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Old 2010-11-04, 07:07   Link #1
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Manga/Anime about building an Army


I hope some of you can help me!

I have always been a fan of Manga/Anime/games where you start building a group or army to achieve a big "goal"!

Like the Suikoden Games (rpg) i really love them - thats exactly the kind of stuff im looking for - you start with a small group or alone and than you have to build a (rebell) army and find or build a headquarter to fight against a powerfull enemy

The only mangas or Animes i know of that are like that, are

Utawarerumono (that was like watching a suikoden anime ^^")

and Drifters (Manga - pretty "new" but very slow releases...)

The recruiting and tactics to reach that goal are what i like the most so it does not necessarily has to be about a "war".

well thanks allready for reading through this and sorry for my bad english ^^"
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Old 2010-11-04, 08:01   Link #2
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The only ones I know that are like that are Code Geass and Gurren Lagann.
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Old 2010-11-04, 10:17   Link #3
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Originally Posted by Haak View Post
The only ones I know that are like that are Code Geass and Gurren Lagann.
Same here. I can only think of them and just so happen to be amazing series with phenomenal endings too.
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Old 2010-11-04, 10:24   Link #4
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I'll second Gurren Lagann, and Escaflowne does sort of fall into the category.
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Old 2010-11-04, 11:46   Link #5
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Thanks for the suggestions!

Code Geass i have seen allready (very good anime but i dont think it suits what i am looking for)

but i am going to check out Gurren Lagann!

Escaflowne was one of the first animes here in TV - but i never liked that one ^^" (which is rare - there arent many animes i dont like)

pls keep the suggestions coming!

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Old 2010-11-04, 11:49   Link #6
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One Piece
Vinland Saga
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Old 2010-11-04, 12:24   Link #7
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Madlax (sort of) That's the only one I can think of ATM... If I think of more, I'll be sure to post them.
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Old 2010-11-04, 13:22   Link #8
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Sengoku Basara MAY fit this suggestion partially. The goal isn't really to amass a huge army and take over the world, but rather build up an alliance to get rid of the evilzzzzzz
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