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Old 2009-04-21, 13:58   Link #441
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Yukari Fukui is my favourite voice actress.

She climbed up the favourite's list of Gainax. Starting from Sena in Kare Kano, Junko in FLCL, Nono, then Nia. She went from side characters to main characters. She also created a new addition to Gainax's homage collections.

Gainax always homages its previous animes as much as possible, Inazuma Kicks, EVA references, yellow Vespas etc. and now its the 'special eye'. Yukari Fukui became the owner of Gainax's 'special eye character'. Nono, then Nia, which is a great moe character with a hotblooded spirit and tragic end.

Yukari Fukui has also gotten the attention of SquareEnix and has voiced Tina in Dissidia and Vanille in FFXIII.

She's going to have a great voice acting future.
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Old 2009-04-21, 16:53   Link #442
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Her voice is really special, i loved her work as Sarah in School Rumble... is so peaceful...

Spoiler for Funny crossover:
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Old 2009-10-07, 02:36   Link #443
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I just finished rewatching Gunbuster again and now I'm halfway through Top2. I swear to god, Gunbuster has the best drama out of any anime I've ever watched. And the ending to Top 2 is one of my favorites, conjures up so many emotions. The entire episode 6 might one of my favorite single episodes of anime ever.

And I noticed a bunch of people watched this without watching the first one. Big Mistake. To get the full effect of Top2, I recommend watching the first one and then waiting about 10 years to watch Top 2.
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Old 2009-10-25, 20:00   Link #444
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So very true-if you don't watch Gunbuster before you watch Diebuster you'll be scratching your head wondering what the last episode of Diebuster ties in to. Every person who claims to be an anime fan should see Gunbuster.
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Old 2010-10-18, 00:05   Link #445
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Just watched gunbuster and diebuster. I'm totally glad I decided to give this a look.

Man kinda mad how they took out so much from the blueray movie. I mean they had to, but still you know. Kinda weird how they had to cut stuff out when you know some development was there.

Nevertheless I enjoyed the quality and the way they pieced it together was good enough for me.
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Old 2010-10-18, 03:57   Link #446
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It's why i wouldn't recommend the films to a new watcher, though they're worth a watch later on just for the blu-ray quality, yeah. Especially Gunbuster.
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Old 2010-10-18, 16:30   Link #447
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So I just finished watching it awhile ago, wondering if there was a thread here to post; and what do ya know, there it is, right at the top.

I was certainly expecting mecha, but whoo boy , THAT WAS GLORIOUS.

You can say what you want about the first, I can understand if they're little bland; I for one enjoyed them.
But the second half has some some of the most sickest animation I've seen in a while.
Spoiler for Finale attack:

The end is also a typical bittersweet Gainax ending, but it sure got me good. Totally a top favorite in my list now

Still, I'm a little confused on one part;
Spoiler for plot:

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Old 2010-10-26, 09:55   Link #448
floating away...
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Originally Posted by KROMEangel View Post
Still, I'm a little confused on one part;
Spoiler for plot:
Improving my english ^^
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action, mecha

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