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If it were a full blown battle, or out on a mission I think the circumstances would be different. In a mission I would think Shikamaru for his leadership abilities, being able to quickly assess a situation and devise a plan, and the crippling abilities of his shadow jutsus. Neji for his vision and the fact that he is a very incredible and smart fighter. Rock Lee for his amazing strength and speed, because if shikamaru used kagemane then rock lee could be there to take them out quicker than anyone else. Naruto, of course because he is great for fighting on a larger scale w/ his mass kagebunshin, and gama bunta, and also he is good as a support with the ability to back up multiple team members using kage bunshin, and I dont even need to mention the nine tails . And last sasuke, because he is an excellent fighter who can work either on his own or with teammates decently,he is mentally quick, and he has sharingan which basically means that most things thrown at him can and will be countered. I picked this team with the thought in mind that there would be fewer handicaps as well, and that every fighter is pretty much self sufficient. It would be less likely that someone would need help, but if that did happen the others would be capable of backing them up. The only downside would be the struggle between egos
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