How can you say just outrageous things just when you start to open your mouth?! There isn't any other method?!
Yuri: What? You afraid? The other students aren't human.
Hinata: You've got me wrong. I'm not saying that. I don't want to do it.

Fourth comic:
Hinata: I don't want to act like a homicidal maniac
Yuri: ... a homicidal maniac? ...
Yuri: ... that's right ...
Yuri: If I...
Yuri: do that then...

Fifth comic:
Hinata [boxed]: Yurippe???
Hinata: Hey, hey...
Hinata: Let's go back down and thing of a more humane method...
Yuri: ... you're right
Yuri: So then, do you have any proposals? Since you vetoed my plan you should come up with one!
Yuri: We need a plan with a big impact to drive God out in a rush
Hinata: Uh.... how about we go at night and smash all the windows?
Yuri: Not flashy enough! We need this to be on par with killing all the students in the school.
Hinata: Is there anything that can be on par with that?!

Sixth comic:
Yuri: Huh? Why did I even team up with you? I can't think of a reason. Do you have any use at all?
Hinata: Hey.... that's right! I'm pretty confident in my physical abilities. I'm also pretty strong. After all I'm a guy.
Hinata: Thus, in a crisis I can step forward bravely regardless of danger
Hinata: So I can protect Yurippe!
Yuri: Hinata...
Yuri: But I don't die
Hinata: Ah right (I forgot)!!

Seventh comic:
Yuri: Wow! I didn't think you would flirt with me! Unexpectedly saying those things to me...
Hinata: Wrong! I'd die before thinking of flirting with you!!
Yuri: Aren't you already dead though?
Hinata: Ah right (I forgot)!!
Tenshi: What are you guys so noisy about?
Tenshi: You guys should go to class

Hinata: It's the student council president!
Yuri: Hey, hey, you
Tenshi: I've received the teachers' permission. I'm reminding you guys to go back to the classroom.
Yuri: Hinata! This is an opportunity! Quickly go do something with her, yeah?
Hinata: Eh?
Yuri: She's the head person in charge of maintaining order at this school. Out of everyone she's got to be the closest to god. Hurry up and do something shocking for her to see!
Hinata: Even if you say that I can't think of anything!
Yuri: If you want to stay with me you can think of something, right?
Hinata: That's still not helping...
Hinata: Let's first ask her a few questions then...
Hinata: Hey, student council president
Tenshi: Yes?

Ninth comic:
Hinata: Do you think god exists?
Tenshi: ... do you want know that right now?
Hinata: Yeah, this is pretty important. If we don't know we're not going back to the classroom
Tenshi: I'm not sure
Hinata: Then assuming he exists...?
Tenshi: I can't think of anything
Hinata: This is really difficult... maybe I can try talking about something more private
Hinata: Let's see...

Tenth comic:
Side: She (implied to be a person assigned to help others) can also feel love, right?
Hinata: Do you like anyone?
Tenshi: ...
Hinata: Um.. that is, do you have anyone you like?
Tenshi: There isn't anyone
Hinata: In that case! ...

Eleventh comic:
Hinata: if I were to confess to you, how would you feel?
Tenshi: I don't know...
Hinata: You're also incredibly cute. I'm telling the truth.

Twelfth comic:
Hinata: Please go out with me!
Yuri: Go... pay what? Pay the water bill? Go die.
(what a good kick)
Yuri: YOU!
Yuri: Did you come to this world just to hit on girls?

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crap translator
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Thirteenth comic:
Hinata: You! How many times do you intend to kick me off the roof? I almost died again! Now I'm full of vigor. Wow, another miracle!
Yuri: Haha, I already told you no one dies here.
Yuri: It's because you only know how to satisfy your selfish desires, so it's your fault.
Hinata: I wasn't seriously trying to romance her! I was only testing if they could love!
Yuri: Ah.. love... Hinata, you're such a romantic
Hinata: It's you who doesn't understand love at all

Fourteenth comic:
Yuri: Huh? What's the use/importance of that?
Yuri: In this kind of world, do we need love?
Yuri: Bearing these horrible memories is already hard to take.
Hinata: ... I already like someone else
Hinata: ... but I think
Hinata (thoughts): ... this person

Fifteenth comic:
Hinata: There's nothing bad about love. Taking it slowly and falling in love... and healing our wounds.. wouldn't be too bad, right?
Hinata: If your this impatient, you'll exhaust yourself before exposing God.
Yuri: Wah... you're hitting on me again...
Hinata: No! It's not like that. I was just worried about you.
Hinata: Why does this person forgo the happiness that she could already have?
Hinata: Eh?
Hinata: She just charges full speed ahead.

Sixteenth comic:
Yuri: Setting love aside, from now on we are companions
Yuri: By myself I wouldn't be that effective. And going against you wouldn't be that useful
Yuri: Also, if you actually fell for me that would be troublesome
Hinata: Don't worry about that happening
Yuri: Eh?
Yuri: Then... what if I fell in love with you? Then what?

Seventeenth comic:
Hinata: If... if you're like that....

Eighteenth comic:
Yuri: HAHAHAHAHA! I was just playing with you. Of course it's impossible! You're such a retard!
Hinata: ... this girl...
Hinata: Hey! Even after you die you get hungry?
Yuri: Yep. You still have all your senses. You also need to sleep.
Hinata: What's up?
Yuri: ...
Yuri: ... Don't you have another need too? Looking at you, as expected you do...
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crap translator
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Need... sleep

Nineteenth comic:
Hinata: Don't worry, I'd never ask that of you.
Yuri: Seeing a guy holding back those kind of desires is really pitiful. I was thinking if you had something for me I could help you. What a shame!
Hinata: You'd... help me...?
Yuri: Why's your face all pale? You're not embarrassed at all by this scene?
Hinata: That's because I already regard you as a demon! Why don't you ask your conscience?

Twentieth comic:
Hinata: Then you'll really help me?
Yuri: Hahaha, let's hurry up and go to the cafeteria, Hinata
Hinata: As expected it's a lie!
Hinata: Huh, it's really delicious
Hinata: I'm satisfied!

Twenty-first comic:
Yuri: You... do you want to disappear?
Hinata: Huh?
Yuri: In this world, if you become satisfied, then you might disappear.
Yuri: To state the truth, this world is a place where we can resolve our regrets. If you don't have any regrets, you'd immediately disappear.
Hinata: Really? How dangerous... what if you don't focus on becoming satisfied? You should have told me these things earlier...
Yuri: These kind of things take a while to learn, yeah? I also didn't know much when I first got here.
Hinata: I still don't want to disappear... what I'm going to focus on is not letting Yurippe become alone
Yuri: Gross... so you do have a thing for me?
Hinata: You're wrong. We're companions. Companions! We've formed a team to lure out God.

Twenty-second comic:
Yuri: So you do have some self initiative
Yuri: About money, the student affairs office has prepared for us some scholarship money. We can go get it tomorrow.
Yuri: For today, go back to your dorm and rest.
Hinata: Dorm?
Yuri: Right, this is a boarding school. The boys' dorm is over there.
Yuri: By the way, the rooms are basically all doubles. There's definitely a roommate waiting for you. Of course, not a human though.
Hinata: Ah, really?

Twenty-third comic:
Yuri: Then, see you tomorrow. Good night!
Yuri: Ah! You have to give me back meal tickets tomorrow.
Hinata: .. ah
Hinata: This was really an exhausting day
Hinata: Finding out you died. Spending time with that thorn-tongued violent girl. Even if that's a bad situation...

Twenty-fourth comic:
Hinata: I don't hate that person at all
Hinata: Ah, is it here?
Hinata: Nice to meet you, I'm your new roommate Hinata
Ooyama: Ah, this is the first time we are meeting.
Ooyama: I'm called Ooyama. I'll be in your care
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crap translator
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Wow... I guess I got bored enough.

Twenty-fifth comic:
Hinata: ... be in your care
Ooyama: Your table is here. You can use the top bunk
Hinata: Looks like humans are best after all. His appearance and the way he speaks are completely devoid of personality. It's like he's just a decoration (literally: He's like the existence of a mark/symbol)
Hinata: If this was an RPG he would be like when you're first starting, Villager A who you first find.
Hinata: However, maybe if ask him the following question, I might unexpectedly find some personality in him...
Hinata: Then... has Ooyama been here for really long?
Ooyama: If you look, I'm a 3rd year like you.
Hinata: Do you have any interests?
Ooyama: Reading books and listening to music
Hinata: .. what kind of music do you listen to?
Ooyama: I like popular music
Hinata: ... do you like... sports?
Ooyama: I like watching a lot but I don't participate myself.

Twenty-sixty comic:
Hinata: Real humans are the best... real humans are really the best
Hinata: He really doesn't have any personality!!
Ooyama: Is something the matter?
Hinata: Are all the ordinary students like this!?
Ooyama: Let's go to the public baths together. I'll lead you there.
Hinata: Eh..
Hinata: Aaa.. Yurippe
Hinata: I'm starting to miss Yurippe and her poison tongue that's full of human feeling
Hinata: YURIPPE!!
Yuri: Ah, good morn...

Twenty-seventh comic:
Yuri: HUH???
GONN (Sound of Hinata hitting the railing0
Yuri: This isn't good... it looks like overnight you've let your carnal desires erupt. Sorry, we're going to have to split.
Hinata: No... you've got it wrong
Hinata: My roommate is too similar to a robot. It's really scary. I can't help but yearn for real human warmth
Yuri: Ah... that's really unlucky

Twenty-eigth comic:
Yuri: We can only meet like this during the day. So don't go swooping down at me again! Just now I was fearing for my own safety.
Hinata: Eh? ... sorry about that
Hinata: Then, what are we doing today?
Yuri: Of course, we're going to lure out God...

Twenty-ninth comic:
Yuri: .... eh? Just now that was...
Yuri: Could that be...
Yuri: A GUNSHOT???
Hinata: What's going on? This world also has those kind of things?
Yuri: It couldn't be! This world shouldn't have those kind of things...

Thirtieth comic:
Yuri: Did somebody bring that kind of thing into this world....?!
Yuri: A human besides us!
Yuri: Let's go! We absolutely must go meet that person!
Hinata: That.. that person who's carrying a gun? There even are people carrying guns?
Yuri: We need both! We have to make them a companion we can depend on!
Hinata: Even though that person is shooting off guns at school?

Thirty-first comic:
Yuri: ... if we don't do this, how will we find the faults... ? (sentence continues)
Yuri: In this world's inner workings!
In this orderly world we hear a gunshot. Who indeed is the person responsible?!
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angel beats 4koma chapter 7
Spoiler for :

angel beats 4koma chapter 6
Spoiler for :

angel beats 4koma chapter 2
Spoiler for :
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Originally Posted by HinataShou View Post
angel beats 4koma chapter 7
Spoiler for :

angel beats 4koma chapter 6
Spoiler for :

angel beats 4koma chapter 2
Spoiler for :
can anybody translate this
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Spoiler for :
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does anyone know where to download chapter 03 of Angel Beats! Heavens Door?
or their irc?

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angel beats 4koma chapter 8
Spoiler for :
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Angel Beats! -Heaven's Door RAW chapter 4

Spoiler for :
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Originally Posted by HinataShou View Post
Angel Beats! -Heaven's Door RAW chapter 4
This looks like Chinese makes it hard to read...
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crap translator
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Got bored. We'll see if I'll continue to be bored or if a scan group beats me.

Heaven's Door chapter 4:

Page 1:
Yuri: We'll seize the principal's office and take him as a hostage?
Yuri: This is your method to confirm the student council president's position (if she is God or not)?
Yuri: Isn't this exactly the same as what that guy did yesterday?
Hinata: You're right

Page 2:
Hinata: Think about it carefully. Because he was alone, after he got stabbed his plan failed
Hinata: Because we have 2 people, we can assist each other
Hinata: When she is trying to draw out her sword, if we have two people, we should be able to restrict her ability to resist
Hinata: When she's trying to bring out her supernatural abilities, and after our combined efforts to restrict her, we can interrogate her. Her strategy of saying "I don't know" to everything won't work.
Yuri: Really... really it is... the first time that I've felt you were a partner of mine. How about weapons?
Hinata: We'll find that guy from yesterday's gun. Even if there isn't any ammo, threatening her should be enough]

Page 3:
Hinata: Also, there's another reason we should take the principal as a hostage
Hinata: Since he's in charge of the school, of course he would be more amazing than the average student. He might even know about God.
Hinata: Let's first go find weapons. The gun was confiscated so it should be in the teachers' office, right?
Yuri: What...
Yuri: What the...
Yuri: What's up with you? Your thought processes have changed so much you're like an entirely different person. It's really nauseating. It feels really different.

Page 4:
Angel Beats! Heaven's Door chapter 4

Page 5:
Yuri or Hinata: Ready?
Yuri: OK. I found the gun while searching the teachers' office.
Yuri: There really was no ammo left
Yuri: You afraid?
Hinata: It's a little too late for that.
Yuri: *groaning*. What? Come on, become a reckless spirit.
Yuri: Let's go.
Hinata: Yeah, yeah.

Page 6:
Yuri: Charging in! (literally: sudden intrusion!)
Principal: Eh?! WAAH! They came again?!
Yuri: Yeah, again. Sorry about that. Notify everyone else about the situation here immediately.

Page 7:
Principal: You... what do you want?!
Yuri: To call out God.
Yuri: Come on! Hurry up and be a bit more honest. Come out now!
Principal: What god?? You guys are crazy!

Page 8:
Hinata: The teachers seem to be already gathered outside the door?
Hinata: Maybe what's crazy is this world.
Principal: Really, what's your real goal?
Yuri: It's to bring out God.
Yuri: You're this place's principal, right? You really don't know where this world's God is?
Principal: I really don't know anything you are talking about.
Principal: Are you guys really normal?
Principal: Why do I always have to deal with these kinds of things?
Yuri: Always? This isn't the 2nd time this has happened?
Principal: Eh.. I don't even remember anymore how many times this has happened...
Yuri: So according to what we know, other than that guy yesterday, there were others before that did the same thing
Yuri: Well yeah... that would make more sense (literally: be more appropriate)

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angel beats 4koma chapter 9
Spoiler for :
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Rebel Against The God
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Hi everyone im new here and i want to join this comunity with some apport
This is the new Mac no Fansub
This is the preview of the chapter 4 of Angel Beats Heaven's Door

Credits to ichyhandofcrap it's not my translation
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crap translator
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Originally Posted by MACVazquez View Post
Hi everyone im new here and i want to join this comunity with some apport
Credits to icyhandofcrap it's not my translation
Oh man you're forcing me to translate the rest.
My Chinese is okay but it takes a lot of effort with a dictionary.
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Originally Posted by icyhandofcrap View Post
Oh man you're forcing me to translate the rest.
My Chinese is okay but it takes a lot of effort with a dictionary.
HAHA I was gonna wait 'till someone post it I printed chapters 1 to 3 and im waiting for this i had nothing to do so I start this if you can translate all the chapter well its great but if you cant dont worry someone will post it complete.
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crap translator
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Page 9:
Yuri: To comprehend this world, asking the school's top is the fastest method...
Yuri: It's like I imagined...
Yuri: Ah, she came
Hinata: Huh?
Hinata: When did she...?

Page 10:
Hinata: This...

Page 11:
Hinata: What in the world is this...?
Yuri: Stop, student council president!
Yuri: The principal is our hostage now, can't you see?
Yuri: If you harm my partner I'll kill him!
Tenshi: Then I'll start with you
Yuri: !?
Yuri: Stay... stay back! I'll shoot!
Yuri: What's with your power? You're not like the other normal students. What in the world are you!?

Page 12:
Yuri: Stay back! I'll really shoot!
Hinata: Wait...
Hinata: Come on, wait...
Hinata: Ugh, she already found out that there isn't any ammo in the gun
Hinata: If it's like this...! Yuri will... If it's like this, I've got to attack her!
Hinata: Although, she's just a girl... What should I do...?
Yuri: I said stop, student council president!
Hinata: No, that doesn't matter. In this world you can't die!!

Page 13:
Yuri: I said already, stop!!!
Hinata: Yurippe
Hinata: I'll protect you!

Page 14:
Hinata: .... what?

Page 15:
Hinata: Wait...
Hinata: Come on, wait!!
Yuri: Hinata!!

Page 16:
Hinata: Didn't I say, wait...
Tenshi: You're really giving it your all
Hinata: Of course...
Tenshi: If I can, I'd like not to hurt you
Hinata: Before this, weren't you pretty quick to stab that guy yesterday?
Tenshi: People don't want to be killed by other people

Page 17:
Hinata: Saying that, aren't you a person too?
Tenshi: In this world, the people who feel they have received unreasonable treatment will all focus their attention on the principal.
Tenshi: That kind of thinking is wrong. The principal doesn't know anything.
Tenshi: But that kind of mistaken thinking continually propagates itself
Tenshi: So
Tenshi: I will correct it
Yuri: I get it...

Page 18:
Yuri: OK, I've let the principal go. It's fine like this, right?
Tenshi: Hand over the gun, that's the original culprit
Yuri: Ah, I don't need that anymore, I'll just give it to you
Yuri: So then, won't you put away your sword?
Yuri: It scares away people

Page 19:
Hinata: Waaah... she's actually doing it
Hinata: Really, that's a superhuman power
Hinata: This person... what's the reason behind her?

Page 20:
Yuri: Idiioo------tttt
Yuri: I wouldn't have really given this to you
Yuri: If you don't want to die, then tell me were you got your power from

Page 21:
Yuri: If you don't answer in 3 seconds I'll shoot
Yuri: If you move I'll also shoot
Yuri: 3
Yuri: 2
Yuri: 1
Tenshi: hand sonic

Page 22:
Hinata: YURIPPE!!!

Page 23:

Page 24:
Yuri: Hinata!?
Yuri: Hinata, you're okay, right!?
Hinata: Hey... I said it before, right? In a hopeless situation, to sacrifice myself... I don't mind
Hinata: ... I want to... project you...
Yuri: Hinata...
Yuri: Of course, this body of mine won't die
Hinata: I forgot... completely.....

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Rebel Against The God
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YEY! More work to do xD

On page 17 are you sure is that what it says?
I mean it doesn't make sense at least to me but reading the whole Tenshi's dialogue I think it should be something more like "people who feel they haven't received fair treatment will all focus...

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