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Old 2008-12-04, 18:41   Link #541
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On the note, Nagi's voice in the original one sounded a bit feminine O.o
And yeah, in the English, his voice was probably too deep for someone like him.

Oh, and I don't think Kamo's voice really suited him...
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Old 2008-12-04, 19:04   Link #542
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Originally Posted by Asrialys View Post
What? I said Nagi.
*lol* And I have...uh...a pactio card in my eyes. Yeah, that's the ticket.
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Old 2008-12-05, 08:43   Link #543
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Damn it, Greg Ayres is still Negi's VA...just like in the first series, he sounds far too...wheezy.
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Old 2009-05-22, 09:36   Link #544
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The first instalment of this second series of Negima!? is due out on DVD here in the UK in July sometime
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Old 2010-05-09, 02:16   Link #545
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So, before I check out this series (first 3 free on Funimation Ansem?) does anyone know why the exclamation and question marks!?

Are they astounded and perplexed by Mahou shota Sensei?
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Old 2010-05-09, 15:36   Link #546
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Originally Posted by tyciol View Post
So, before I check out this series (first 3 free on Funimation Ansem?) does anyone know why the exclamation and question marks!?

Are they astounded and perplexed by Mahou shota Sensei?
I believe that was done to tell apart the original TV series (by Xebec) and the version that was being made by SHAFT.

Personally, I'd hold back until episode 4 before watching Negima!?, as the first three are basically a "re-telling" of Negi's battle of Evangeline, with the real fun not starting until episode 4.
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Old 2010-05-13, 11:28   Link #547
Wait, what?
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I like Negima!?
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Old 2010-05-26, 17:45   Link #548
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Watched Negima this weekend and I have to say I'm 50-50 on this one, mostly because it could have been so much better.

Stuff I liked

1. The individual stories where they focused on one girl at a time

2. The basic plot. Young wizard/genius to teach at an all girls school

3. The one confirmed yuri relationship and the implied one between the two martial artists

4. The Cutey Honey joke in episode 26 (Laughed and laughed)

My main complaints are

1. The main character's voice actor thinks a 10 year old kid sounds like a 14 year old who has been kicked in the nuts.

2. They overloaded the class, giving 30+ students plus a bunch of highschool kids, meaning that in the 26 episodes they never got around to it.

3. They kept trying to work in an underlying plot involving a demonic pacts, anti-magic, and death, but kept forgetting the details (like is magic doesn't work on the one girl, why do Negi's spells?)and in the end they tried to compress a whole time travel thing into 2 or 3 episodes. Yikes. Plus they ended up erasing from history some important moments.

4. Apparently everyone in the girls' school who isn't actively gay wants to bang either a 50 year old man or a 10 year old kid. Fine in moderation, but...

Ways I'd fix it (Cause complaining without a plan is just whining)

1. Skip the "demon pact stuff" and just make each episode about a different girl and end the season with the bit they did about making the Baka rangers study so Negi can stay. Maybe let each girl find out about him being a wizard in their own ways.

2. More yuri relationships

3. Better voice actress for Negi
The author of "How to be an Anime Character"
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Old 2010-05-27, 15:54   Link #549
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A few comments in reply to Clayton's review of the Xebec version of Negima:

-Which version of Negima did you watch: the original Japanese version or the English dub (in which Negi is actually voiced by a guy). If it's the dub, then I'm one who actually liked Negi's dubbed voice (as it brings the cute charm of Negi that I like).

-One of the big problems with the Xebec version is that the people writing that show had absolutely no clue that this was a shounen title and, judging by the first two volumes of the manga, thought it was another harem title a la Love Hina (when in reality, Ken did the first two volumes a la a harem title to throw the editors of Shounen Magazine off before making it the shounen title that we see today). A big example of this is what they did to the "kissing contest" storyline. To the people writing the anime, they thought that this story would make perfect fodder to fill up the show's 26 episode order. However, in reality, this story is more than just simple "harem fluff", as the manga version of the story actually ended with Nodoka accidentally making a Pactio with Negi (the main reason why I began to read the manga in the first place, since I read about the manga spoiler on a different message board, and was very disappointed that the anime version failed to adapt that part of the kissing contest).

-The Demon Pact arc is nothing more than a crappy anime-only storyline that Xebec did instead of doing a proper telling of the Kyoto arc. Trust me, there's a lot of great stuff besides Nodoka's Pactio that Xebec cut out of the Kyoto field trip (i.e. a fourth mercenary that would eventually room with some of Negi's students, the fact that Setsuna is actually part bird-demon). If Xebec was smart, they should have had the final episodes focus completely on the Kyoto field trip and hope that the show gets picked up for 26 more episodes. Instead, the company butchered the arc down to two episodes and created an anime-only storyline to end the series, with said storyline being a spit in the face to the manga that the show is based on.

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Old 2010-11-01, 05:13   Link #550
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Negima is one of my favourite animes. Nodaka is so adorable
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