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Old 2010-08-28, 14:53   Link #81
Join Date: May 2010

Originally Posted by mangatron View Post
And, it's safe to say I've been waiting for Sae-chan's arc, I'm a big fan of the winning combination of Twin Tail and zettai ryouiki. I-I wasn't after her breasts, honest! Those are j-just... a side order to my meal
Sure it was your side meal....
Originally Posted by SirusRiddler View Post
I guess Sae is the Nadeko of the series (yes, I know Amagami came before Bakemonogatari) in terms of ED style and character in a way.
Eh Don't get me wrong Nadeko has her own character but I find Sae more appealing...must be the breasts and zettai ryouiki.
Originally Posted by ID555 View Post
Ah! School Rumble's ED, the one by Yuko Ogura, that's what Sae's ED reminded me of.
Care to elaborate with youtube video as example or something like that? If you want PM me this.

Oh yeah got spoiled at the ED of Sae....hmmmm if they put the good ends like for Morishima and Kaoru (I think it was also good end) then I will over 9000 If it's normal I will be and if it's bad I will be all this:
at the producers put it this way.

Message to all! PM all pictures and spoilers from game regarding Sae...want them now! Pretty please!
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Old 2010-08-28, 16:29   Link #82
Kamaboko smash & grab
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Originally Posted by Francismeunier View Post
Care to elaborate with youtube video as example or something like that? If you want PM me this.
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Old 2010-08-28, 18:49   Link #83
Senior Member
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Age: 27
Looking back on the first episode for Sae I noticed some moments I really didn't find as funny when I first saw it, maybe it's because I was really tired when I watched it, but I went back to find a good screencap of Sae and some of the bits with Juinichi were just genius. I loved when he was explaining how his friends dad told him to welcome people into his Ramen bar? I think, I can't remember what he said it was, but that made me laugh.

Also when he was trying to teach Sae to breath in and out to allow her to speak more defined and he forgets to breathe back out and faints, that bit also got me.

And of course, getting Sae to shout Glamorous Body was by far the cutest thing I've ever seen.
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Old 2010-08-28, 21:30   Link #84
Senior Member
Join Date: Jul 2010
What a sappy song!!...super saccharine tooth ache super catchy ^... reminds me of a-go-go music of 60's era...hnnngh that voiice...still haven't get used to it...

Narrator - why oh why they have to put that..sigh.Kinda amusing at most.

Miya as usual is awesome...Nini no sukebe!!

.......and lets do the Sae's head dance - left, right, left, right

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Old 2010-08-28, 21:46   Link #85
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Need a kissing spot now grrr....
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Old 2010-08-28, 23:21   Link #86
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First, it was "A narrator? " Then, couple seconds later, zomg Jouji Nakata! Anyhow, I liked the narration, half because it was Jouji Nakata, and the other half because it wasn't annoying/too intrusive.

As for the episode, I actually like it quite a bit, contrary to what I had in mind. While the narrator was great, what surprised me the most was that Sae's voice didn't make me cringe as much as it did before; else, I probably won't have finished the episode. And Miya got fair amount of screen time, which is always a plus. We also get to see another side of the main character, but who cares about him, right?
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Old 2010-08-29, 03:26   Link #87
Join Date: Dec 2005
Didn't really mind the narrator, it's a good way to alert any new anime watchers that Junichi isn't really showing what he's thinking inside.

Sae's voice... I keep thinking she's got small lungs or something. I might like the ED more if her voice didn't sound so short on breath.
Okairii, Nerine-chan
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Old 2010-08-29, 03:37   Link #88
Join Date: May 2010
Thumbs up

Originally Posted by ID555 View Post
Not bad....might try finding it around the net. It would be nice to find out the one with a subbed episode to see what it means more or less but yeah I like it.
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Old 2010-08-29, 17:56   Link #89
He Without a Title
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Originally Posted by ID555 View Post
Ah! School Rumble's ED, the one by Yuko Ogura, that's what Sae's ED reminded me of.
Glad to know I wasn't the only one who thought that the moment he first heard the ED.
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Old 2010-08-29, 18:03   Link #90
Join Date: Sep 2006
I have to admit, the narration did make me think "Eh? What? This series didn't have a snarky narrator before!!", not sure that was necessary really, maybe the fourth wall breaking narrator is already overdone.

The moral of the episode is that if someone is practising at being a waitress give them COLD drinks to carry, not hot ones! As soon as Sae appeared with the steaming cup of coffee it was painfully obvious what was going to happen!
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Old 2010-08-29, 20:26   Link #91
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紗江はこんなに可愛い女の子だぞ! キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!

I already like her better than those previous girls... ummm... what were their names again?
Miya scenes were pretty good either. Still hoping for a little wincest in the last two eps

Best scene:
Spoiler for so soft...:

The ED had a lovely pic as well
Spoiler for <3:

Originally Posted by DragoZERO View Post
Seeing a skirt simply drop to the floor like is enough to make me anxious for next week, but that will surely add to it.
Yes, that makes the next episode all the more exiting!

Originally Posted by Francismeunier View Post
Rings a bell from a certain anime here=>
Rings a bell from a certain eroge here

Originally Posted by Kanon View Post
PS: Sae gets +10 point for being the only heroine wearing thighhighs everyday.
Yes, she certainly scores another point for that
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Old 2010-08-30, 19:39   Link #92
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What an odd little character she is... this looks as if it may be an interesting change of pace.

The "lighted hearted sarcastic humor" bent of this episode was a little disconcerting after the first two arcs (narrator, fourth wall shatters, etc.) - remains to be seen whether it interferes with the storyline or enhances it.

Sae herself is quite different ... yeah, she hits a lot of primal buttons (some other posts have discussed this already) but I'm interested in seeing if they can convince me that Junichi can treat her as more than a fling.

edit: I now have a pretty clear idea of what SHnY's Mikuru was like when she was younger.... Sae.

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Old 2010-09-01, 13:26   Link #93
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Originally Posted by Himeji View Post
Oh man, I love your avatar! XD

Last edited by matteas; 2010-09-02 at 07:50.
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Old 2010-09-05, 01:30   Link #94
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Question: Is it me or the art/quality of the anime this episode differed from the last 2 arcs?

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Old 2010-09-05, 15:40   Link #95
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Originally Posted by Ryu-kun View Post
Question: Is it me or the art/quality of the anime this episode differed from the last 2 arcs?
Yeah it did, as a lot of us brought up at the start of the thread. Thankfully it's back on track for episode 10.
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