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Old 2004-09-16, 01:52   Link #21
Copy-Ninja NeoKakashi
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Originally Posted by Prince of Chronics
The release data on Gamefaqs says that the game's release date is 12/31/04 ... I was hoping it would come out in the early weeks of December... hopefully the game will get released earlier...
I was hoping for a Christmas release, but if it does indeed come out on the 31st, then I guess I'll have to get it as a late Christmas present. Wait a sec! My brother's birthday is on January 1st! I can tell him to ask for it for his birthday, then I can get some other game instead!
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Old 2004-09-16, 03:45   Link #22
[megaplay] *sparkles*
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Don't take that date too seriously. It's just an estimate. It'll come out when it comes out.
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Old 2004-09-16, 06:13   Link #23
I will..Protect Everyone!
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Why are the downloads soooo slow?it said its gonna take 4hours to download one video..sheesh
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Old 2004-09-16, 16:43   Link #24
Searching for the Cure
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Originally Posted by Kidd
btw, first of all, it's "Naltimate Hero" no matter what any sites say. Finish the game and it will say this using our characters in the actual game, I'd say the actual game developers have the right of deciding the title of a game, heh heh. Naltimate as in a Naruto version of Ultimate I guess.

a) Sharingan no Kakashi can copy moves like previously stated. Also he can hypnotize his enemies and run behind them quickly (gameplay wise this means that his counter move teleports him behind the opponents back). Sharingan no Sasuke just has the Sharingan for show, and to do Chidori of course.

b) In Naltimate Hero both Sasuke and Kakashi can use the Sharingan to copy the opponent's fighting style. Though really, all characters are so freaking similar in the game anyway so it's more or less just a difference of what happens when you press Down Down Circle (or do the character specific special jutsu-combo by pressing a specific direction on the d-pad at the last hit of a Circle mashing combo). Oh and if you copy Zabuza or Orochimaru-sama you'll get a sword... and if you copy Gaara you get sand (wtf? o_Ox ). Well, that's pretty much all there is to it. *shrug*

If you're planning on getting a Naruto game, trust me when I say Gekitou Ninja Taisen is the better way to go. Sure Naltimate Hero might look cooler from the trailers but in actual gameplay it falls flat. It's just a super stale and badly made SSBM clone with some neat Naruto jutsu imho.

EDIT: This is comparing GNT2 and NH1. NH1 and GNT3 isn't released atm but I'd say get one of them if you want one of the Naruto games now, spending money on GNT2 when GNT3 is just a few months away or NH1 when NH2 (which has promised a lot of boost on it's gameplay) is just a few weeks away.

Thought ild also add, Sharingan Sasuke uses a lot of Lee's style in his fighting also. ^^
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Old 2004-09-17, 18:01   Link #25
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u say sergio blocking and dodging r good .to be honest even though he is my friend he is like the shittiest naruto player i know maybe u need to get your game up
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Old 2004-09-17, 18:36   Link #26
Souma Kyou
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i personally prefer Orochimaru to S.Sasuke. his B+A combos do a ton of damage (nearly par with Zabuza). his Back+A is also perfect for catching someone off-guard for his special, and an opponent without the use of chakra is easy prey.

i also like Shikamaru. i've not seen many players use Shikamaru around here, but imo he's the best character to use against someone who defends a lot without being cheap (ie S.Sasuke's Up+A). the only drawback is that he doesn't have a proper counter like the others, which is easily made up for by the way he dodges. it sucks, though, against Kyuubi Naruto because he pretty much attacks nonstop.

the fights are decent. the playing style of most of the players look to be button-mashing (esp. in the Gai vs S.Kakashi fight), but maybe that's just me. people who use S.Kakashi usually take huge advantages over his counters, since that's where most of his strength lies, but i didn't see any at all. either way, the vids are awesome.
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