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Old 2007-02-03, 10:03   Link #61
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A little theory i liked to think about, Was the series ending taking place in Shinji's head, While EoE was what was actually taking place in the real world.
It was a nice way to watch it, Probably very flawed but ah well.

I've never seen another anime that stuck in my head so much, And me think so much either
Masterpiece in my eyes.
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Old 2007-02-03, 12:25   Link #62
Wiggle Your Big Toe
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Kajeto~I think thats a good theory but I think it's a little strange because of the fact that in EoE Shinji has a little mind tripping scene so if if that was the moment he was having his little insanity moment like in the series ending shouldn't it be the same kind of scenes as in the series ending.
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Old 2007-02-03, 14:28   Link #63
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Location: In England, Just outside Liverpool. >.>
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Yeah it probably would be, Like i said the theory is very flawed, But in some scenes its at least a different and interesting way of looking at it

I hear there is 4 new movies coming out
"Rebuild of Evangelion will consist of four movies. The first three movies will be an alternate retelling of the TV series (including many new scenes, settings, backgrounds, characters), and the fourth movie will be a completely new conclusion to the story"


"Hideaki Anno will write the scenario for the first movie and will be the general director and manager for the entire project."

Is what i've heard so far
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Old 2010-10-14, 00:43   Link #64
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Having just watched the series and feeling disgusted at the ending (did not watch movies), I felt the need to find somewhere on the internet to complain.

Originally Posted by Mr_Paper View Post
I must say, if you didn't understand the last few episodes of Evangelion, then you've really missed the point of the entire series.
The last few episodes serve to examplify and highlight the deep psychological and philosophical undertones of the entire series. The difference between them and the rest of the series is that in those episodes the facade of the 'robot adventure/action' show was dropped and the series proceeded to smack an unsuspecting audience with concepts that were (and still are), frankly, too complex for them to understand.
No, the last few episodes make sure to "examplify" that the series' entire storyline is insignificant and that it's nothing but a joke of a plot serving to show that Shinji is a weak human being that realizes he matters enough to exist (oh but does he?)

Not to say the viewers were dumb, but your average viewer of Evangelion, those who watch it for the robot fights, aren't the most mentally suited for comtemplating the nature of existance or the concept and impact of the 'self.' All the characters fit textbook examples of psychological models, which, unless one's familar with the models, is completely uncomprehensible. This is the reason for the confusion resulting from the series' end, it wasn't due to budget or time but general complexity.
Or maybe the anime was aimed towards viewers like you, who like to delude themselves into thinking they are semi-intelligent in comparison to others and can use these delusions with the "interpretive" ending to trick themselves into thinking it was "deep and meaningful" series and that the minimal Christian/Psychological undertones served as something more than just as fragments of a incohesive and worthless plot.

As for the movies, well, they are Anno's way of telling the whining fanboys to "STFU!" When the people who couldn't understand the ending started complaining left and right, it made major headaches for Anno and everyone associated with the show. At conventions and panels when people asked/complained about it he told them "Too bad!" or "Deal with it!" The movies were made to shut them up, an end to which they served quite well. They provided the action filled, flashy and dumbed down ending that most people wanted when the original ending proved too much for them.
Yes, I'm sure after the completion of the anime he felt a strong urge to release movies solely because people complained, and not for any other reason.
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