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7 out of 10 : Good 15 15.46%
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Old 2008-10-29, 20:46   Link #141
Obey the Darkly Cute ...
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One of the many high points of this episode is the student council president's way of speaking "to the troops" .... Heh, I bet she moonlights as rightwing nationalist megaphone babe in those noisy rolling vans Japanese are subjected to the streets periodically. I'm told she used a Yakuza (organized gangster) dialect but I don't have the skills to verify that.
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Old 2008-10-30, 17:59   Link #142
Tachibana Isana
Join Date: Sep 2007
A really enjoyable episode. Nice to see Taiga's softer side for a long part of the episode.
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Old 2008-10-31, 17:57   Link #143
Hopeless Dreamer
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Originally Posted by stormy001_M1A2 View Post
Taiga was looking for the picture of Kitamura that wore same expression when he confessed to her on the roof 1 year ago. That's why she is frustrated when very picture that she wanted Ryuji to laminate did not exist despite dozens if not hundreds of photo snapped of him by her. Basically she is trying to recapture the "Kodak moment" that made her swoon, a pretty much reason why she have this obsession over him.
It took a repeat viewing of eps. 3 and 4 together for me to catch that. When she suddenly changed her expression while looking at the pictures, I first thought she may have been having a realization of how nice Ryuuji was being to her and it made her feel flustered and irritated. But then I made the connection when she was explaining the incident to Ryuuji later on the roof.

I think Taiga has already started to develop some feelings for Ryuuji. That seemed evident to me when she was confessing to Kitamura and he asked if she disliked him. Her hesitation there in answering that she did not "dislike" him said a lot, I think (not to mention the "revelatory" gust of wind that just happens to blow by ). And I think it's pretty obvious that Ryuuji has feelings for her by his reaction to hearing her say that. The music breaking in at that point seems to emphasizes that.
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Old 2010-07-29, 13:14   Link #144
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This was a fun episode. I liked the Tiaga standing up to the president like that. Minori and her pudding was really funny. Yeah, the seeds are already there. that Tiaga likes Ryouji, like it was said above, on what she thinks of him while confessing to Kitamura
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Old 2010-10-19, 04:15   Link #145
Mihara Yuki
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Ryuuji really care for Taiga,right? I think I started to like this pair of character no matter what relationship that they would develop.Glad to see Taiga softer part and Ryuuji obsession to cleaning...oh..and the pudding part too 8)

I will watch for the next episode for sure,since the new character would be introduces ^_^

I support Black Battler
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