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Old 2010-07-16, 11:57   Link #61
Kamaboko smash & grab
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Originally Posted by Bikerider View Post
This reminds me so much of the local 1 mile marathon for short fat guys.... It starts at the top of a hill and is down hill all the way. At the half way point there's a drink and doughnut stop. Last one across the finish line wins.
Running downhill would be even more strain on their knees, especially those not used to it. At least it's just one mile.

Edit: Oh, but if you run backwards, apparently you can prevent knee injury. So.... maybe they could change the marathon a bit

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Old 2010-07-16, 20:33   Link #62
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Oh my god, this was hilarious. Yui stopped by everywhere and Mio waited several times. "Why don't we try running with a rhythm?"... that's rather army style than light music club style. Yui even forgot the lyrics. I blasted into laughing!
Yui just got lost on the way. She's hilarious. Looking for her, they think they got lost and started talking about survival training but they are right next to the street. I just blasted into laughing again, just like when they found out Yui was drinking tea with the old lady. xD

"Since I have eaten that one rice cake, the last one won't get any..."

Miu's flashy finish was awesome, just awesome, but Sawako looking for Yui was just hilarious, so hilarious !!!

I have to say I'm glad that S2 has already outnumbered S1 .
My overall episode up to now is S2-8.

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Old 2010-07-16, 22:00   Link #63
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This was pretty good episode. I'd feel the same way about having to run that. The gray/black Jello was interesting. I knew Yui was going to be in trouble when Sawako was pointing out the marathon route. As far as the marathon itself, kind of reminded me of the Fund Raiser walk/runs I've been involved with, with my family. We would stop like that when we got to the down town portion.
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Old 2010-07-17, 00:07   Link #64
Join Date: Nov 2006
Location: Australia
Ritsu will forever be shadowed by Mio...

All of the observer did not even look at Ritsu's finish since they were busily fangirling over Mio.
<<<Mio has obtained the tittle "Legendary"!!>>>
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Old 2010-07-17, 08:31   Link #65
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The best was a double-subversion Mio ending
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Old 2010-07-17, 22:03   Link #66
Unknown Soldier
Join Date: May 2009
The new ED is just so great, even with this rather mediocre episode, I watched eagerly to the end just so I could hear the new ED.
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Old 2010-07-17, 23:37   Link #67
Wordy b@stard
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Thumbs up

The new ED is quite cool and feels SO much more like a Music Video than the others. It has a nice edgey feel without being too contrived.

I liked this eps, even though it was a non-event. Lots of nice little moments in it. It felt a bit more like a Season 1 eps if only because it didn't really go anywhere or expand on anything we didn't already know. As an ensemble piece though, we got a little bit of each of the Season 2 players.

Yui of course was herself and it started to feel a bit like the perils of Yui. Maybe one too many things for her to complain about, but she's forgivable, being the character she is. Half an eps of Mio and Mugi in ponytails was a draw to me because I like them. Gives a girl a certain innocent appearance, and especially on Mio, the style accentuates the little chopped off portions of her outer bangs. Nice look.

Ritsu's little "I called it" kind of comment was amusing, inre: Mio falling and gaining further (unwanted) attention. I love those little sharp exchanges between the two of them. They have such a "normal" sisterly relationship as opposed to the slightly twisted "mother/child" relationship Yui and Ui have, which sometimes borders on too syrupy to me.

Having the Azusa and the underclassmen as a comparison to the main gals, pushing ahead and making it to the end on time as opposed to the lagging Mugi, Ritsu and Yui was a nice story piece. That Mio did her part with both groups provided a nice bridge. A fun show. Poor Sawako, but she paid for her overzealous glee at the difficulties she'd laid out for the girls by getting left out at the end. Serves her right, the metal-headed sadist!
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Old 2010-07-19, 16:32   Link #68
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2010
thoughs on the eps

1.the power of a rice cracker(omochi) .... wonder what'll happen if she think like that in the beggining of the race
2.mugi's sprinting face is funny (and weird)
3.mio trip again!! and she follows through for a flashy finish XD
4. yui once again forget the lyrics.... maybe its because she was running and she suck at
multi-tasking? but mugi also down from singing and running though...
5. i like the bgm when yui's having a rice cracker breakdown near the end ;p .... heheh, rice cracker breakdown....hehe

just a fun random eps. i like random ;p

new op is better than number one, but yui's fast singing just gives me a headache
new ed i like very much, 1st ed is waaay to showy, this one is simple and nice(i would say clean instead of nice but if i do that i'll sounded to cliche for quoting another song)
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