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View Poll Results: Angel Beats! - Total Series Rating
Perfect 10 72 27.48%
9 out of 10 : Excellent 62 23.66%
8 out of 10 : Very Good 52 19.85%
7 out of 10 : Good 37 14.12%
6 out of 10 : Average 16 6.11%
5 out of 10 : Below Average 10 3.82%
4 out of 10 : Poor 9 3.44%
3 out of 10 : Bad 2 0.76%
2 out of 10 : Very Bad 0 0%
1 out of 10 : Painful 2 0.76%
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Old 2010-07-14, 04:23   Link #21
Yui Is My Wife
Paper-Fan of DOOM!!
Join Date: Jul 2010
Animation Quality: 9 Take THAT "God Knows", this show has some of the best show-stopping concerts I have ever seen in an anime (take THAT Bubblegum Crisis!!)
Voice Actors: 7 With the exception of Yui and Kanade's voice actresses, there seems to be a detached and cynical apathy to all the performances, which is fitting considering how jaded immortals can get with the repetitious nature of their lives. Yuri's voice actress, while particularly guilty for a flat "not-quite-Haruhi" performance, manages to pull off with genuine sincerity the grief of a sister who failed her beloved younger siblings quite well.
Script: 8 Manages to seemlessly shift between dadaist absurism and heartwrenching tearjerker in the skip of a heartbeat; though at times the contrast can be a bit jarring.
Soundtrack: 9 "Crow's Song RULZ!!"
Production: 10 You'd almost think its a high end Kyo-Ani show.
Enjoyment: 10 In spite of the metaphysical surrealism and the jarring mood shifts, this show plays all your emotional keys, joyful or sad, with the skill of a master pianist.
Emotional Involvement: 10 The whole show WILL hook you, especially if you have unfulfilled boyhood/girlhood dreams of your own. Man or woman, if you still have a heart, you WILL cry.

Conculsion: Thank You Again, Maeda Jun, for tearing my heart out and showing it to me so I remember I still have one.

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Old 2010-07-14, 21:49   Link #22
Mahjong Triple Pro
Join Date: Sep 2006
It's a fairly mediocre title, with a lot of ideas that don't go anywhere or are settled in a non-respectable manner.

I'd say if Clannad had the best characterization and development of a KEY title, and Kanon the "least bad" when it came to magic resolution, AB is worse in both respects.

The comedy was perhaps the most overdone. I had enough high-school hijinks in Geass, thank you very much. More episodes like the guitar girl were needed, an episode focusing heavily on one person's development and getting that person to move on, with slight development between Kanade and Otonashi to make their relationship just a bit smoother.

I think Yuri was probably counter-productive for this; instead of introducing the series in media res, she should have come a bit later, and woken up Otonashi as he grew accustomed to Purgatory. The two of them making the dead aware, then Otonashi having a change of heart, would have been more satisfying development I think. Yuri's "plot dumps" were lazy and destructive to the narrative and mystery of the world, I felt.

Easily my least favourite Key-related property, but then again even Ever17's writer didn't have a lot of luck with anime TV either, right?
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Old 2010-07-20, 11:43   Link #23
Radical Dreamer
Join Date: Dec 2005
Location: Washington DC
I'm not going to give a full length review. I don't have time, I have deadlines to meet with some papers ... Anyway I will say this show is quite good. Short, and sweet. Just as an anime was meant to be. Like FLCL for example. Made an interesting twist on the afterlife being a MMORPG...

Interesting show, had stereotypical bboy who spoke random english, stereotypical guy who falls in love with the main character who also happens to be a man. Fan service for the ladies. Not so much for the guys, but then again why would you want something like that? They're kids.... Interesting show overall. Hope they do spinoffs.
lordblazer is offline  
Old 2010-07-25, 18:53   Link #24
Anime Amateur
Join Date: Jul 2010
Location: Canada
Age: 21
Animation Quality: 10
Absolutely amazing. Maybe its just me, but I think the characters and quality are BRILLIANT.
Voice Actors: 7
Meeh, I'd say the voices are pretty average. Nothing that makes me go "Ehmagawd, that is so hot!" or sticks in my brain at all.
Script: 8
This is one of the best plotlines I've seen in AGES! Confusing sometimes, and many strings left untied. How does he die? How does she die? Etc. But overall, it really sucked me in.
Soundtrack: 7
I didn't think personally that there was much to the music. It was alright, but...meh.
Production: ?
Blah. I dunno. I can't really have an opinion.
Enjoyment: 10
Freaking amazing! This is my favorite anime EVER so far... ^ ^
Emotional Involvement: 9
I don't get very emotional when watching shows, or anime, reading books, etc. So making me cry in some episodes is amazing. It really plucked some heart strings.

Average = 9.5
Wonderful anime. LOVE IT!
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Old 2010-07-28, 14:38   Link #25
Junior Member
Join Date: Mar 2010
Location: Scotland
I really cba to make a huge essay up so ill make it short!

Animation: 9/10 - amazing!

Voice actors: 9/10 - i dont speak japanese, but none of the voices anoyed me

Script: 9/10 - it was good

Soundtrack: 9/10 - stunning , like clannad and kanons soundtrack

Production? - i dont know...

Enjoyment: 8/10 - just as good as clannad or kanon - but not quite there, there was sonething missing...

Emotional involment: 10/10 - so sad!

Adverage: 9/10

Didnt like it as much as clannad or kanon, not long enough...

My Favourite anime girlssssss
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Old 2010-08-07, 20:49   Link #26
Senior Member
Join Date: Mar 2008
Location: all and none
hmm... overall a 9 after watching the entire series in a single sitting.
there were to many lose ends that kinda detracted when thinking about it but while watching I honestly didn't mind in the slightest.
the anti-thesis of myself
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Old 2010-08-11, 00:41   Link #27
Join Date: Dec 2005

Very good show that has perfect balance.
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Old 2010-08-11, 00:54   Link #28
~Official Slacker~
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Xanadu
Age: 23
Animation Quality: 10
Magnificent, the characters on Angel Beat's had the best Animation Quality I have ever seen, far better then many other animes that I have seen, the quality does seem to match Clannad, and Kanon but that is how I see the quality.

Voice Actors: 6
Not really a bad rating, its just I dont get the "amazing" feeling of the Voice Actors to say its better then a 6.

Soundtrack: 6
From watching it, I barely even notice if there was any music in the background, I was just to sucked into the story to notice it.

Script: 8
Defiantly a very decent script that's been placed in the anime that makes it worthwile, but what they could have done was add a few more episodes telling us how certain people died. I mean how exactly did Yurippe die if she din't commit suicide after losing her younger siblings?

Enjoyment: 9
The enjoyment matches with the enjoyment I got from Kanon or Clannad.

Emotional Involvement: 10
Spoiler for Scenes:

Overall Rating = 8.5/10
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Old 2010-08-12, 08:28   Link #29
a random Indonesian otaku
Join Date: Dec 2009
Location: Xanadu
Age: 26
little dissappointed with the ending (especially episode 12 because it's little hard to understand the story)

but I think the story is excellent
Graphics is perfect and soundtrack is wonderful

I will give 9-10 to this anime
~Yami~ is offline  
Old 2010-08-12, 22:15   Link #30
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Angel Beats was excellent if you ask me. I watched it all in a few days, and loved every episode. The characters were really a team. Even though it was short, I think all of them went on to have nice lives again. I just wish we got to see if anyone else met up!
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Old 2010-08-27, 11:05   Link #31
Dark Wing
Senior Member
Join Date: May 2007
Age: 32
One thing I can safely say about angel beats is that it's the one of the few anime where the main guy didn't end up with the first girl he meets...
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Old 2010-08-27, 15:27   Link #32
Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: UK
Age: 27
It's one of the few anime where the guy ends up with the one, the first girl was pointing a gun at.
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Old 2010-08-28, 02:06   Link #33
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Not here
Age: 34
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Yep what a different kind of romance

"The first time we met, she stabbed me. Hawt."
Let us start here from Square one. No... from zero!
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Old 2010-08-28, 02:09   Link #34
~Official Slacker~
*Graphic Designer
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Xanadu
Age: 23
Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
Yep what a different kind of romance

"The first time we met, she stabbed me. Hawt."
*laughs and falls down his chair* Now that was funny Archon_Wing, I never expected that to come out

I do admit, that is sorta a unique romance to base that off from (I met this girl, when I went up to talk to her she stabbed me, later on I felt the need to chat normally with her, not going with this resistance stuff of shooting this innocent girl.. Ending Scene, I finally realized I love this girl because she has my heart. Then she took my heart away with her)

Just a random summary of being mindlessly thinking of something out from the blue.
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Old 2010-08-28, 16:32   Link #35
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: Not here
Age: 34
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Haha, I'm a fan of Key; random thoughts out of the blue are cool!
Let us start here from Square one. No... from zero!
You do not wish to know anything. You wish only to speak.
That which you know, you ignore, because it is inconvenient.
That which you do not know, you invent.

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Old 2010-08-29, 01:32   Link #36
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Animation Quality: 10 (animated by P.A Works I think its the best quality)
Voice Actors: 10 (The sound of the actor just match perfectly with the characteristic of the person i.e Kanade which have a low voice)
Script: 8 (no comment)
Soundtrack: 10 (perfect mix with piano making it a calm song)
Production: 9 (no comment)
Enjoyment: 9 (impressed by the flying chair scene)
Emotional Involvement: 10 (sad)
trowapeter is offline  
Old 2010-09-02, 17:42   Link #37
Join Date: Jan 2007
Location: Canada
I haven't posted a overall impression in nearly a year, I just don't feel like going back to studying my license exam (-_-) so here i go:

Animation Quality: 8
There are some inconsistency with a few eps from what I could tell, overall it was pretty well done.

Voice Actors: 9
Characters were pretty well done, I have no complaints.

Script: 5
Overall the story was relatively well done, plenty of plotholes that really can't be cover in mere 13 eps. It tied together in the end so it wasn't so bad, but many of the characters didn't received the attention they were supposed to get (half the crew), but the ones that got it was relatively well done. If this was longer, and not as rush near the end it would be much better, the relationship between Kanade and Oto was rushed and forced, a few more eps for their development was needed for Oto to have felt the way he did in the last ep in my opinion. The reincarnation was poorly done also, I just felt sort of unfulfilled in the end.

Soundtrack: 7
Typical mordern day ani-songs, nothing special, nothing bad.

Production: 5
Overall I feel they did not devote enough resources for this project, should have planned it as a 24 ep or 26 ep series instead of 13, stuff felt rushed, lack of character development, and sudden last boss is just....

Enjoyment: 8
Despite what I say, I did enjoyed the series quite a bit, it's been awhile since I really wanted to watch a series, the recent anime has really been all moe and no entertainment.

Emotional Involvement: 7
It was fun while it lasted.
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Old 2010-10-03, 17:08   Link #38
Join Date: Jul 2008
Location: in the wild
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This was alright, but not really outstanding.

I didn't really like the beginning and the end that much. The twist at the end bothered me so much I couldn't really enjoy the last scenes because of the question marks floating above my head . There were a few eps I thoroughly enjoyed, but then there were the others.

Like the premise and the idea. Totally love the opening, but the series lacks a bit here and there. Still enjoyed a big part of it so I give it

7 out of 10.
zebra is offline  
Old 2010-10-09, 17:11   Link #39
Senior Member
Join Date: Aug 2010
Its true Angel beats had a horrible storyline,didnt make much sense, and ect. But what makes a drama/anime enjoyable is whether its able to bring forth waves of emotion, whether it be happiness or sadness. Honestly i believe anyone who said Angel beats was a horrible anime are heartless and deserve to go back to watch naruto all day. The characters were very likable(especially yui,kanade, and Yuri) and tries to make the watcher feel sad. And overall it worked. The ending was a very emotional moment for me. Seeing my favorite characters disapearing one by one left me with a sad,empty feeling. Emotional involvement 10/10

The animation was really great, the realistic lighting and ect was amazing. 9/10

Plot: as people have said before, the story doesnt make much sense overall and didnt have much plot development. But whether they actually liked the plot is a whole different matter. I personally liked how the story was going and the setting itself. Im not one of those inpatient people who dont like watching slow anime. I really love the slow,calm, and yet cheerful kind of anime that portray life in its natural state(or the setting of the anime). 6/10 in logical sense and 10/10 for liking the way everything progressed.

Voice acting: it was decent i guess, but i loved kanades sweet calm voice. 8/10

Soundtrack: this anime introduced me to songs that became some of my favorite. and the backround music fit in perfectly with the scene. 10/10 (maybe this rating is a bit too nice...)

Enjoyment: 10/10
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Old 2010-12-11, 08:42   Link #40
Join Date: Dec 2010
Location: house
i rated it 8
because they didn't show how yurippe and the others really died.
i hope they explain it in season 2 ( if there is)
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