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Nipah Neko Kisa
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Lucifer- She's my Second Favorite of the Sisters. Sister of Pride. Sad how her sisters tend to laugh at her, despite her being the elder.

Leviathan- I didn't particularly like her. Maybe because of her habit of crying, so much. o_o

Satan- Third favorite Stake. She wasn't one of the ones that always squeled "KAWAII" . XD

Belphegor- No important thoughts on Belphegor.

Mammon- Favorite stake. I support Mammon x Ange.... |3

Beezlebub- Yay! A chef!

Asmodeus- I found her to be annoying. Just the way she spoke and such.

Siesta 45- She reminded me too much of Mikuru Asahina.

Siesta 410- Favorite Siesta. Her voice is so funny. XD

Siesta 00- No important thoughts on Siesta 00.

Gaap- I didn't think much of this character.

Ronove- The way he laughs at Beatrice, whom he quite funny.
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Old 2010-10-11, 12:04   Link #82
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Originally Posted by Pika_power View Post
Can't have run off. She was found dead at the telephone. (So it's possible she ran off, then ran back, I guess.)

Almost definitely lying. Reading from a script is probable. I'd also like to think that the end was a suicide, and Battler's "You are a mother to me!" line sent her over the edge from guilt, but that's just a pet theory.
There's one big difference between Jessica's call and Kyrie's call. Kyrie could believe her story was part of a test and that it would hold up; Battler wouldn't be able to see anything inside until after he'd spoken with "Beatrice", and would be unlikely to go back to the well to check that part.

On the other hand, Jessica would have to know that her story would never hold water; Battler would have to go right past the arbor to get to the mansion.
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