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Old 2010-09-16, 02:14   Link #1
Zu Ra
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The Tourist (December 2010)

The Tourist

It is a remake of the French movie Anthony Zimmer . The film revolves around Frank (Depp), an American tourist visiting Italy to mend a broken heart . Elise (Jolie) is an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path in order to mislead all those following her former lover . Against the breathtaking backdrop of Venice , Frank pursues a potential romance but soon finds himself the pursued as he and Elise are caught in a whirlwind of intrigue and danger .

The movie follows the series of manipulations, as characters realize that . They are merely pieces being played by an unseen mastermind of the game . Florian Henckel , the director of the movie was quoted saying in an interview

"It's a love story, that's for sure. Imagine a woman who is just so elegant and sophisticated and educated and has lived in that world and now, through a whole set of circumstances, suddenly falls in love with a guy who is not any of those things, and it just somehow confuses her whole world because that was not meant to happen. She had it all worked out, she had this grand master plan, and neither he nor she had thought it possible that they would fall in love with each other. I have to keep the real details a secret otherwise you won't have any fun seeing it."
Spoiler for Images:

* Official Website


* Wiki
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Old 2010-09-16, 04:13   Link #2
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1:49 - Christian De Sica!!!!!

Movie looks quite good actually. While I still have the gut feeling that the trailer showed all the best scenes from the movie, I might watch it just to see if it stands up to its trailer. Plus, Juhnny Depp is in it so it could really be good.

.....first time I see Christian De Sica in a movie that's not Italian. Actually, first time I see him acting seriously instead of a comedy.
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Old 2010-09-16, 08:53   Link #3
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I've been eagerly awaiting Donnersmarck's sophomore effort and his first "American" film for several years now (Donnersmarck's first film was the absolutely amazing The Lives of Others, which won the Academy Award for best Foreign Language film of 2006), and this doesn't look like it will disappoint. Beautiful scenery and cinematography abound throughout the trailer (only the upcoming Black Swan looks more beautiful), and the acting is quite nice. This is certainly on my "Must See" list.
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Old 2010-09-16, 09:37   Link #4
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I was a bit shakey about it at first but after rewatching the trailer a few times its grown on me.
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Old 2010-09-16, 10:58   Link #5
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I've been following this film since it was announced and I gotta say it looks like it could be as good as the original.
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