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Working!! OP/ED Themes Single Fan Cover Art

Hi everyone.

Upon re-organizing my anime music folder after an hard drive crash, I saw that Working!!'s OP/ED single didn't have any cover art to itself. Why? Because the original CD single is included with the first DVD to the series. The scans I had contained the lyrics sheet and a CD scan. So, I went ahead and try to make a decent cover art, booklet, back cover and CD.

Also, before starting to show the covers, just know that I am really not a master of Photoshop. I will also be sharing the PSDs if someone has the time to improve my work (only via PM though).

All images are on my Photobucket and feel free to share and use. Modification will be on demand - send me a PM about it.

--------------------START! (SPOILERS for SIZE alert)

The cover. (all 1000x1000)
background art with 85% opacity

background art with 60% opacity

background art with 40% opacity

My comments : I couldn't decide what opacity to give to the background image that is from the wallpapers available. So, I made 3 save with 3 different opacity. Which one looks better? Probably the one with 85% right?

The booklet (2000x1000) :

My comments : I wanted it to be quite simple actually. I've seen many booklets in my life and most anime ones does not have anything particular... So mine goes along.

The back cover (1000x1000) :

My comments : Took me long enough to make that progressive blur on the left. Note that the left is an inverted selection from the cover. I also wanted the back cover to look as close as possible to a manufacturer CD back cover with the copyrighted stuff and all.

The CD (1000x1000) :

My comments : Found a PDF template thanks to Adobe. and used that template to create the CD art. I used a wallpaper to get the picture and resized it (the wallpaper was EXTREMELY large. It was like 4 or 5 time bigger than my workspace of 1000x1000. Also, I wanted the copyright stuff to circle around the CD art but I couldn't make it. Well, I could have but the result wasn't good enough for me.

That is all.
For your viewing pleasure, here are the 2 original scans available for the single that comes with the first DVD of the series :

Lyrics sheet (1536x2148) :

CD (1397x1400) :
B'z & Eurobeat fan.

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