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Old 2010-06-19, 07:23   Link #41
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TK: *Turbo Twister* Knockin' on Heavens door.


TK: Goodbye Wild Heaven.
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Old 2010-06-19, 09:21   Link #42
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Notice how TK's always saying the good quotes? ^^ Knockin on heaven's door and Dancing in the shadows also became the episode title...

My personal favorite is his "Headspin".
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Old 2010-06-20, 08:26   Link #43
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TK really does say the best things.

Did love this exchange though from Episode 12:

Yuri: Are you saying I can be god?
Other person: Basically, yes.
Yuri: And I can make this into an eternal paradise?
(blah blah blah)
Yuri: god? Me this world's god?
*evil laughter*
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Old 2010-06-20, 08:33   Link #44
Marcus H.
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Then she tells him...

Yuri: Like hell I would!
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Old 2010-06-20, 09:24   Link #45
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Yuri's laughter at that exact moment activated endless 8! It's all making sense now.
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Old 2010-06-22, 12:55   Link #46
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Originally Posted by RX-78GP04G Gerbera View Post
Spoiler for episode 3:
Originally Posted by AC730 View Post

Spoiler for christ's amazing display of skills:

I think some of it is wrong... but you get the point~
I think these 2 were the best haha.
I'm surprised no one quoted when Otanashi questions hinata's and Naoi's straight-ness.
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Old 2010-06-27, 14:50   Link #47
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Spoiler for episode 4:

Spoiler for episode 7:

Spoiler for episode 10:
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Old 2010-06-28, 17:49   Link #48
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Practically everything T.K. says is memorable, bonus points for the majority of his comments being pop cultural references of some kind.

Spoiler for episode 12:
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Old 2010-07-01, 00:56   Link #49
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(From many episodes)
"Call me Chri..." *interrupted*
Poor guy the only time he managed to say it without being interrupted was in Ep 3 and 7 ( if i am not mistaken)

"No way, Pi?!"
"Stop, Stop! That guy's an idiot!"

"What's with this last chapter of a shonen manga scenario?"
"Doesn't matter. Let's go"
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Old 2010-07-19, 03:29   Link #50
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Spoiler for qoute from Track Zero:
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Old 2010-09-19, 08:43   Link #51
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well this is what i think is funny enough to made me laugh even when i writing this post
Spoiler for episode 1 quote:

Spoiler for episode 2:

Spoiler for episode 3:

Spoiler for Episode 5:

Last edit for the day:Watching back Angel Beats and find some of the quote that I forget

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Old 2010-09-19, 11:54   Link #52
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TK is certainly rememberable for being the somewhat coolest character in the anime

TK: Goodbye Wild Heaven

And every single other word TK said
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Old 2011-04-03, 13:18   Link #53
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Episode 7

Ayato Naoi:Who are you talking scum, did you forget I am your God!
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Old 2011-08-22, 08:31   Link #54
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I found this quote hilarious!!

Hinata: "I'll ask Matsushida to be on our team. Ya know.... We're like busum buddies.... Haha that's actually kind of embarrassing"

~~ later to Matsushida

Hinata: What!! You're already on a team!!

Matsushida: they promised me all the beef udon tickets they get from now on...

Hinata: awww mann

Otanashi: it's funny.. He was just saying, we're like busum buddies. Quickly followed by, that's kind of embarrassing

I forgot what team they Matsushida played on and who promised him the tickets, so I just improvised
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Old 2011-08-22, 20:17   Link #55
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Yui: Our idiot count has increased.
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Old 2012-02-18, 21:06   Link #56
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Baseball match creating team scene (Forgot the episode)

Hinata: Otonashi-kun, I need you.
Yuzuru: Wait, are you...?
Hinata: NO!

Laughed at this much

Episode 12

TK: Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on! (Jumps out and points a gun on the screen)
TK: Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Hinata: That's a Bob Dylan song...

LOLed at this much
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