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Old 2010-07-30, 08:16   Link #1
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Exclamation This Music Video left me Speechless

So here I was minding my own business as always, when I hear a beautiful song in my fave anime radio station. Since I understand almost NADA when it comes to Jap I decided to search for the title of the song and lucky me I found the song in Youtube, thats when I saw this video:

The first 3 mins of the video are passable but when those shells/projectiles/bullets start flying all over the place and the planes ram into those destroyers...... thats the part that left me speechless.

I've seen some documentaries on the History channel about Pearl Harbor but they never seem to show the actual scenes where the airplanes hit the destroyers and most of the broadcasted scenes are of very poor quality.... this one on the other hand looks rather sharp and there are a few clear crashing scenes.

I am not assuming that this is indeed footage from Pearl Harbor because for all I know this could have been an attack on some other country's destroyers (or the other way around) but DAM! When you listen to the song and watch this video.... I dunno, it kinda leaves u speechless.

I really like the song, that is not going to change.

Here are the translated lyrics so u can see why there was some room to couple this song with the video:

Spoiler for Size:
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Old 2010-07-30, 08:33   Link #2
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Actually I've seen all these footage on History Channel, the only reason they look 'sharp' here is because of lower resolution.

These old films have been enhanced alot over the years and even given colour to be broadcast on TV, History Channel even has HD now.
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Old 2010-08-08, 14:05   Link #3
Phillip Lober
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The video is about the kamikaze soldiers getting ready for the attack.
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Old 2010-08-21, 14:05   Link #4
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i'm listening to the song right now and it seems like the piano part of the song is an accompaniment. in the song, it sounds like chords to me. however, you're free to play it however you'd like. if you want a fuller sound, go for the chords. you'll soon get used to it if you keep practicing it. however, if you just want to basic sound, the octave c will be easier, i suppose. just keep practicing the parts that you're struggling with. i guess that the chord would be the "correct" way, if you want to play it more like the song.
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Old 2010-08-23, 00:21   Link #5
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So the song is Sora O Mau Tsubasa by Eiko Shimamiya?
Cause I've heard the song before, but I was never able to figure out who it's by or anything about it!
I don't even know where it's from... All I know is that I like the song.

Does anybody have any information on the song?
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