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Post A big list of recommendations and Need some help finding new anime

This is a list of all the anime I remember watching while I wrote this so, I may have missed a few. The purpose of this is thread is to help out people looking for good action/scifi/samurai/ninja anime and hopefully for some people to recommend me some anime that I haven't seen. I have been watching anime since I was a kid so, I've seen quite a bit. I started when I was 12 and now I'm 24 and nothing kills some boredom like anime. Anyway, I am running out of anime to watch so I made this thread and hopefully some people can help me out.

I didn't go into details on plot and such because there are a thousand websites you can get information from, one place being anime-planet. I am not sure if I can include links here or not so just search for it on google. It was a great help when I needed to find new anime. I only put my reviews for my favorites cause there are far too many anime listed here but, I may come back later and add to them. Also, I may have spelled some of the anime names wrong so, once again google is your friend, I did this all from memory so cut me some slack.

I broke it up into 4 parts favorites, liked a lot, just good enough, and started watching but dropped. Plus a currently watching.

Favorites = Would watch again or watched more than once already. It had all the elements that I liked in an anime story, action, suspense, concept or made up for it by having excess in one category. Also, it kept it interested and entertained almost throughout the whole anime exclusions being super long animes 100+ eps.

Liked a lot = I may watch it again if in the mood or really liked that particular anime. It excelled in most of my categories but I may have lost a bit of interest here and there or the ending wasn't to my liking etc but I would still say it's definitely worth a watch and recommend for people to watch.

Just Good Enough= I would probably not watch any of them again but they were worth a once through and were for the most part entertaining. They must have lacked in more than one area of what I like or had a really crap ending or too much filler or plot holes etc. They are pretty much anime I would suggest if you have seen so many like me and need something to watch.

Dropped = The reason I even have this section is because the ones I listed are mostly popularly recommended by people. If I actually listed all the anime I dropped or didn't like, I think I would crash the forums lol. I wouldn't be completely opposed to picking up one of these anime so, if you think I would like it based on my list please feel free to recommend it to me but with a reason why please. These are anime I have seen less than 7 eps from because I decided to give them a chance but they didn't really do it for me.

FAVORITES (Not in any particular order)

Dragonball + Z + GT
First anime I ever watched. Holds a great deal of sentimental value. I've watched the entire Z series 3 times and the movies twice. If you have never seen this anime and like action there is currently Dragonball Kai out which removes a lot fillers from DBZ and it's also better quality. Highly Recommend it. Tons of anime have taken from DBZ and it's a formula for a good anime. Great storyline, great action. Overall Great Anime.

Samurai Champloo
I am a huge fan of the samurai and ninja genres. The fight sequences in this anime are serious eyecandy some, very fluid fight scenes. The storyline also keeps you interested and waiting for more. There is good character development and it is an addicting anime. It has a hip-hopish feel. A must watch for any action junkies or fans of this genre.

Fullmetal Alchemist
So many good things about this anime. I haven't watched Brotherhood but, the original is amazing. The storyline and thought that went into creating this anime is worthy of respect. There are no holes in the storyline! The anime answers all your questions by the end and leaves you wanting more. The action scenes are wonderful as well, the animation is superb, and the concept of the anime is also original and great. Highly Recommended.

Naruto + Shippuden + OVA's
Despite all the hype and haters. It is an awesome show that I've been watching since I was a teenager. I like the genre in general so, that may be some bias. I shouldn't have to talk too much aboutit since it's popular. Lots of fillers, dragged out fights, nonsense lines but very well done fight scenes, and addicting. Overall great anime.

Bleach + OVA's
Same as Naruto people hate it blah blah. I've also been watching this since I was a teen and I love this anime. Great fight scenes although they are dragged out with too much talking. I also like the storyline because it is suspensful and somewhat original. However, I really hated the fillers at the end. It's very popular so once again won't go into depth. Overall Great Anime and I would recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.

Serei no Moribito
There aren't tooo many fights in this anime but there are enough to keep you interested. The animation is superb with fluid fight scenes and the lack of fighting is made up with a great storyline. One of the few anime with spear fighting. Recommended.

Highschool of the Dead
This is a very new anime that I stumbled upon. Violence, gore, zombies, ecchi. What more can you want? This anime is highly addicting and the action scenes are great with lots of blood. The character development is also very well done. Storyline is good but it's been done several times in different ways. Still interesting though. Awesome anime and I recommend it to anyone who likes violent anime.

Soul Eater
I just watched this anime after seeing a fight scene in an AMV and I'm very glad I did. Tons of action, funny at times, and you grow to love the characters. The fight scenes are very well done especially in the first few episodes in regards to fluidity. Don't get me wrong still tons of great fights later in the series they just lack the details of the first fight. Don't let that steer you away though. Storyline is fairly good but it keeps you interested in other ways because it's a fairly light hearted anime. Highly Recommended.

Kenshin TV + OVA's
Another one of the first animes, I ever watched. Everyone knows the OVA's fight scenes are way better than the tv series but still the action scenes in the TV series still keep you entertained. I really love this anime it along with dragonball z got me addicted to anime. The storyline is great and original at the end. Keep in mind it's an older anime but the animation quality was very good for it's time. Definitely recommend it if you have not seen it already. Also, a note the last 2 OVA's take place after the series is over.

Sword of the Stranger (Movie)
Fighting masterpiece. Great fluid motion and animation is great quality. Storyline is also very good and a bit unique. It's not all fighting there is a lot of plot build up but it'll keep you interested that's for sure. A must watch plus it's a movie so it's not too long.

Princess Mononoke
I watched this much later than most who started watching anime around the same time as me. Anyway, I still liked it a lot. It had fluid action and beautiful visuals. The storyline is also uniqueish and overall was a very well made movie by a great director.

Just finished watching this anime. Interesting storyline, a bit darker anime, lots of blood and fights. Very good anime and you grow to like and dislike some of the characters. Should keep any action lover occupied for the entire series. 52 eps i think.

Nabari No Ou
Ninja genre anime. Fights are very well done. Storyline is unique and slightly addicting. Characters are likeable and have hidden secrets. There are several comedic moments from the main characters. I Wish the series was longer, I think they went a little overboard with the ending which could have been better.

Black Lagoon + OVA's
Awesome gun slinging anime. I really liked this one. I liked the characters, even the annoying guy, and the anime concept was very well implemented. You felt like you were following them around on all their missions. Action scenes were great and I would highly recommend this anime to anyone. I will definitely watch the whole series again. The OVA's are still coming out but they are also great so far.

Elfen Lied
Watched this short anime a long time ago but, I remember it so obviously it was good. It is short only 13 episodes. Extremely gorey and violent. The shortness I think is what makes this anime so good. It was the right number of episodes to keep you interested and pack the anime with action. Would recommend it to any violent anime lover.

Darker than Black + Ryuu Sei Gemma + Movies
Another great great anime. Storyline is very well made and implemented. I love the characters in this one especially the main character. Superb fight scenes and this is a highly addicting anime. Highly Recommended.

Samurai 7
This anime had a lot of good fight scenes and good characters along with bad ones. There ups and downs to this anime but overall it's still one of my favorites. I think if it was shorter and they took out some comedic and non plot related scenes it would have been much better. It's based on the original movie/book and I would recommend the anime to action lovers. It is slightly long I think around 50 eps.

My type of anime. Futuristic, sci fi, action. It is very well done and they do a pretty good job with filling in all the viewers questions. I liked the concept a lot and the fight scenes are amazing. Highly Recommended.

Watched this one a long time ago. It had unique super powers and a unique storyline although ofcourse similar animes are out there. The main character is great. THe fight scenes are well done. It is a bit of an older anime but it was great for it's time period. It's not too old though still looks good. Keeps you interested definitely worth a watch.

Female heroine in this one. Great fight scenes and plot. It is slightly addicting and I would definitely recommend it to action lovers.

Very unique story telling in this one. Focused more on characters than an actual plot. Very addicting and very good action sequenes as well as obviously character development. Highly Recommended even for non action lovers.

Eureka 7
Recently watched this one. Loved the concept with the air surf boards and mecha. Characters are good. The anime is funny at times and other times emotional. Action scenes are very good although sometimes they loop certain scenes but what anime doesn't. Overall visuals are very good since it's a newer anime. It is definitely interesting, I remember watching many episodes at a time.

Cowboy Bebop
Another classic anime that I watched later than most. For some reason I thought I wouldn't like it but, I was very wrong. This anime is highly addicting and actually has good fight scenes. It is not very plot centric, more episodic but still has a plot as a whole. Highly recommend it if you have not watched it. There's a reason why so many anime lovers recommend this anime.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Really liked the suspense and drama in this one. Feel kinda emotional for the characters. Action sequences are very good and so are the characteres. Storyline is well done. Highly recommended for action lovers.

Another one in the samurai genre. Very new anime so visuals are great. Action sequences are definitely fun to watch. I wish there were more action scenes but there are enough to keep you interested. The anime is based on the shinsengumi so it is a bit historical which I also like. Recommended.

Peace Maker Kurogane
Watched this one twice I believe. There are some dull parts and the little main character sometimes pisses you off but the action scenes are great and the story is interesting enough. It is kind of like hakouki. Overall I don't think you can go wrong watching this one though. Despite the negatives I said before I still like this anime a lot. Oh and it's historical because it's also based on the shinsengumi.

Full Metal Panic + 2 other seasons
I was really surprised that I liked this anime so much. It is a fairly light hearted anime. I even liked the side story FFMOFU. The anime actually made me laugh and I liked the characters. This anime actually got me into a mecha little bit which caused me to watch eureka 7, xamd, vandread, a few others. The action scenes in the anime are actually very good and it's overall a really awesome anime. Highly recommended.

Black Blood Brothers
Recently watched this one. Not sure if there will be a second season but, I really liked the first one. It's a vampire story but it's done differently and the action sequences are well done. The humor is also pretty good to me and so is the plot. Recommended.

Gun Grave
One of the first five anime I watched. Very very good story line. About the mafia and best friends opposing each other. A bit of futuristic stuff in the name but not too much. It is an older anime but I would highly recommend watching this if you have not. It is very addicting and very well made.

Death Note
Veryyy Unique anime. Superbly done. It is a battle of the minds. I was originally skeptical after reading the description a few years back but I watched it recently and boy was I surprised. Don't worry about the synopsis, if you liked any of the anime I listed above just go and watch this. Highly Recommended at least for people who like thinking.

Kara No Kyouki
OVA series. Too short leaves you wanting more. Visuals are stunning. Good character development and storyline. Action scenes are great but too few in my opinion.

Tenjou Tenge
Action and Ecchi. Jam pack combo. Some fight scenes are very fluid while others are so so. Full of panty shots etc a little excessive IMO but nonetheless an enjoyable series. Typical fighting tourney style anime shame it was never really finished.

LIKED ALOT (Not in any particular order)
Shura No Toki
Fate/Stay Night
Kaze No Stigma
Shakugan No Shana
To Aru Majutsu No Index
Tokyo Majin + Second Season
House of Five Leaves
Chrome Shelled Regios
Flame of Recca
Ikkoutousen + Dragon Destiny
Karas OVA
Appleseed + Ex Machina
Xamd Lost Memories
The Girl who Leapt through time (Movie non-action)
Innocent Venus
Ghost in Shell
Samurai Deeper Kyo
Afro Samurai Resurrection
Ninja Scroll
Blade of Immortal
Sacred Blacksmith (Wish they made a second season)
Summer Wars (Movie)

Just Good Enough(Not in any particular order)
Vampire Hunter D BLoodlust
Mnemosyne (Good until the ending, I think it ruined it)
Gantz (Watched a while ago, but I remember it was too confusing and no ending, gore was good)
Seikirei (Liked fights, ecchiness, but didn't keep me that interested)
Tears to Tiara (Lacked a good plot)
Digimon orig US (when I was younger)
Pokemon orig US (when I was younger)
Rosario To Vampire (No plot really, fights are okay, ecchi-ish)
3x3 eyes
Gunslinger Girl (too much drama, the few action scenes were good though)
Seikon No Qwaser (think fullmetal alchemist meets ecchi)
Busou Renkin
Yu Yu Hakusho
Vampire Knight

Pumpkin Scissors
Witch Hunter Robin
Persona Trinity Soul
Book of Bantora
Ergo Proxy
Black Cat
Tengen Toppen Guuren Lagaan (funny, but weird mecha, action didn't impress me)
One Piece (Seemed too comedic didn't really enjoy action sequences)
Hunter x Hunter (Liked characters - weird fighting with a fishing pole didn't really impress me, maybe cause it's old)
D. Gray Man (Didn't interest me too much)
Shikabane Hime
Needless (a lot of BS moves and names for them, main character seems like a cheat code for a video game)
Macross Plus (TV)

Gintama (Recently picked it up, it's funny and I like it alot, but not really like an addicting anime that i'll watch all night)
Samurai Girls

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If you liked Serei no Moribito then I recommend Kemono no Soujo Erin. Same author.

Otherwise it seems you're mostly into action orientated shows so I recommend:
Casshern Sins - Apocalyptic future. Dark sci-fi.
Code Geass - War with mecha. Often compared to Death Note
Summer Wars - About trying to stop a highly advanced computer program from taking over the world. Light hearted. Written and directed by the same guys behind The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

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Nice list(We all have them don't we?)

Anyways my top 3 anime's would be

1.Umineko no naku koro -The most awesome "Thing quick" series

2.To aru majutsu no index-Not many people like this ,but by far I liked this one so much

3.Toradora, Angel beats-Can't really decide bout these ones but angel beats should've been 24 episodes long...

Anyways this is my fresh list and ones that I like up to date but I repeat that there are 10 time better than these ones
So go out and search for them
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AS Oji-kun
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I'd suggest Twelve Kingdoms, though you have to be patient and watch about half-a-dozen episodes to begin to appreciate it. The same holds true for Haak's suggestion of Erin. It's not solely a tale for children by any means, but you won't think that at first.

Lastly given your enthusiasm for Noein, which I share, I'll recommend Dennou Coil, another inventive science-fiction yarn with a great cast of children as the main characters. Another vote for Summer Wars, too.
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First of all thanks to all for replying.

@SerijiSensei and Haak

How would you say Kemono no Soujo Erin ranks action wise? I've seen AMV's/trailers for it and it didn't look like it had any. Then again it's just an AMV.

Would you say it's definitely worth a watch just for storyline and concept alone? I really liked Serei no Moribito because it was very well made, had a semi historical background, and it was kind of emotional but it was also focused on fighting/protecting the young boy. The few fight scenes they had were amazing.

I've actually seen Summer Wars, I just added to the list.


I started watching Casshern and dropped it after ep 3 because the fighting didn't impress me after all the hype I heard but maybe it gets better. I will watch it from ep 3 onward for a bit and see how I like it.

Code Geass I see that floating around all over the place but I never watched even one episode with all the anime I've seen. I'm not a huge mecha fan which is why I've stayed away and when I looked for amv's, fight clips, prior to this nothing ever struck me as awesome. It must really have a good storyline or good characters so that will be the first one I pick up from your recs. I'll post back with my thoughts.

Were you just listing your top 3? The purpose for this thread was to kind of to have people give and take recommendations who like this particular genre or know about it at least.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni looks a bit interesting. To aru no majutsu no index is actually in my list. The third one isn't really my cup of tea.

I appreciate your suggestions though.

Both Denno Coil and Twelve kingdoms look pretty promising from the AMV's. I'll add to my watch list. I think I'll watch Twelve Kingdoms before Denno Coil.
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Originally Posted by rizvfe00 View Post
First of all thanks to all for replying.

@SerijiSensei and Haak

How would you say Kemono no Soujo Erin ranks action wise? I've seen AMV's/trailers for it and it didn't look like it had any. Then again it's just an AMV.

Would you say it's definitely worth a watch just for storyline and concept alone? I really liked Serei no Moribito because it was very well made, had a semi historical background, and it was kind of emotional but it was also focused on fighting/protecting the young boy. The few fight scenes they had were amazing.
I've only watched the first 6 episodes so far, but there hasn't been any action and I don't suppose there will be. Mostly slice of life but I'd say it's still worth a watch from what I've seen. Epiosde 6 in particular hit me like a sledgehammer.

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