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Old 2010-04-12, 16:41   Link #81
Mr. Johnny 5
Konoha's ANBU
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Age: 31
Originally Posted by Emilis View Post
Oh I know, a 200+ IQ is stupid high, way above what I got I'm sure. I'm nerdy enough though, and ranked second in my class of 700+ students in high school when I graduated. Still, the lazy factor probably links me with him even more than the brains.
Haha LOL That's great! And still lazy?? You should do something with your knowlegde... and in any rate do some excersises...or else you'll get more towards the direction of Chouji instead of Shikamaru
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Old 2010-04-15, 09:39   Link #82
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orochimaru...alittle sadistic and willing to do anything for some knowledge lol
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Old 2010-04-15, 09:43   Link #83
Future Hokage
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Age: 22
That's a tough one..but I would say i'm mostly like Sakura,because I used to get teased when I was younger.And I sometimes feel like a burden,but I can also be like Naruto because I can be extremely annoying and hyper... o.o
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Old 2010-08-28, 09:41   Link #84
Hello Friend ^-^ x
Join Date: Feb 2010
Well I think mines a bit of a mixture:
Shikamaru - I love watching the clouds and I am also pretty lazy
Hinata - I am very shy
Kakashi - I am sometimes late for many events
Kiba - I am a huge dog lover
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Old 2010-08-28, 21:39   Link #85
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Naruto- I push to be better than others(School wise), and I used to get teased alot.
Shikamuru- I a supper lazy when it comes to yard work
Kiba- I love dogs
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